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Boyd 1

Travante Boyd
Professor E. Kent
February 25th, 2016
English Composition 1020

Research Journal #2

My research topic for this semester is to basically explain why is it that I believe that
social media and social networking in the like are corrupting our society. There is nothing but
negativity and animosity that is running rampant throughout the nation. From a sociological
point of view, we as a country have the highest amount of criminal activity and misdemeanors to
occur over a range of time. Social media is not the cause of this but I do feel that also has a hand
in it as well. Since turning in Unit 1, I feel a little more confident I why I want to write about this
topic, but Ill need to delve deeper into my research in order to have a more concrete
understanding on what I want to talk about specifically. Thinking about my topic has expanded
in a few ways though, probably due to the fact that Ive been talking to some of my peers and
other people outside of class about this, and all of their various viewpoints have had a real impact
on me. I feel as though my topic could inspire controversy if portrayed correctly, and I wish to
make that happen.