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She is the youngest daughter of Yah Posseh

She is short and stocky
She looks like a well fed pig

She is the eldest daughter of Yah Posseh
She is a tall girl
She is skinny
She is hungry - looking
She looks like a shaved bird
She is so curious
She is a liar
She is a sturbon
She is a stooped woman
She is black as midnight
She has flat eyes like a snakes
She walks as if she is about to fall
She is a mother of Rugiatu and Salay
She is a leader of bondo secret society
She is the Digba sowey, the head of the circumcisers
She is said to be very powerful. For instance, it is said, she controls the spirits, the bondo gods

She is a mother of Olabisi
She is cruel
She is an upholder and custodian of African culture. She implores Olabisi to be circumcised and also advocates for
her to learn her native tongue.
She is vulgar. She uses lots of abusive and insulting language against Ade and Olabisi, for instance, she calls Ade
a skirt chaser, useless man and a hopeless father. She also calls Olabisi a stupid girl and a Gborka uncircumcised.
She is a very strict disciplinarian. She warns Olabisi of dire consequences if she ever disobeys her. Her punishment
would be beating her until her skin peels. P.11

She is a superstitious. She believes in the power of spirits. For example, she believes the spirits would make her
childbirth difficult if she doesnt obey them. P.22
She is a hot tempered woman. She is easily upset. For instance, she slaps Olabisi for being too inquisitive and shes
also angry at Olabisi for dancing when bondo drummers and singers pass outside their house. P.14
She a determined woman. She is so determine to get her daughter circumcised. She bribes Pa Amadu the hunter
with a goat of his choice from her husbands herd if he brings Olabisi back to her, leaving home late at night to look
for Olabisi despite the risks and threats from her husband, seeking the arbitration of the court of law to compel Ade
Jones to allow Olabisi to be circumcised.
He is a husband of Makalay
He is a step father of Olabisi