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Name: Henry Ip 9.6

ISSUE: Racism towards Aboriginals in Australia

Possible elements of my issue I could study (you may add more):
1. How has racism towards Aborginals been like in the past years? 2. How have people dealt with this problem?
Issue element # 1
What do I already know?
I know that the level of racism in Australia has not
really made any significant positive changes in the
past few years. The number of people who express
discrimination hid their feelings in, as people around
are getting more educated and aware of how
discrimination is wrong. But this has lead to a lot of
prejudice minds in the Australian society.
What do I need to find out?
I want to know Aboriginal and White Australians view
on racism in their country. This way, I could hear both
side of the story and come up with an understanding. I
would be looking into the many interviews conducted
online so I could reference it when I have to have
examples. I would also strongly want to know which
parts of Australia are more racist than others and why.
I also want to look deeply into the many factors that
has caused this problem such culture, education and
What search terms should I use?
1. Aboriginal views on racism in Australia
2. White views on racism in Australia
3. What are the causes of racism in Australia


Issue element # 2
What do I already know?
By briefly surfing the web, I could come up with a
problem and that is how people have not been
committing themselves in stopping racism towards
Aboriginals. There were a lack of sources and
information about this case. I have also noticed that
there was not one organization with a website that
deals with discrimination towards aboriginals in
Australia. This may either be because there in no
such organization or that organization dont realize
how critical it is to have a website as most people
nowadays rely on the internet to find information.
What do I need to find out?
I want to know the feelings of people who try to stop
racism and that what motivates them. This could be
really useful in education about these topics. Another
would be the people who have experienced racism in
Australia and how they have successfully managed
this problem. This would be useful to people whom
recently experienced racism and are clueless in how
to handle it.
What search terms should I use?
1. What have anti-racism organizations done to stop
2. What has the public done to promote anti racism?
3. How have education taught about the wrongs of
racial discrimination?

(add more rows if needed)

SOURCES of Information: Dont just say Library, Books or Google. For example, Library Database eg
Time Magazine, Biography in Context, Issues: Understanding Controversy & Society etc
Fill this table in BEFORE and DURING your research.
What information do I need
to find?

What SOURCES could I use to

get this information? (be

How useful was this source?

How have people contributed to

stop this ongoing problem

Statistics of discrimination
towards Aboriginals in Australia

Examples of Aboriginals
experiencing racism in Australia

The things I found useful in the

http://rightnow.org.au/writingcat/article/racism-exists-in-australia- website are:
1. Establishing the
%E2%80%93-are-we-doingAustralian Human Rights

Commission (AHRC),
which strongly provides
help to Aboriginals
2. Carrying out the
Challenging Racism
Project in 2011 based on
collection information
about racism from the
national citizens. In which
asking a range of question
and coming up with
possible reasons and
theories of why it has
been this way. Later they
came up with strategies
they hope will get
Australians to better
understand how racism is
a serious issue.
http://www.smh.com.au/national/the This website was useful as it has
se-six-charts-show-the-state-ofseveral charts which clearly
discrimination-towards-indigenous- showed how racism is like in
Australia. One of the chart
compare differences between the
five states on a series of aspects.
People would be able to compare
the different charts to gain a
personal understanding of this.
http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/a In this website, it starts of by
borigines-face-systemic-racialsaying how the Australian Human
discrimination-report-20151104Rights Commission (AHRC)
submitted a report about how
racism has caused many problems
to Australians (mostly
Aboriginals). It discusses and lists
the many things Aboriginals have
to face everyday that has affected
them negatively. It has also
picked out bits in the report,
which has strong links to certain
parts of the website. Finally, it
talks about an actual case of an
Aboriginal (called Jack Charles)
experiencing racism when
boarding a taxi.

Discrimination towards
Aboriginals in Australia

http://www.creativespirits.info/abori The things I found useful in the

ginalculture/people/racism-inwebsite are:
1. Using percentages to
show the level of racism
through various aspects.
This would be very useful
when discussing graphs
and data.
2. Shows quotes that were
said by famous people on
racism in Australia.
3. Explains the many
different kinds of racism
and how many people
dont realize they are
racist. They did a mini
data collection with the
public based on this.
4. Talks about recent good
news, which could
potentially someday end
racism in Australia.
5. Recalls back to history on
racism in Australia
6. Interviews people who
have memories of
discrimination in Australia
7. Discusses racism in the
8. What are the effects of
Racism in various factors
9. Brings links to other
related websites

