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The National Teachers College

San Buenaventura, Noemi C.

Contrived Experiences - are edited copies of reality and are used as

substitute for real things when it is not practical or not possible to bring or
do the real thing in the classroom.
a. Objects - it may include artefacts displayed in
museum or objects displayed in exhibits or
preserved insect specimen in science.

b. Specimen Considered typical of a group, class or

whole any individual.

c. Model - It is a reproduction of a real thing

in a small scale, large scale or exact size but
made of synthetic materials.

As a Teaching Aid:
a. Advantages
1. Real object

provides first hand experiences, thus

making learning more permanent and lasting.
2. Real object can be viewed, handled, examine by
student from various angles.
3. Specimen helps the learner to determine the parts of it and see it
as a real thing.
4. Models simulate first-hand experience; thus making

learning more permanent and lasting.

b. Limitations

1. Some real objects demand classrooms space in terms of

2. Real objects are generally more expensive that pictures
and graphics.
3. Availability of real objects could be a problem.
4. Models can easily distort is students' impression of certain
dimensions like size, depth, length, or width when presented
carelessly by teachers.
c. Utilization Guidelines

- Specimens and artefacts should be display in a part of the

classroom where it can be highlighted. A name and a brief
explanation about it should be placed below or beside it.