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February 21, 2016

To Whom it May Concern:

I have been questioning the validity of the information that appears to be coming from the NH Attorney
Generals Office, via email and US Mail, and have been outright ignored.
The accounting code on the envelopes is to keep an accounting record of where to appropriate the cost
of postage, and it may be tied to the NH Attorney Generals Transportation and Construction Bureau,
but this remains unclear. The 8048 accounting code seen in the return address appears to be under
the NH Liquor Commission, and may be linked to a criminal investigation into missing money.
Additionally, the Pitney Bowes postage meters used had also been used for NH Department of
Environmental Services letters. It is unclear if the 4 digit accounting codes on those envelopes is
legitimate. Were not even sure the letters are being generated within the state agencies, as they have
Document Control.
Attached are 2 Executive Branch Ethics Committee letters dated 7/22/14 and 2/6/15 and the envelopes
they were mailed in. Please note the July letter informs me the complaint will be destroyed, and the
February letter informs me my complaint was heard in spite of destroying it and it remaining unsworn.
I tried to mail Attorney DiBrigida at his office in Manchester, NH to no avail. The attached signature
confirmation appears to be that of a deceased woman. There are two numbers at the bottom of both
letters, I believe these are the document control numbers.
Emails between Ms. Audra Toop and Investigator Richard Tracy from August 2015 in reference to the
Accounting code 8048. Investigator Tracy claims everyone is using these envelopes.
I requested a criminal investigation with the NH Attorney Generals Offices Public Integrity Unit. I was
told nothing criminal was found. This is what prompted me to question the validity of the letters.
Currently, there is still a death threat against my witness on audio record in possession of the State of
My witness attempted to contact the NH State Police, and received the attached email telling her to
report it to the local police in Massachusetts or the Mass. State Police. I was unaware Mass. law
enforcement had any jurisdiction to investigate crimes being committed in NH.
On April 22, 2015 my witness and I had gone into the NH Attorney Generals Office at approximately 10
a.m. to find out what was going on, and my witness had discovered 2 other very similar crimes she was
going to report. My witness was threatened by Investigator Tracy.
This is just a small bit of information and evidence we have. I have more envelopes and letters. I have
been trying to report this and have someone look at the evidence, which includes emails that initially
appear to be from the Attorney Generals Office, but Im told my emails are being bounced to a third
party. The email addresses appear to be legit at first glance, however theres a subtle difference one
wouldnt normally notice.

The accounting codes can be located at the link below, the snapshot is from January 2016, line 25717.
This accounting code is seen above the return address on the envelopes.

From the Concord Monitor newspaper:

I dont believe there is a record of any of the letters within the NH AGs Office. I dont know, because Im
having difficulty getting through to anyone. All I need is for someone to look at the evidence I have. I
can be contacted by mail. I no longer take phone calls.
Vincenzo Pellino
43 Atlantic Ave
Saugus, MA 01906