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Stylelines is a line or curve in a garment

has a visual effect.
- is boundary between two distinguish
areas of
Stylelinesfall into two classification :
Those that cross over the bust.
Those that do not.

lelines that absorb dart excess within the stitch line

ntrol the fit of the garment are called dart equivale

ylelines not crossing bust point are not dart equivale

Classic princess styleline

The classic princess is distinguishe

by a styleline that starts at the fro
and back waist dart and continuin
over bust point and shoulder blade
and ending at mid-shoulder dart
of the back.
Styleline replace the darts.

The design can be based from o

or two dart pattern.

The armhole princess design is a

Of the classic and features a
styleline that
curves from the bust point in front
and the
Shoulder blades in back to about
The design is developed from a

Panel styleline

Panel styleline is not a dart equivalent,

As it does not pass through the bust po
The existing darts control the fit of the

The panel style extends from waist to midarmhole of the

Front and back bodice without passing through
bust point.
A short side dart intercept the panel styleline.