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course focus

Start here,
go places


2 course focus

Pathways to a brighter future

SELECTING a pre-university
programme is not something
to be taken lightly as the
right programme will lay the
appropriate foundations for a
smoother transition into university.
The programme will prepare
you with the necessary skills such
as effective communication, good
time management, prioritising
your tasks, working well in groups
and being a competent leader.
Crucial factors to consider
include finding a programme that
has good content focus and one
that is recognised by top tertiary
institutions that are renowned in
the industry you intend to explore.
Generally classified as a
government, private or foreign
pre-university programme, each
pre-university course brings its
own set of advantages.
Considerable research is crucial
to ensure you find a programme
that matches your interests and
builds towards your chosen career.
Here are the popular
programmes offered in Malaysia
and the differences between them.

Asasi in Institusi Pengajian
Tinggi Awam (IPTA)

degree courses.
Instead of general arts- or
science-based subjects, the
courses have a high focus on the
chosen industry and include
specialised studies such as
medicine, dentistry, law, business,
information technology and
You are required to complete a
mix of coursework (research
projects, assignments,
presentations, reports and tests)
and final examinations that are
internally evaluated before
While some college foundation
programmes are accepted by
other institutions, most
programmes are usually
recognised only by the institution
that is offering them or by
partnering universities.
Should you decide to switch
universities, you may need to
retake certain subjects to gain
recognised subject credits.
Choosing the right pre-university programme will give students a head start in achieving career success.

The programme is not

recognised overseas and you are
expected to complete a degree in a
public university before applying
to a foreign university.
Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia

1 year
Local public universities

1.5 years
Local and foreign universities

Selected public universities

Selected secondary schools

If you intend to study locally and

complete your studies faster, Asasi
is a one- or two-year foundation
programme offered at selected
Malaysian public universities.
Open Asasi programmes are
recognised by other local public
universities and allow students to
pursue any degree programme in
any of these institutions while
closed programmes are tailored
to fit a particular degree
As there are various Asasi
streams available, you will need to
check with each institution for the
programmes offered.

All students who pass the Sijil

Pelajaran Malaysia are eligible to
enter Form 6 and are automatically
assigned a place in government
secondary schools.
STPM is not only the cheapest
pre-university course available but
approved by Cambridge
Assessment a group of
international examination boards
from the United Kingdom and
recognised by universities across
the UK and the United States.
You will have the flexibility of
choosing a maximum of five out of
the 23 arts or science stream
subjects available and sit for three
end-of-term examinations.
Grades are based on school
assessments (that make up 20% to
40% of the final score) and a
centralised examination (60% to
80% of the final score).
In addition, you will sit for the
compulsory Malaysian University
English Test, which assesses your
listening, speaking, reading and
writing skills.
Unique to this programme is the
possibility to retake each term

examination at the end of the third

term should you want to improve
on past results.
Government Matriculation

1 to 2 years
Local universities, limited
foreign universities
Matriculation colleges
Government matriculation is a
fairly easy pre-university course
compared with Form 6 (STPM).
Offered in two streams science
and accountancy the course is an
avenue to enter local public
universities at fairly minimal costs.
Some technical subjects related
to engineering are also offered to
students from technical secondary
The only difference between
Program Satu Tahun (PST) and
Program Dua Tahun (PDT) is that
in PDT, subjects are stretched
across two years to allow slightly
weaker students to complete their
Assessment for the matriculation
programme is carried out
continuously and based on
examinations in every semester.
In addition to classroom
education, you will need to
participate in at least one
co-curricular activity such as a
sport, club or society, or uniformed

Private pre-university

1 to 2 years
Local and foreign universities
Explore your
higher education
choices wisely.

Private colleges and universities

The General Certificate of

Education Advanced Level or
A-Levels course offered in Malaysia
is administered by either the
Cambridge International
Examinations or Edexcel
International Examinations
The course is the UKs equivalent
to Malaysias STPM programme
and is assessed entirely on written
examinations that encourage
analytical and logical thinking.
It is among the more popular
options for students who wish to
study abroad as the qualification
enables students to enrol in leading
universities in Australia and New
Zealand and across North America,
Europe and Asia.
Although you are only required
to sit for three or a maximum of
four subjects, there are more than
40 subjects to choose from.
If you are academically inclined,
looking to gain in-depth knowledge
and pursue a competitive degree
such as medicine, pharmacy,
engineering, computing or law,
A-Levels is the right course for you
as there are subjects that cover
more complex topics and provide a
good foundation to gain entry into
top-tier universities.
As the subjects offered at
institutions differ from one to
another, students are often advised
to pick a combination of subjects
that are in line with the degree
programme they wish to pursue in
College foundation programmes

1 to 2 years
Local and foreign universities
Private colleges and universities
Foundation programmes in
private institutions are among
the quickest programmes
available as they are designed
to prepare students for specific

