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Skill Review Sheet Management

Graduate Standards AITSL

Professional Practice: 4. Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments
4.1 and 4.2

Planning for Effective Management

In my first lesson plan I did not include behavioural
Was your lesson plan
management techniques as the class I was teaching are
effective for managing
expected by their teacher to quiet themselves down at the
the class?
beginning of class. The only other behavioural issue would be
students talking out of turn or over other students. The first
e.g. How did the students lesson I was focused on getting across the content I had
react to your lesson
organised for the lesson and did not wait for complete silence
overall and to your
at the beginning of class. I also let students talk over other
planned activities?
students during class discussion which I should have
managed with low key techniques such as a firm glance or
Did anything unexpected using a students name to get them to stop talking. This I
focused more on in my second lesson and believe I managed
the behaviour of the class more effectively, I noted it in my
Did you provide a variety lesson plan also to remind me what was needed and when.
of activities?
The students reacted well to my lessons and seemed to enjoy
the discussions and activities I planned for them. Some
Were you satisfied with
struggled with the creative writing exercise and I could have
your timing, particularly
given them some starter sentences for those that needed a
for the end of the lesson? little help in getting a story started. Nothing unexpected
happened, I had the time managed quite accurately. I had a
Did you feel you were
few different activities planned in my lessons, though the
able to change things if
second lesson revolved mostly around the students finishing
off their stories from the previous lesson. One hour is not a lot
of time to fit multiple activities in sometimes. My time
management was on point and I was able to amend my
lesson where needed to fit with what was happening within
the class.

Was your organisation of

materials and resources
efficient and effective?

My resources that I required for my small group lesson and

my first full class lesson were photocopied and on hand for
the lessons well before I was to teach them. I had everything I
needed for the lessons and they were effective in engaging
e.g. Did you and the
the students with the content I was teaching. I did plan for the
students have everything distribution of the materials, though being that my students
you needed?
were quite mature I did not need to plan for misbehaviour
during the distribution and the materials were not needed for
Did you plan how and
when you would
distribute and collect

Were you aware of

classroom procedures
and school disciplinary
policy? How much did
you know about your

I was aware of classroom procedures as I sat in on the class

for a week before teaching, so I became quite familiar with
how the classroom was run and what was expected of the
students. I enquired about the school disciplinary policies
prior to teaching the class and had a sound knowledge of the
processes in place for managing behaviour. I asked my
mentor teacher about the students and got to know some of
them from my time sitting in the classroom. I was aware of
the two students on the autism spectrum and their needs,
who most readily answers in class and the students that are
more reserved. I knew that while there was diversity of race
within the classroom the students were all raised in Australia
so had similar cultural backgrounds. Being that it was a
GATE class I knew that the students had all past certain tests
to gain entry into the gifted and talented program.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude in the Classroom

How did you demonstrate

to the students that you
valued them, and enjoyed
the teaching/learning
e.g. Tone of voice, facial
expression, sense of
humour, introduction to
students and topic.

Which aspects of your

teaching style do you feel
helped you maintain class

I used eye contact to show that I was paying close attention

to any student talking, tone of voice to convey enthusiasm
when they understood the teaching point, as well as using
tone of voice to encourage engagement in the lesson. My
sense of humour helped to relate topics to the class such as
my anecdotes on writing and when critiquing the students
own short stories, to keep them on point and to show them
where they could take the story if they wanted to. I presented
a friendly and caring manner when taking charge of the class
and students responded with robust discussion of the topics

I think working in groups with the activities I provided helped

to engage the students more than if they were to work
individually. The group work allowed them to discuss the
questions they were presented with or the creative writing
exercise and brought forth more ideas than solo work would
e.g. Variety of activities,
have produced. By moving around the class and talking to
class or group discussion, each group during this time I was also able to keep them on
pace of lesson, interest at task and prompt them in the right direction if they were
class level.
having trouble with the activity.

Did the students know

what was expected of

I tried to give clear and concise instructions though in my

second lesson I was told by my mentor that I needed to slow
down. Writing these instructions on the board would have
been advisable as students seemed unclear of the
parameters I was setting for an activity and asked for

Were you able to redirect

energies of attention
seeking students? Did
the students have enough
to do?

There were not really any attention seeking students, one

student likes to answer all the questions and so I had to
make sure to call on other students acknowledging that the
first student had the answer but it was someone elses turn
now. The students had plenty to keep them occupied in my

Dealing with Minor Misbehaviour

Were you aware of what
was happening in all parts Yes, I walked around and talked to each student during group
of the classroom? Did
work to check where they were up to and if they were having
you know what each
any problems.
student was doing?

Did you take any action

when you observed poor
behaviour? Why? Why

Did you use non-verbal

cues? e.g. Contact,
pause, gesture,
movement toward
student/s concerned.

The most I had to do was tell a few people to be quiet here

and there. In my second lesson I had some girls up the front
getting noisy and I reminded them that it was work time and I
shouldn't be hearing that much talk. When other students
were presenting their stories I would occasionally have to
remind parts of the class that we are listening now.

I used pause when waiting for the class to quiet themselves

as my mentor teacher has set up this behaviour management
already. I used gesture and glance when asking lone
students to be quiet when others were talking.