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Introduction to Writing an Advertisement

Date: 11/10/15
Objective(s) for todays lesson:
Students will demonstrate that they know the features of an advertisement by pointing out all the taught
features in a mentor text and by writing their own advertisement that includes all of these features.
Students will demonstrate that they can plan for their writing by filling out a graphic organizer for their
fairy tale and a graphic organizer for their advertisement completely and appropriately.
Students will demonstrate that they know the writing process by following each step when writing their
fairy tales and when writing their advertisements.
Rationale (Explain why this content and/or skill is important and worthwhile, and how you will work to
make it relevant to your students lives):
Students will be expected to write persuasive pieces at least through high school, so they need to learn
how to do this. I will introduce the need to write persuasively with an authentic context, which is
described in the introduction.
Materials & supplies needed: the overhead projector must be projecting Class Dojo, my phone (so I
can give Dojo points), graphic organizers (one per student)
Procedures and approximate time allocated for each event
Introduction to the lesson
I will transition the students to the rug, and I will tell them to sit
next to their peanut butter and jelly partner. After everyone is in
place and ready to learn, I will pull out my phone and give
everyone in the class a Dojo point for following directions. Then I
will give everyone a Dojo point for having a positive attitude.

Academic, Social and/or

Linguistic Support during
each event
If I have students that will not
come join us on the rug, I will tell
them that I want to be able to
give them a Dojo point for
following directions.

Isnt Class Dojo great? The students will agree excitedly.

Did you know that Mr. Smith doesnt use Class Dojo at all? Isnt
that just too bad? HmmmmI have an idea! We could make
advertisements for Class Dojo and sneak them into his room.
Maybe we could convince him to start using Class Dojo! Then all
of the third graders at this school could have an awesome
experience with it just like all of you do! What do you think?
Students will respond enthusiastically.
I think I have something that could help us do this. I will pretend
to go look for the graphic organizers, which will be on my desk
and ready to go.
5 minutes
OUTLINE of key events during the lesson
Do you know what a flyer is? If students do not know, I will
explain to them that it is an advertisement that fits on one piece of
paper and looks appealing to whoever is reading it.

If a student describes what a

flyer is, I will repeat their
description so that English
Language Learners hear it twice.
I will hold up a piece of paper
while I describe what a flyer is so
that my English Language

Learners have a better chance of

comprehending what I am
I was thinking that we could each make a flyer that describes
how great Class Dojo is, and then we could put them in Mr.
Smiths room. Then he would find all of them and read them and
realize how much third graders really appreciate their teachers
using Class Dojo, and he might decide to start using it too.
A flyer is a type of advertisement. All advertisements are for
some kind of product and they express opinions and give reasons
to support their opinions, so our flyers have to express an opinion
as well as reasons to support it. I found these graphic organizers
on my desk that might help us.
So what are we advertising? Students will say Class Dojo. I
will write Class Dojo on my graphic organizer. And I think Class
Dojo is awesome! So that is my opinion about Class Dojo. I will
write that in the opinion circle. When you get your graphic
organizer, you could say Class Dojo is awesome too, or you
could change it to Class Dojo is great, or anything like that.
Now, I need reasons to support my opinion. If I dont support it
with any reasons, someone who has never used Class Dojo
before might not believe me, so I have to give them reasons to try
to convince them. Hmmm. Lets see. What might convince
Mr. Smith to start using Class Dojo? Students will likely blurt out
reasons, and I will write one of them in the Reason 1 circle. If they
do not blurt anything out, I will say, Class Dojo motivates kids to
behave well. Or I could say Class Dojo is fun for the students. I
think I will write, Class Dojo motivates kids to behave well. I will
write this in the Reason 1 circle.
There are a lot of other reasons I could write, but Im not going to
waste your time by making you watch me write. Instead, turn to
your peanut butter and jelly partner and tell them one reason why
you think Class Dojo is awesome. Students will do so.
Wow. I heard a lot of great thinking! I think you are ready to get
started. I will transition them to their desks and pass out the
graphic organizers. I will remind them of the rules of Writers
Workshop. I will tell them to start planning.

When some of the students start finishing their planning, I will

gather the students on the rug again to explain how to write a
rough draft of a flyer. When we are writing our rough drafts, the
very first thing we need to do is introduce the product. To
introduce Class Dojo, I need to make a statement that explains
what it is and that makes it sound exciting. I might write, Class
Dojo is an exciting way to reward students for their behavior in
the classroom, or something like that. Your introductory

I will scribe for the two students

that are very slow writers so that
they will not fall behind everyone
else in the planning process
I will spell words for our English
Language Learners so that they
do not fall behind already in the
planning process.

statement should be similar to the circle that says your opinion.

You shouldnt use the exact same sentence I used, or Mr. Smith
will be able to tell that you were just copying me. You will have to
come up with your own statement to introduce Class Dojo.
After that, you need to look at the reasons you wrote down. You
have to explain your reasons in a way that makes Class Dojo
very exciting. How could I make Class Dojo motivates kids to
behave well in an exciting way? Students will respond, and I will
write one of the responses down.
You cant just write one sentence for each of your reasons. That
will make your flyer sound boring. You have to describe your
reasons a little. What else could I add to my reason to make it
more exciting? Students will respond, and I will add something
else to my reason.
Turn to your peanut butter and jelly partner and tell them how
you could describe one of your reasons in a way that makes it
sound exciting. Students will discuss.
I will transition the students back to their work.

I will continue to provide the

same support for slow writers
and English Language Learners.

(40 minutes)
Closing summary for the lesson
Everyone is doing such a great job of explaining why Mr. Smith
should start using Class Dojo! Unfortunately, we are out of time
today, but I promise we will have time to work on these again
tomorrow. Please put your plan and your rough draft in your blue
writing folder. You have 15 seconds to do this.

I will hold up somebodys blue

writing folder so that English
Language Learners understand
where they are supposed to put
their graphic organizers and
rough draft.

(2 minutes)
Transition to next learning activity
When I say melt, please
I will walk around the room with a checklist of who has finished their
plan and rough draft satisfactorily. Students will have a graphic
organizer filled out appropriately with an opinion and 2-4 reasons by
the end of their individual writing time and will have started, if not
finished, their rough draft. If most students have met these goals, I
will teach revisions the next day. If they have not met these goals, I
will have to give them more time for planning and writing their rough
drafts before moving on to instruction about revising.

Scroll down to see graphic organizer

Academic, Social, and/or

Linguistic Support during
I will allow my student that
requires a lot of thinking time due
to focus difficulties and requires
extra time to write due to fine
motor skill difficulties two
additional days to complete this

Name: _________________________

Date: ___________________

I am advertising: _______________________________________
Reason 1

Reason 2


Reason 3

Reason 4