International Baccalaureate
(IB) Diploma

2 years
Local and foreign universities
Officially approved international
schools and colleges
The IB programme is a highly
demanding pre-university
programme governed by the
International Baccalaureate
Organization in Geneva and
offered to students who have
exceptionally high secondary
school results.
Real-world issues and
problems are part of the broad
and balanced curriculum,
which requires students to study
both humanities and science
The high standards observed
as part of this programme are
recognised by hundreds of
universities across 140 countries.
Broken down into six groups,
the subjects taught in the
programme are related to
language and literature, language
acquisition, individuals and
societies, sciences, mathematics,
and the arts.
The programme grades you
through coursework that is
internally assessed, written
examinations marked by external
IB examiners and school
assessment tasks that highlight
creativity, action and service.
You must achieve a satisfactory
level of performance in all
requirements before being
awarded the diploma.
However, it is important to
note that this diploma is
recognised as a pre-university
Therefore, it does not allow
you to transfer credits and enter
the second year of a university
degree programme.



course focus 3

SEGis foundation programmes are designed to equip post-secondary school students with the
knowledge, skills and practice needed to qualify for university entrance.

options aplenty
THE pre-university programmes at SEGi
University and Colleges are perfect stepping
stones for any school-leaver who wishes to
progress to tertiary education.

Open doors to your future

The wide range of pre-university
programmes effectively prepares students to
pursue further studies in any field they wish,
from medicine to creative arts.
The foundation studies in SEGi are
designed to equip post-secondary school
students with the knowledge, skills and
practice needed to qualify for university
They also provide students a smooth
transition from secondary to tertiary studies.
The foundation options are:
l Foundation in Arts Students study the
basics of business and information
There are also four electives from either
accountancy and business, creative design,
built environment, mass communication,
computing, or tourism and hospitality.
l Foundation in Science Aspiring
science majors can undertake this
programme for a strong foundation in
physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics.
l Foundation in Commerce At the end
of the programme, students will have a
better understanding of quantitative
methods, accounting and economics that will
prepare them for business studies at the
tertiary level.
l Foundation in Information
Technology This programme is designed to
equip students with computing knowledge
as well as essential skills in mathematics.
This provides the perfect transition from
secondary studies to a university degree in a
variety of computing- and technology-related
l A-Levels (SEGi College Sarawak) This
qualification from Edexcel UK is only
available at SEGis Sarawak campus.
The A-Levels programme places emphasis
on in-depth knowledge, strong reasoning
abilities and critical thinking.
It is one of the most widely recognised
pre-university qualifications in the world,
readily accepted as proof of superior
academic ability for entry into world-class
universities globally.

The foundation studies

in SEGi are designed to
equip post-secondary
school students with
the knowledge, skills
and practice needed to
qualify for university
entrance and provide
students a smooth
transition from
secondary to tertiary
Myriad pathways to
choose from
Students who have completed SEGis
pre-university programmes may gain
placement in universities in the United
Kingdom, New Zealand and China.
These include the University of Leicester,
Cardiff University, Queens University Belfast,
Swansea University, Auckland University of
Technology and Shanghai University of
Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Students can also pursue their
undergraduate studies at SEGi and choose
from SEGis list of twinning degree
programmes with global partners in the UK,
United States and Australia.
SEGis consortium of global partners
includes Abertay University, University of
Greenwich, Teesside University, University of
Sunderland, University of St Mark & St John,
York St John University and University of
London in the UK; Troy University in the US;
and University of Southern Queensland in

n For more information, call 03-6145 1777 or

1800 887 344 (SEGi University), 03-2070 2078
or 1800 888 028 (SEGi College Kuala
Lumpur), 03-8600 1888 or 1800 888 622 (SEGi
College Subang Jaya), 04-263 3888 (SEGi
College Penang) or 082-252566 (SEGi College
Sarawak) or e-mail askme@segi.edu.my or
visit www.segi.edu.my.


4 course focus


Foreign pathways

American Degree Program (ADP)

or American Degree Transfer
Program (ADTP)

International education choices

4 years (2+2 or 3+1)
Local and foreign universities
Private institutions
ADP or ADTP is a direct entry
into university level and allows
students to transfer into any
American or Canadian university.
However, it is also recognised by
many universities in the UK,
Australia and New Zealand.
In the first two years, you will
learn general or core subjects
(usually offered in Malaysian
institutions) before moving on to
more advanced subjects that are
focused on your chosen major in a
foreign university.
The number of years spent in
Malaysia depends on the
programme offered at each
institution. For example, a 2+2
programme allows a student to
study two years in Malaysia before
moving to a university abroad to
complete the remaining two years.
Assessed based on coursework,
assignments and written final

With the variety of pre-university courses on offer, students can choose

one that best fits their academic and extracurricular preferences.

examinations, the programme is

flexible in the sense that you are
able to switch majors within the
first two years of the course.
It also requires you to take
subjects outside of your chosen
major and encourages classroom
participation so that you have a
well-rounded experience and the
skills to work with people from
different fields.
Canadian Pre-University (CPU)
and Canadian International

Matriculation Program (CIMP)

1 year
Local and foreign universities
Private institutions
Recognised by many universities
across the US, Australia, New
Zealand and the UK, the CPU and

