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Sororities and Hate

Groups: Oddly Similar


What is a sorority?

A Greek organization foruniversitywomen characterized by a ritual, badge and strong

ties to friendship and moral principles.

Group of women that place importance on helping out the community, exceling in
academics, and attending social events.

Why join one?




Philanthropy (charitable causes/community service)


Overall Culture

Group of women that place importance on helping out the community, exceling in
academics, and attending social events.




Free Space

Rush Week

During the week

Chapter party

Inform students of their philanthropy and sorority during the week

Get to know the girls and inform them of the sororities goals.

Getting the bid

They choose girls based on their 4 core values: love labor learning and loyalty, and GPA. However they
almost always give a bid to someone who rushes.

Culture and Group Cohesion

President and six vice presidents

Public relations, education, membership, financial, Panhellenic, and administrative

Advisory board


Two formals and two themed parties, a retreat, philanthropy events, and chapter once a week
with a secret ritual.

Virtual 5k to raise money for their philanthropy

Philanthropy week where they have a volleyball tournament to raise money

Social media

They have strict rules about what can and cannot be posted and rules of how to conduct yourself
in public. If these rules are broken standards hearing and if you are underage and drinking you
get an executive hearing.

Common Values

Sororities and Hate Groups both involve all the members having a
common goal or values.

White Supremacy Groups= Believe in an Aryan world and committed to

making white the superior race.

Sororities= Depends on which sorority you are involved, but most seek to
gain leadership skills, community service, and networking.

Both feel that they are a part of something bigger


Live/Stick Together

Hate Groups= Have the places where they can be together, discuss
opinions and reinforce them.

Sororities=Live together in large houses on college campuses

Communities, Crash pads, and concerts

Have gatherings, parties, and functions to reinforce the values of sorority

Both cultures have gatherings in these places to enhance groups

strengths and values.


Both groups make an effort to have people join and enhance their

Try to find people who could fit the mold or group.

Both have a selection/requirement in order to join

Hate Groups= White, heterosexual, non-Jew

Sororities= Go through an interview process, sororities have to choose you.


Cultures use symbols to represent themselves, differentiate who they

are from others.

Hate Groups= Swastika, 88, Confederate Flag, etc.

Sororities= Greek lettering, crests, imagery, and hand symbols


Events that are repeated to keep solidarity of group and motivation in

achieving goals

Hate Groups= Hate speeches, rallies, concerts, and violence

Sororities= Parties, dinners, and initiations


Even though hate groups and sororities have completely different views
and missions, the way that the groups operate and reinforce their
values is very similar.

In other words, most cultures and groups work in the same fashion.
The only difference is their goal and purpose.

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