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Hasan Djadid Assegaff (1431010056)

Refining Process.
Refining is the manufacture of petroleum products from crude
oil. Refining involves two major branches; separation processes
and conversion processes.
Crude Oil
Petroleum products are made
from Crude Oil. There are
many types of crude oil which
come from many different
sources around the world.

The first stage of crude processing is known as distillation, or
fractionation, and occurs in a column known as a Distillation
In this process, the crude oil, which is a mixture of many types
of hydrocarbons, is boiled and recondensed to separate the
crude oil into components based on ranges of boiling points.

This process will consume hydrogen to assist in the sulphur

removal. The sulphur removed from this process is converted
into pure liquid sulphur.
The final stage of the refining process is called blending. This is
a crucial step where the various hydrocarbon components
manufactured in the refinery are mixed together to make the
final products sold by the refinery.
Product Distribution
Once the petroleum products are blended and tested they can
then be delivered to our customers.