CIMP programmes offer a wide

range of subject options from
business, engineering and science
to subjects related to the arts, to
cater to the diverse interests of
In addition to completing
coursework that encompasses
tests, attendance and quizzes that
make up 70% of the overall
assessment, students must sit for a
final year examination to cover the
remaining 30%.
The programmes are also unique
as you are required to perform 10
hours of community involvement
or outreach to graduate.
Completion of the programme
leads to an Ontario Secondary
School Diploma, which is similarly
awarded to students who complete
12th Grade of Canadian high
South Australian Certificate of
Education International (SACE
International) and Australian
Matriculation (AUSMAT)

1 year
Local and foreign universities
Private institutions

SACE International (previously

South Australian Matriculation or
SAM) and AUSMAT programmes
are internationally recognised and
equivalent to a Year 12 Australian
high school course.
Your overall grades are based on
a mixture of school assessments
throughout the year as well as
external examinations at the end
of the semester.
For students studying the SACE
International curriculum,
coursework contributes to 70% of
the overall score while it is 50% in
the AUSMAT programme.
Both programmes are suitable
for students who have either a
clear career path in mind or those
who are unsure about a degree to
study in university.
For example, you can take
subjects such as mathematics and
economics if you are certain of
building a career in business, or
chemistry and biology for a career
in biomedical science and
After completing the course and
being awarded either the South or
West Australian Certificate of
Education that are both recognised
within the Australian Qualification
Framework, you are eligible to
apply to top universities in
Australia, New Zealand, the UK, US
and across Asia.


course focus 5

BAC consultants on hand to address all queries and concerns at an education fair.

Smart way to success

BRICKFIELDS Asia College (BAC) has
established itself as the fastest and
smartest way to more than 100 UK
Having partnerships and
affiliations with more than 25 UK
universities and professional
organisations, BAC offers its students
access to more than 100 world-class
degrees and professional
qualifications that can be completed
either locally or abroad.
Known as the nations No.1 law
school, BACs students have obtained
excellent results in undergraduate
and postgraduate studies.
Over the past four years alone,
BAC has produced more than 600
world and national top students,
book prize winners, and first-class
and second-class-upper graduates.

The Cambridge International
Examinations (CIE) A-Levels is the
most recognised pre-university
programme in the world.
Students can select from a wide
range of A-Levels subjects that BAC
offers, including biology, chemistry,
law, economics, accounting, English
literature and mathematics.
They can then progress to a
variety of degree programmes in
law, business, medicine, finance,
engineering or communication,
among others.
Students looking forward to
getting a head start in their careers
will find the BAC A-Levels Express
Route the perfect option for them.
This unique programme, coupled
with BACs UK Transfer Degree
Programme in law or business,
allows students to graduate up to
two years ahead of their peers.
Since 2010, BACs A-Levels
students have been awarded the Top
in the World Outstanding Cambridge
Learner Awards for Law and
Business Studies four times, with
three consecutive wins in 2012, 2013
and 2014.
In 2014, BAC students swept the
Top in the World Cambridge
Outstanding Learner Awards for
Law, Business Studies and
Alternatively, students can enrol
in the Foundation in Arts, which is a
one-year programme designed to

provide students with the level of

academic literacy, skills and
confidence to pursue an
undergraduate degree in the arts,
humanities and social sciences.

Law school
At the undergraduate level,
students can opt to pursue their LLB
(Hons) via the University of London
International Programmes, the only
external law degree recognised by
the Legal Professional Qualifying
Board. This programme allows
students to complete all three years
of study in Malaysia.
BAC also offers the UK Transfer
Degree Programme (Law) where
students can choose to complete
either the 1+2 (one year at BAC and
two years at a partner university) or
2+1 (two years at BAC and one year
at a partner university) option,
depending on their preference.
Upon successful completion of the
programme, students will be
awarded an LLB (Hons) degree from
the respective university.
Students graduating with a degree
from a partner university will be
accorded UK Qualifying status,
making them eligible for the Bar
Professional Training Course.
Individuals intending to practise
law with this degree can thus
embark on either the Bar
Professional Training Course in
the UK or the Certificate in Legal
Practice in Malaysia.
At the undergraduate level, BAC
has produced 99 first-class LLB
(Hons) graduates over the past four
At the postgraduate level, BAC
students have secured 10
consecutive Tun Hamid Omar
Foundation Awards for Best Overall
CLP Student in Malaysia, 55 out of
69 book prizes and 56 out of 71
second-class uppers awarded in the
CLP (Certificate in Legal Practice)
examinations since 2005.

Business school
The UK Transfer Degree
Programme (Business) offer students
degrees, ranging from business
management, accounting and
finance to the more unconventional
logistics and supply chain

management, from more than 10

prestigious UK partner universities.
At BAC, students interested in
accounting can enrol in the UK
Transfer Degree Programme
(Accounting & Finance), which
offers degrees in accounting and
finance from four prestigious UK
partner universities as well as
professional qualifications.
These professional accounting
qualifications are the Chartered
Certified Accountant qualification by
the Association of Chartered
Certified Accountants (ACCA) and
the Management Accountant
qualification by the Chartered
Institute of Management
Accountants (CIMA).

