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Maternal-Newborn Nursing

Examination #4
Study Guide
How is hyperemesis gravidarum different from morning sickness
Initial treatment for hyperemesis gravidarum
Know the different types of abortions
What is an ectopic pregnancy
Know the different types of and the treatment for placenta previa
Signs and symptoms of and diagnostic tests for abruptio placentae
Complications of gestational diabetes
Know the treatment for gestational diabetes and why oral
hypoglycemic agents may not be used
Know the signs and symptoms, treatment for, and complications of
pregnancy induced hypertension
What is the main reason for administering Magnesium Sulfate for
Know how to monitor patients receiving Mag Sulfate and signs of Mag
Know the antidote for Mag Sulfate
How does Mag sulfate effect uterine muscle tone
What is the first sign of hypovolemic shock following postpartum
Know the first action when postpartum hemorrhage is suspected
What effect does a full bladder have on uterine atony
Pharmacological treatment for a boggy uterus
Patient discharge teaching r/t preventing and identifying complications
Know the difference between postpartum blues and postpartum
depression and major depression
Treatment for subinvolution
Complications of elevated bilirubin levels in a pre-term infant
Dietary management and complications of poor glycemic control in a
patient with gestational diabetes
Normal fasting glucose levels and hemoglobin A1c
Causes of injury to the fetus from gestational diabetes
Reasons for, time of placement of, and discharge teaching for a patient
who had a cervical cerclage
Reasons why a patient should take oral contraceptives following
treatment for a hydatidiform mole
What is the laboratory marker and other lab results for disseminated
intravascular coagulation (DIC)
The most common cause of immediate postpartum hemorrhage and
initial treatment for it

What is the most objective and least invasive assessment of adequate

organ perfusion
The best way to prevent puerperal infection
Side effects of terbutaline
What is the reason for administering betamethasone for a client in
preterm labor
Signs of hyper and hypotonic labor dysfunction
Reasons for a administering prostaglandin gel for postterm clients
Patient teaching r/t tocolytic medications
Priority intervention following an amniotomy
Difference between induction and augmentation of labor
Define pre-term labor and signs of preterm labor
What are the complications of PROM
How to monitor a patient whos is receiving an oxytocin infusion and
know when to discontinue to medication
Fetal complications from forceps and vacuum extraction
First action following an umbilical cord prolapsed
Which STD would require a cesarean birth
The major disadvantage of using general anesthesia for a c-section
Types of c-section incisions and potential for a vaginal birth after
cesarean (VBAC)
Treatment for cystitis
Signs of a amniotic fluid embolism
Which infections are include in the TORCH classification
Complications in the newborn because of macrosomia
Teaching self-care activities r/t PPROM
Signs of pulmonary embolism