The pages on my website would include:

- Homepage that briefly discusses the many topics that would be explored on the website which are
Discrimination in modern Australia, White and Aboriginal Australians view on racism, Statistics on
racism in Australia and how Lack of Education lead to these consequences.
- A page called How Racist is Australia which talks about recent news and studies on racism that
exists in modern Australia. I could quote experts comments in this section so people could gain an
insight from people who learn from this issue. Another would be using charts and statistics as
reference to your explanations
- A page called White vs. Aboriginal views which showcases the different viewpoints of White and
Aboriginal Australians on racism in their country. The audience could hear from both sides of the story
and develop an own understanding to this. Written Interviews and videos of people talking about their
experiences with racism in Australia could get people to realize how we should better stop this
ongoing problem that has affected people lives as early as possible.
- A page called Casual Racism which shows open racism towards aboriginals in the public that
people think isnt offensive. This could tell readers how some people think it is hilarious and attractive
when using racially offensive language.

- A page called Effects of Racism would demonstrate the result of being racially discriminated. This
involves health, social and economical factors. Readers would understand how critical it is that if you
are a victim of racial discrimination, you have to really put an end to it rather than letting it be.
- A page called Coming up with the Solution will be a list of what humans have done to try end
racism in Australia to the fullest detail. This will include the many things organizations, individuals and
the government has done in the past years in contribution to put a stop to this big problem.
- A page with contacts and emails of the many racism prevention organization websites. Reader may
feel the need to ask certain organizations things that were not mentioned on my website or things
they feel are confidential.
Methods or tools I will use to COLLECT & RECORD my information are: (give some detail be
clear about HOW you will collect & record)
eg Tools: easybib, diigo, word, evernote, scoopit etc.
eg Methods: Notetaking, summarising, paraphrasing, mindmapping, brainstorming, cutting & pasting relevant
notes etc
Fill in BEFORE you start your research

What TOOLS or METHODS will I Why will I use them/do this?

use to collect & record
(justify why you chose this/these
information? (incl detail)
Finding information on the

Fill in AFTER you finish


What did I actually do?

I believe this is the best method to

I could be seen to use this method on
find information, as there is a wide of the research for my website.
range of information that individual This was because it was easy to find
people have made to serve this topic. information and that there is a wide
I have to be also reminded to
range to choose from. If I want the
compare sources, as some may not be website to be finished on time, I have
as accurate.
to select a method that is both fast
and effective such as online research.
Moreover, I should mostly rely on it.
Collecting data from interviews I could ask actual people who have Since I dont have enough time, I
knowledge about this issue and to ask could not conduct actual interviews
any in depths that could not be found for my website. Instead, I had
using the internet. I could also
interviews conducted by other people
probably record the interview and put on my website. To be honest, I think
it under a section of my website
conducting an interview with an
which expresses the people thoughts. Aboriginal in Hong Kong would be
hard as they are very uncommon.
Personal observations
I could observe through my findings This was also a method that was
how racism has been like in
frequently used in my website.
Australia. I could make comparisons Whenever fact is being made on the
through a variety of sources. This
website, I would normally deeply
would be a very useful strategy in
explain with my own understanding
linking information found on my
and express my self-opinions to it.
Interaction is a great way to
communicate information with the

My target groups are students who want to apply for an overseas university
in Australia, Workers who are keen to find a job in Australia and just curious

Pages needed to complete my website: What information and links will I need
Fill this table in BEFORE and DURING your website creation.
What information do I need
to convey?

What Pages could I use to get

this information across to the
audience? (be specific)

Discrimination in Australia has

not really gotten much better at

Informations that related to this

topic would be under the label,
How Racist is Australia. People
who look into this page want to
know mainly how racism is like in
Australia today and what causes it.
Charts would be very useful in
discussing this information.

How can I link the pages


This page is a collection of

information by researchers on
racism in Australia. It also shows
viewpoints by experts and
outsiders who have had
experience living in Australia.
This has connection with the page
White vs. Aboriginal views as
you could compare the
similarities and differences on the
three different views.
White and Aboriginal Australians This information would be under
This would be a great way to
have different viewpoints on the the label Aboriginal vs. White
show the results of racial
racism that exist in their country views. People who look into this
discrimination in Australia
page want to hear from both side of through two different viewpoints.
the story to feel their thoughts. An We could see how it has affected
example of an interview with a
peoples wellbeing such as health,
White and Aboriginal Australian
social and economical. This
would be helpful for this part. A
would then give a sense of
video from YouTube would just be connection to the page Effects of
as useful. From this, people might Racism.
learn what to avoid getting in a
conflict involving racism.
Statistics shown of Racism
Statistics are a great visual aid to
Statistics is a useful tool, which
towards Aboriginals in Australia. express ideas in informations. The they visually interpret
audience could actually analyse
information that is discussed in
how things really look like. I could the many pages. Statistics include
have arrows connecting certain
charts and graphs. They both have
information on my page to the
a unique way in displaying
statistics so readers would know
information to readers.
what to refer to.