Comprehensive facilities
BACs Kuala Lumpur campus
comprises three premises that
are within walking distance of
one another and equipped with
state-of-the-art facilities for teaching
and learning.
The BAC 2 building houses an
impressive law library, lecture
halls, state-of-the-art computer
laboratories, a gym, dance studio,
moot court, cafeteria and the Sky
Garden rooftop caf.
Since 2013, BAC has invested
more than RM110mil in its new
Petaling Jaya campus, which
includes a comprehensive library
and research centre, computer
laboratories, moot court, the
BACteria food court, TWS Caf, Rock
Academy music school and the
Monster Fit health and wellness
These facilities provide an
engaging experience to students
looking to have a balance between
studying and leading a fun student
To cater to outstation students,
BAC operates a luxurious but
reasonably priced student residence
called The Mansion. This high-end
condominium is equipped with a
gym and barbecue areas and can
house close to 600 students.
The programmes at BAC are now
open for registration.

n For more information,

call 03-2274 4165 or visit


6 course focus

Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) offers two
foundation programmes
Foundation in Science and
Foundation in Arts.
The Foundation in Science offers
two options the engineering
option and the non-engineering
option for students who are
interested in health science.
The basic modules for both
options cover English,
mathematics, chemistry and
Students who choose the
engineering option will also study
statics, physics and dynamics. For
non-engineering options, focus
will be given to biology and
The engineering option leads to
degrees such as civil, mechanical,
electrical and electronics, and
automobile engineering.
The non-engineering field offers

Unlocking opportunities
IUKLs foundation programmes are designed to broaden students choices of
study at the degree level.

students degree options in the

fields of pharmacy, food science,
biotechnology, agriculture and
many more.

The Foundation in Arts also

provides two options. The
architecture option requires
students to focus on architectural

drawing (including the application

of AutoCAD), among other basics.
The other option is for students
who are interested in business
studies, information technology
and language studies.
The compulsory basic modules
include communication, and
identification system and computer
Students can go on to degree
programmes in business,
accounting, marketing, software
engineering and advertising,
among others.
IUKL offers various scholarships
and tuition fee waivers of up to
IUKL scholarships include those

offered to students with excellent

SPM results. Those who are active
in sports may apply for the IUKL
Sports Excellence Scholarship.
PTPTN and financial assistance
from the State Foundation are also
Interested individuals can visit
the IUKL Info Day on March 12 and
13 from 10am to 4pm. The March
intake is in progress.
You can start a programme at
IUKL with only RM100 and enjoy
RM1,000 rebate if you register
during the Info Day.

n For more information, call

1800 88 STUDY (78839) or
visit www.IUKL.edu.my.

Studies in Korea

Studying in South Korean universities is possible through IUKL.

ACCORDING to International
Telecommunication Union (ITU),
South Korea was first among 152
countries that were subjects of
the survey in information and
communications technology
(ICT) development index 2015.
South Koreas ICT, engineering
and robotics are among the best
in the world, making it a great
place for international students
to learn and pursue their
tertiary education.
Besides that, tuition fees and
the cost of living are much
cheaper compared to other
learning destinations such as the
United Kingdom or Australia,
and there are many scholarship
programmes made available to
foreign students studying in
South Korea.
As Malaysias leading technical
university, Universiti Kuala
Lumpur (UniKL) has formed an
education and research
collaboration with universities
in South Korea, establishing the
pioneering Foundation in
Science and Technology for
Korean University also known
as the Pre-Korea Programme.
This programme is accredited
by the Malaysian Qualifications
Agency (MQA) and approved by
the Ministry of Education (MOE).
Lectures are delivered by
native South Korean lecturers
and local lecturers who have
graduated from South Korean
All subjects are taught in
Korean, which will better
prepare students to continue
their study in South Korea.
UniKL students have been
successfully accepted into
various South Korean
universities such as Hanyang
University, Sungkyunkwan
University, Inha University and
Dankook University.

ThePre-Korea Programme
prepares students to continue
their degree programmes at
any Korean universities in
engineering, computer science
and animation.
UniKL also offers the one-year
Korean Language Intensive
Programme (K-LIP) as a platform
for students who wish to pursue
tertiary education in other
courses such as logistics and
transportation, and arts and
K-LIP is conducted in both the
classroom and through online
This programme is a jointventure programme between
UniKL and Institute of
International Education (IIE)
of Kyung Hee University.
Kyung Hee University is a
leader in e-learning education
system and among the top
Korean language Institutes in
South Korea.
Students are required to take
the Test of Proficiency in Korean
(TOPIK) and achieve at least
level 3 to pursue a degree
programme in South Korean
Students who pass level five
or six of TOPIK will receive a
scholarship to pursue a
bachelors degree programme
in selected South Korean
Presently, UniKL collaborates
with 11 South Korean
universities, including
Sungkyunkwan University,
Hanyang University, Ewha
Womans University and Kyung
Hee University.
The next intakes for both
programmes are in June.

n For more information, visit

www.unikl.edu.my or call
03-2175 4146 (Hafize).


THE International Medical

University (IMU) is holding its
Foundation in Science (FiS) Info
Days on March 5 at the IMU Bukit
Jalil university campus and March
19 at IMUs Clinical School in Batu
Pahat from 10am to 4pm.
FiS Info Days allow prospective
students to obtain firsthand
information on the university,
meet students and staff as well as
find out how the universitys FiS
can lead to entry into IMUs
undergraduate programmes.
Prospective students can also
seek advice and information on a
variety of issues such as applying
to the university, financing
(including fees and financial
assistance) and accommodation.
At the FiS Info Day in Bukit Jalil,
visitors will be able to attend a talk
by the faculty and a sharing session
with a sneak preview into the
curriculum by IMU students.

course focus 7

Step into healthcare

The International Medical University Foundation in Science programme
prepares students for undergraduate studies in the field of medicine and

Showcasing its facilities, the

open day provides visitors with
the opportunity to look around
the university.

