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Lesson Plan

Lesson Title: Talking About Weather

Level: Medium
Ages: All ages
Number of students: 12
Time: Two hours
The overall goal:
1. Talking about and describing the four seasons in Arabic
Materials used:
1. Picture/images for the four seasons.
2. Online Maps of the countries of students (or images)
3. Video recorded parts of the weather conditions for a number of Arab countries TV weather news broadcast.
4. Website: http://www.aljazeera.net/weather
4. The list of new vocabulary.
Specific objectives of the lesson:
1. Students fully comprehend new vocabulary such as "weather" and "climate" and able to use them in meaningful
2. Students can express how the weather will be when listening to the weather bulletin.
3. Students can create a sentence starting with "be ......" and "will be ........."
4. Students can talk about the weather in his/her country and present it to his/her colleagues on the map.
5. The student writes a simplified weather report in at least 5 sentences.
6. Student can discuss the best season in the year to visit his/her city.

Actions and Class Procedures:

Introduction (15 minutes):
The teacher asks the students general questions such as: "How is the weather today?, "Which season you like
most?" And accept any answer.
Photo viewing of the four seasons with their names, and re-questioning students about their favorite season again
as a prelude to read it in Arabic.
Vocabulary (20 minutes):
Presentation of new words and pictures to pronounce them Arabic (spring - winter .... etc.)
Presentation of description words word & correcting pronunciation (sunny, rainy, hot .... etc)
Simple competition to make sure students can use new vocabulary, I say: "Winter" For example, student say
"rainy" ... and so on.

will / be
partially cloudy
rain fall
snow fall

Listening: (30 minutes)

View more than one video-weather bulletin
o Website of Arab Voices: http://www.laits.utexas.edu/aswaat/video_s.php#/0/weather/
o Video "The weather today is" attached to "book to learn Arabic" - he studied (5) - Exercise (15)

Grammar: (30 minutes)

Start by asking students a question: "How will the weather be tomorrow .....?"
Work in groups to answer the question by using the "be" and "will."
Writing: Students in each group 4 writes sentences about the weather in different cities use ALL "be" and "will."
Conversation: (15 minutes)
Activity Maps: Students draw maps of their countries and speak about the weather in several cities.
Work in groups of three students and asking each other the question "How in the weather in your country /
city .....?"
Writing: Students write a simplified report on the state of the weather tomorrow in preparation for presentation to
their colleagues.
A representative from each group to represent the role of weather forecast presenter.
Closure: (10 min.)
In groups, the students answer the question: "What is the best season to visit your city? And why?"
Review the numbers (for expressing temperatures).

Visit the site:

Which provides information on weather in the world in Arabic. Examines the student's map of his country and
studying the weather in his country and writes a report of 5 sentences for his country weather tomorrow.