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Big Spender Words by Dorothy Fields Music by Cy Coleman ‘Stripper’ Tempo ( NC 96) ‘The min-ute you walked in. the joint, I could see you.were a man of dis-tine - tion, a br a cm real big spend - er; Good look ing. sore - fined. Ab Graug cm would-n'tyou like to know what's go-ing on in my mind? So let me get right to the point. (© Copyright 1965 Noable Music Company Incorporated Enterprises Incorporated USA, Campbell Connelly & Company Limite, AIT Rigs Reserved, nteratinal Copyright Secured 3 mo pres I don’t pop my cork for Hey! Big Spen-der,_ Would-n’t you like to have i is fun, fun, fun? How's a-bout afew laughs, laughs?‘ can show you a te A? ONG. @ NC. Aye ONC GB NG. D. Sal Coda good time, Let'me show you a_ good time, The min-ute you y - “RR - CODA INC) Hey, Big Spen-der— Big Spenzder!_ = — a little time_with me, Spend a lit-tle time_with me.