Getting ready
for change
AFTER slogging through school
for 11 years and completing
your SPM examinations, you are
finally able to spread your wings
and explore the world of tertiary
education and its boundless
However, before you leave the
nest and start hitting the books
for another four to six years,
there are a few things you need
to know before you start living
on your own.

Among the biggest changes is
not having your mother to pick
up after you. What you may
have previously taken for
granted such as always having
someone else do your laundry,
iron your clothes and keep your
room clean now becomes chores
that you will need to do on your
Knowing the amount of
detergent required for your
laundry, the ideal temperature
with which to iron your clothes
without burning them, how to
sweep or mop your room
properly and how to cook for
yourself are some of the things
you will need to learn before
you move out.

Eat healthy
While boiling a pack of instant
noodles may be near to effortless
and a quick solution to satisfy
your hunger, continuous
consumption is not only
unhealthy due to their highly
processed nature but also
because instant noodles lack the
necessary proteins or nutrients
your body requires.
Despite the convenience of
fast food outlets or mamak
shops, it is unwise to frequent
these establishments as these
foods contain high amounts of
preservatives, sugar and calorie
content that will inadvertently
result in an increase in body
weight and cholesterol levels.
Cooking your own meals is not
as difficult as you may think.

Learning to cook your own meals

is one of the crucial steps in
becoming more independent.

There are plenty of quick and

simple recipes for the busy
college student that can be found
online that use only a handful of
Buying your own groceries
will also allow you to customise
dishes to your preference and
have better control of consuming
a more balanced diet.

Tolerance and
As you move into campus
lodging, it is likely that you will
become housemates with people
you have never met before.
In addition to becoming
friends with them, it is
important that you practise
some social etiquette and respect
each others privacy.
Remember that the corridors,
bathrooms, and living and
dining areas are common spaces
that have to remain clean at all
Nobody wants to come home
to see dirty clothes hanging on
the dining chairs, dirty dishes in
the sink or books and notes
scattered across the living room


Throughout the day, current

students will be on hand as
ambassadors to ensure that visitors
take advantage of the available

talks and tours.

Since its launch in 2014, the FiS
programme in IMU has opened its
doors to more than 450 students
over six intakes.
Of these 450 students, 168 have
graduated and 132 have
successfully enrolled in a degree
programme of their choice in IMU,
including medicine, dentistry,
pharmacy and the health sciences.
The FiS programme aims to
prepare students academically and
holistically for their undergraduate
studies in IMU.
IMUs learning model is
grounded in its core values, which
enables students to become
knowledgeable and competent

healthcare professionals who are

critical thinkers, reflective and
The aim is to create healthcare
graduates who are committed
to lifelong learning and imbued
with a sense of good citizenship,
leadership and ethical behaviour.
The FiS IMU has three intakes
every year April, July and
Interested individuals can apply
for the FiS programme during the
FiS Info Day and get a waiver of

n For more information, visit

www.imu.edu.my or e-mail start@
imu.edu.my or call 03-2731 7272.


8 course focus

Binary Universitys Foundation Degree in Arts allows students to progress into many areas of study at the undergraduate level.

One programme,
multiple pathways
BINARY University is rated as a five-star
university by the Education Ministry and
enjoys one of the highest graduate
employability rates among Malaysian
universities due to its Industry Specialist
Professional (ISP) advantage, says vicechancellor Prof Dr Sulochana Nair.
Many school-leavers are often confused
about their career choice. Offered since 2005,
the Binary Foundation Degree (BFD) is an
excellent pre-university programme as it
provides the opportunity for students to
acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills
and opens multiple career pathways in
accounting, business, marketing, information
technology (IT), finance, economics and
entrepreneurship. This is why the BFD is
branded as one foundation with multiple
pathways, says registrar Roland Wee.
Our Foundation Degree in Arts (FDA)
offers pathways in accounting, business and
IT, thus opening career advancement
opportunities in a wide range of areas, says
Bipinchandra Mavani, FDA academic
manager and certified student counsellor.
According to him, the Binary FDA is a
fantastic course for school-leavers as it
allows them to diagnose various career
options available before they move on to
university-level degrees.
Wee says, Unlike A-Levels and STPM,
which are 100% examination-based, the
Binary FDA comprises 60% assignments and
40% examinations. Should students fail any
subject, they can re-sit in the same semester,
thus saving them a lot of time.
Upon completing the Binary FDA,
students can progress to a bachelors degree
overseas at selected British and Australian
universities or locally at any private
university. Some FDA graduates complete
two years of the bachelors degree at Binary
University and the final year at a British or
Australian university.
Individuals who wish to pursue a
bachelors degree at Binary University after
the FDA may choose to do the BA (Hons)
Accounting, BA (Hons) Business
Management, BA (Hons) Marketing, BSc
(Hons) Computer Science or BA (Hons)
All our degrees are honours degrees and
are fully accredited by the Malaysian
Qualifications Agency as well as recognised
by the Public Service Department, explains
Prof Dr Zulkifli Senteri, dean of the
undergraduate school.
The reason our graduates are highly
employable is that we equip them with
industry-specific skills and transform them
to become ISP graduates. This empowers
our graduates to walk and talk the language
of the industry, says Datuk Prof Joseph
Adaikalam, founder chairman of