Australia lacks education about

the wrongs of racism.


This information could go under the

label What is the cause of this
problem. In this page, people want
to know reasons behind how the
lack of education has lead to
Australians being racist. Here, I
would do extra research about the
literacy rate in Australia and
analysing how it affects the level of
people experiencing racism in

By explaining how this is one of

the major problem to why
Australian are racist, we could
say how this has got many people
to use this as a way to reduce the
level of racism in Australia. So
this would form a connection
with the page, Coming up with
the Solution.

(add more rows if needed)

Steps in the Process: Briefly

Intended Dates Actual Dates

outline (list) the steps you will work

through to complete this
assessment. You should include
planning BEFORE researching,
WHEN you will research, then
WHEN you will put together the
final product. Fill in the Actual
Dates as you go.

If dates differ
briefly explain

Time taken

(If the dates are

the same, you do
not need to fill this

Break the steps down to be clear

and specific. You need a minimum
of SIX steps.

Completing the Time Frame

part on the Action Plan

Mar 4, 2016

Mar 4, 2016


N.A This part is


Starting Date: Feb 17, 2016

Collecting 5 or more sources
and list them on a word

Feb 18, 2016


Feb 18, 2016



20 min

Feb 22, 2016



1 hr 30 min

Starting date: Feb 17, 2016

Completing the Issue Elements Feb 22, 2016
part on the Action plan
Starting Date: Feb 19, 2016

Completing Source of
Information part on the Action

Feb 21, 2016


Feb 21, 2016



2 hr 30 min

Starting Date: Feb 19, 2016

Completing the section you fill Feb 21, 2016
before the research in the
Collect and Record part of the
Action Plan.

Feb 21, 2016



35 min

Starting Date: Feb 20, 2016

Completing the Pages Needed Feb 23, 2016
part on the
Action Plan

Feb 23, 2016



2 hr

Starting Date: Feb 21,

Open word document so you
could collect
Information from research.

Feb 24, 2016


Feb 24, 2016



5 hr

Starting Date: Feb 23, 2016

Feb 25, 2016,
Open website and arrange
Collected Information in suitable (Thursday)

Feb 25, 2016,



1 hr 30 min

Mar 4, 2016


20 min

Starting Date: Feb 23, 2016

Editing or adding missing
Starting Date: Feb 25, 2016

Mar 4, 2016

Mar 4, 2016
Completing the section you fill
after the research in the Collect (Friday)
and Record part of the Action
Starting Date: Feb 25,
Completion the Evaluation part Mar 4, 2016
on the
Action Plan

Mar 4, 2016


20 min

Mar 4, 2016


45 min

Starting Date: Mar 3, 2016



Creating &
following action

Collecting and

Creating website

Things that went well

Things that need improvement

Ways of im

When creating the action plan, I

have managed to come up with
lots of key points which would be
useful to my website. Most of
what is seen in my action plan
could be also found on my
website. I have also managed to
finish it before hand in.
There were lots of useful sources
to choose from. This involved
statistics and case studies. I
have managed to have all
important information seen on the
sources in my website before the
The website has been
sucessfully created to my best
abilities. Similar informations have
been grouped according to
relevance, and is seen to be more

I should try to have everything

seen on my action plan on my
website. Another would be that I
should have to try finishing this
earlier so that I would have more
time to work on my research and

Being mor
from the mi
help benefi
in the near
how this wa
other parts
are just as

Since there were a variety of

sources to choose from, it was
hard to pick things out as it either
had a massive explanation behind
each and that it was hard to move
from one source to another. This
has took up a lot of time
I did most of the website the last
day before handin. This is a bad
thing as I had to forcefully rush to
finish it. This has affected the pace
of other homework that also has to

Next time,
4 sources t
a difficulty t
through. Th
time and th
the website

Next time,
outcome of
would know
best finishe

clear and consistent by doing this.

I have managed to complete this
before time runs out.

be done.

you could s
additional f