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The Great Divide

By Dayle Ann Dodds and illustrated by Tracy Mitchell

Dodds, D. A., & Mitchell, T. (1999). The Great Divide. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick
This book is a great way to get students engaged with the topic of division. The story
follows racers who are dashing towards the finish line, but many different obstacles keep
dividing the groups up. This fun and quirky story gets students excited about division and
the early principles they need to follow with division.

The Multiplying Menace Divides

By Pam Calvert and illustrated by Wayne Geehan
Calvert, P., & Geehan, W. (2011). The Multiplying Menace Divides!. Watertown, MA:
This funny story is a squeal to Multiplying Menace which follows Prince Peter and his
dog on a crazy adventure which leads to them once again to battle Rumplestiltskin in a
battle of division. This story is great to engage learners in the rules of division. This is a
great story to implement during division lessons to show students different ways and
things that can be divided.

Divide and Ride

By Stuart Murphy and illustrated by George Ulrich
Murphy, S. J., & Ulrich, G. (1997). Divide and Ride. New York, NY: HarperCollins.
This book is full of great tips for students to use while dividing along with a fun twist.
This story follows a group to an amusement park where division is brought along for the
fun ride. This is a great book to use during the division process, moving to the higher
digit division, to remind students the concepts and rules.

A Remainder of One
By Elinor Pinczes and illustrated by Bonnie Mackain
Pinczes, E. J., & MacKain, B. (1995). A Remainder of One. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.
This book is a great introduction to show students how during some division problems
there will be a remainder. Its a great visual aid for students who are struggling with not
only the concept of remainders, but with their multiplication facts. This book follows ants
as they try to divide up evenly, but they find out there is always one little guy left behind.

The Doorbell Rang

by Pat Hutchins
Hutchins, P. (1986). The Doorbell Rang. New York: Greenwillow Books.
A story about a boy and a girl wanting to share their cookies with their friends fair and
square, but more friends keep joining, making it difficult to divide up the cookies evenly.
This book is a great way to test the simple division facts and to keep their minds thinking
of different ways to divide up numbers in their minds.

Bean Thirteen
by Matthew McElligott
McElligott, Matthew. Bean Thirteen. New York, NY: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2007. Print.
This story is about two bugs trying to divide up their dinner of 13 beans evenly between
the two of them, but their only problem is they keep having one left over. A great story
to help students understand the concept of remainders, what numbers are divisible, and
how to use their problem solving skills.