All our degrees are

honours degrees and are
fully accredited by the
Malaysian Qualifications
Agency as well as
recognised by the Public
Service Department.
Prof Dr Zulkifli Senteri

Binary University.
In addition, we equip our graduates with
an extensive range of entrepreneurial skills.
The ISP and entrepreneurial skills help
differentiate our graduates, making them not
only highly employable but also empowering
them to negotiate for higher starting salaries.
At Binary University, you will graduate
with two certificates a fully accredited
honours degree and the ISP-certified
qualification, says Prof Adaikalam.
Binary University is Malaysias first
entrepreneurship-focused university with a
full-fledged entrepreneurship faculty the
School of Entrepreneurial Development
SEED has created numerous successful
young entrepreneurs for the small- and
medium-sized enterprise sector.
Supported by more than 500
entrepreneurs and a comprehensive
entrepreneurial ecosystem, SEED offers
practical-oriented diploma, bachelors and
masters programmes in entrepreneurship.
The youth of today has tremendous talent
and if this is harnessed properly, it will help
the youth and nation grow exponentially,
says Prof Adaikalam.
The Binary Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
and the ISP Centre of Excellence provide
young people with the opportunity to
explore new approaches to learning and
acquiring skills that can maximise their
Despite providing these extras, we have
kept our fees affordable so that more people
can have access to higher education
opportunities that are life changing, he says.
Assoc Prof Amjad Hanesh, senior lecturer
at the School of Technology Management,
says, Due to the strong emphasis on
industry relevance, many of our students
have found employment immediately in
well-established firms such as HSBC, Shell,
Petronas and HP.
The next intake is on April 27.

n For more information, call 03-8070 6590/96

or visit www.binary.edu.my.


course focus 9

yet again
BEING one of the premier providers of the
A-Levels programme in Malaysia, Tunku
Abdul Rahman University College (TAR
University College) has consistently delivered
outstanding performance in A-Levels
examinations since the institution offered
the programme in 1987 via its Centre for
Pre-University Studies (CPUS).
As with previous years, the pass
percentage for the May/June 2015 batch
remained high at 88%, with 25% of the total
number of students who took the
examination achieving excellent results of
2As 1B and above.
Four students scored 4A*s in the A-Levels
May/June 2015 examination. Two of them,
Goh Siok Wei and Wong Joyen, take their
time to share their recipe for success.
Apart from scoring 4A*s, Goh was the best
overall performer in A-Levels (Science) and
also won the CPUS Top Achievement Cup.
Asked about the motivation behind her
achievement, Goh says, High selfexpectation drives me to push myself to the
limit and have no regrets. I always try my
best to do everything that matters to me.
Goh is currently reading biological
sciences at the Nanyang Technological
University (NTU) in Singapore.
Wong, who was in the same stream as
Goh, also strongly believes in doing her best.
Have faith, believe in yourself and work
for it, says Wong, who aspires to be a
Both students paint a beautiful picture of
their fulfilling experience studying at TAR
University College.
The lecturers are good, friendly,
approachable and knowledgeable. I can
always count on them for counselling

Goh says TAR

Colleges quality
learning facilities
contributed to
her fulfilling

The laboratories
are well equipped,
hence students
can familiarise
themselves with
proper experimental
apparatus and
materials during
practical classes.
purposes whenever I have any doubts or
queries even after lectures, says Wong.
Goh gives credit to the extensive learning
facilities at TAR University College for
contributing to her fulfilling experience.
The laboratories are well-equipped,
hence students can familiarise themselves
with proper experimental apparatus and
materials during practical classes, she says.
Wong says that other facilities such as the
library and cyber centre were really helpful
when she needed to source for books, study
and do research.
As for recreation, the sports complex and
gym are great places to work out a sweat
and to relax, she adds.
Goh holds the same sentiment as Wong
when it comes to the provision of
recreational facilities at TAR University
TAR University College certainly caters to
every need when it comes to students wellbeing and educational needs, says Goh.
During the A Level High Achievers
Certificate and Trophy Presentation
Ceremony held in August last year, Wong,
who was one of two valedictorians,
dedicated her deepest gratitude to her
lecturers in the A-Levels programme.
Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, president of TAR
University College, vouches for the quality
education that TAR University College
students receive.
CPUS is a springboard and gateway to
achieving ones dreams of a bright future.
Over the years, many students have
received top placing in the world and in
Malaysia for mathematics, further
mathematics, economics, accounting,
business studies, Chinese language and
general paper, says Dr Tan.
These excellent results will provide
access to world-renowned universities
both locally and abroad, such as the
University of Oxford, University of
Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute
of Technology, London School of
Economics, Imperial College
London, Australian National
University, University of Hong
Kong, National University of
Singapore and NTU, to
name only a few.
Interested individuals
can visit TAR University
College Open Day from
March 1 to 20 from 9am
to 5pm at all its
campuses. Alternatively, you
can visit TAR University Colleges
booths at major education fairs.

n For more information,

visit www.tarc.edu.my.

Top-scorer Wong sharing her thoughts on the fulfilling experience studying at TAR University


10 course focus


Take the effort to keep the
common spaces tidy or clean up
after you have made a mess, wash
your dishes after every meal and
clean the bathroom every once and
Not only will your housemates
respect you for your hard work,
you will always have a clean house
to unwind in after a tiring day in
Besides this, you need to be
conscious of how your actions may
offend or disturb your housemates.
Resting your feet on a chair,
wearing your shoes on carpeted
areas, playing loud music late at
night and constantly inviting
friends over to your unit are some
actions that may not rest well with
your housemates.

Living on a budget
Whether you are living with
your parents support or taking a
part-time job to fund your daily
living expenses, college life is the
best opportunity to learn to live on
a budget.
With your limited spending
power, you will need to be on top
of your finances and ensure you
have enough money to last you

Managing college life


Sticking to a budget will help you learn essential financial management skills.

throughout the month.

Before you even think about
treating yourself to a fancy meal
or adding new items to your
wardrobe, leave aside some
money to cover your monthly
necessities such as rent, utilities
and groceries.

Of course, any college student
will need to relax and occasionally

seek a little entertainment to get

away from the stresses of
assignments and studies.
While there is nothing wrong in
having a little fun from time to
time, you must learn to allocate
your time and prioritise between
social activities and studies.
Setting aside time to complete
your course requirements and
having adequate sleep are part of
the responsibilities of your newfound freedom.

The University of Nottingham remains one of the top choices for

graduate recruitment among UK employers.

THE latest report by High Fliers

Research (an independent
market research company that
specialises in student and
graduate research) showed that
Nottingham has come second,
for the second time in a row, in
the list of universities targeted
by the largest number of top
employers in 2015 to 2016.
The report is based on
research conducted in December
last year with the United
Kingdoms leading graduate
employers, including BP, Aldi,
EDF Energy, the Civil Service,
IBM, Goldman Sachs, PwC,
Google and HSBC.
Nalayini Thambar, director of
Careers and Employability at
The University of Nottingham,
UK, says, It is tremendous news
that Nottingham graduates
continue to attract the UKs top
employers. This is a reflection on
the quality of our graduates and
the fact that students who study
at this university develop well
academically and embrace a full
and varied student experience.
This gives them the
opportunity to develop the skills
and attributes that will enable
them to succeed in employment
and build successful careers.
The University of Nottingham
encourages and supports
students to ensure they have a
well-rounded experience while
studying, which includes
participating in work
This includes the Nottingham
Advantage Award, which
enables students to take
extracurricular modules
alongside their academic studies
that build skills and experience
in various areas such as public
relations, finance and career
planning through activities with
the universitys Career and
Employability Service, Widening
Participation and the Students
It is one of the worlds truly

The University
of Nottingham
encourages and
supports students
to ensure they have
a well-rounded
experience while
global universities with
campuses in Malaysia, the UK
and China. This year marks the
16th year since setting up as
UKs first full-fledged
international campus in
Malaysia and all three campuses
continue to enrich the lives of
students across the world
through global education,
groundbreaking research and
community engagement.
TheUniversity of
Nottinghamhas 43,000 students
and is the closest thing that
Britain has to a truly global
universitywith a distinct
approach to internationalisation
that rests on full-scale campuses
inChinaandMalaysia (Times
Good University Guide 2016).
It is also one of the most
popular universities in the UK
amonggraduate employersand
is the winner of Outstanding
Support for Early Career
Researchers at theTimes Higher
Education Awards2015.
It is ranked in the worlds top
75 by the QS World University
Rankings 2015/16 and8th in the
UKby research power according
to the Research Excellence
Framework 2014.
The university has also been
voted the worlds greenest
campus forthree years in a row,
according to Greenmetrics
Ranking of World Universities.

n For more information, visit



course focus 11

After completing his A-Levels at Sunway College, Ng is now enjoying the academic challenge and
extracurricular stimulation of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

for success
TWENTY-YEAR-OLD Ng Shyue Jer, former
A-Levels student of Sunway College, is
currently completing his undergraduate
studies at the London School of Economics
and Political Science.
A recipient of the Bank Negara
Undergraduate Scholarship, Ng hopes to
work on building international relations
with other nations when he completes his
studies in June next year.
Having scored 3A*s and 1A in his A-Levels,
Ng credits Wong Wai Leong, an A-Levels
economics lecturer, for bringing out the
economist in him.
According to Ng, Wong encouraged his
students to read light titles before attempting
economics, shared interesting anecdotes
and helped change Ngs perspective on

Challenge for the mind

Economics challenged Ngs mind and led
him to explore more social science subjects
such as political science in the London
School of Economics and Political Science,
which is famous for its Guest Speaker Series.
Ng had the opportunity to listen to Nobel
laureate Lars Peter Hansen shortly after the
latter obtained his Nobel Memorial Prize in
Economic Sciences.
The London School of Economics and
Political Science has produced many
prominent economists.

Co-curricular involvement
The new surroundings enticed Ng to join
the film society, baking society and winetasting society.
He has found greatest satisfaction from his
participation in the International Council of
Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS).
ICMS was initiated five years ago for
students to discover self-development
opportunities and is active in the United
Kingdom, Malaysia, the United States, Hong
Kong, Canada and Singapore.
Being the council policy and strategy
executive director, Ng is keen to enhance his
skills outside of studies in the London School

of Economics and Political Science.

By participating with other ICMS
members in the MACFIS (The Malaysian
Accounting and Finance Society) business
challenge, they had the opportunity to
assess the business outlook of a company
and propose turnaround strategies. His
team won the case study challenge.
London has become Ngs favourite city
after having travelled to Bath, Manchester,
Bristol and a few other cities.
With its abundance of activities, Ng
enjoys attending musicals and trips to the
art galleries in London.
The community here is always lively
with its many cultural and youth events
happening across the city, says Ng.
A former chess club president during
his A-Levels days, Ng played on the college
team and was part of the formidable team
that successfully defended the MAPCU
(Malaysian Association of Private Colleges
& Universities) competition championship.
Ng studied further mathematics,
mathematics, physics and economics,
ensuring he had the opportunity to meet
many interesting people.
Being a merit scholar at Sunway
College, this former A-Levels student
advises current students to make good use
of the new facilities.
He stresses the need to strike a balance
between studies and leisure especially
around examination time as well as the
importance of getting the support of
friends or lecturers as they can
understand the challenges of university
The Cambridge GCE A-Levels
Programme is one of the pre-university
programmes offered at Sunway College.
Sunway College will be hosting its
Sunway Education Open Day on March 12,
13, 19 and 20 from 10am to 4pm.

n For more information about the

Cambridge GCE A-Levels Programme or
other pre-university programmes at
Sunway College, call 03-7491 8622 or
e-mail info@sunway.edu.my or visit


12 course focus

Choosing the best university

PROF Dr Ahmad Rafi Mohamed
Eshaq, president of Multimedia
University (MMU), gives some
handy pointers to students and
parents who are deciding on the
best university to study in.
The university you choose to
pursue your undergraduate
studies in will shape your attitude
towards learning, your work ethics
and even how you network. Be
prepared to do some research on
the various indicators of quality.
One such indicator is the origin
of the university. Excellent
universities are usually established
to fulfil the greater need of the
society or nation rather than as
commercial enterprises driven by
a desire for maximum profits.
Back in 1996, the Government
was looking to liberalise higher
education in Malaysia. There were
only public universities then and
no one knew how to set up
universities that could not only
produce high-quality graduates,
but also stand independently
without any assistance from the
At the height of the national
Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC)
strategic thrust, the Government
approached Telekom Malaysia
Berhad (TM) and asked it to
convert its training centre into

Choosing the right university to pursue your undergraduate studies is an

important decision to make as it will greatly impact your life.

a university.
TM saw this as the perfect
opportunity to exercise its
corporate social responsibility and
make a unique mark in the
industry of telecommunications,
ICT and multimedia.
After researching on the
methods of the best universities in
the world, including Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, Harvard
University and Tokyo University,
the curriculum of MMU was
formed and is now a premier
university in Malaysia.

Another indicator of quality

to consider is the trust that the
university receives. MMU was
entrusted by the Government to
liberalise higher education and
aid in transforming the
Malaysian economy from being
a manufacturing-based economy
to a knowledge-based one.
Since establishing MMUs
campus in Cyberjaya, the
university has supplied hi-tech
firms and multinational
corporations with tens of
thousands of skilled knowledge

workers over the years.

In 2013, the Government,
through the sovereign wealth fund
Khazanah Nasional Berhad, invited
MMU to establish a campus
dedicated to cinematic arts
programmes in Educity, Iskandar,
Launched this year, the campus
is meant to be Malaysias thrust
into the content creation industry
that will rival large productions.
The second set of example
involves the industrys acceptance
of MMUs graduates. More than
96% of MMU graduates secure
employment within six months of
completing their studies, which
speaks volumes of how the
industries trust MMU to produce
quality graduates.
Throughout the years,
MMU has received
numerous awards from
different parties in
recognition of their trust
for the universitys quality.
The most significant
comes from
the British
organisation that
creates World
Rankings and

the World University Rankings by

The World University Rankings
by Subject named MMU as a Top
200 University in Communication
and Media Studies in 2012, in
Computer Science and Information
Systems in 2014 and in Electrical
and Electronics Engineering last
Currently, the university is
embarking on its MMU 3.0 journey
towards becoming an i-University
to uphold MMUs position as the
leader in ICT-related education,
especially in championing
innovation and entrepreneurship.
As part of its 20th anniversary
celebrations, MMU is offering
automatic rebates for its April
Foundation students are
assured rebates of 5%, while
bachelors degree students are
offered 10%. On top of these
rebates, qualified students
stand to enjoy scholarships
worth a total of RM2.5mil.

n For more
information, call
1300 800 668 or visit
Prof Dr Ahmad Rafi
Mohamed Eshaq.