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© Copyright 2014, The Diesel Crew, LLC All rights reserved. No part of this manual

© Copyright 2014, The Diesel Crew, LLC

All rights reserved. No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by an information storage and retrieval system, with the expressed written permission from Jedd Johnson.


Strength training involves a potential risk for serious injury. The techniques discussed and utilized in this manual are being demonstrated by highly trained professionals. No one should attempt any of these techniques without proper personal instruction from trained instructors. Anyone who attempts any of these techniques, under supervision or not, assumes all risks. The Diesel Crew, LLC, DieselCrew.com, or any partners of The Diesel Crew, LLC shall not be liable to anyone for use of any of these exercises, drills or instructions.

This product is informational only. The data and information contained herein are based upon information from various published as well as unpublished sources and merely represents training, strength and power development literature and practice as summarized by the authors and editors. The publisher of this manual makes no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the currency, completeness or scientific accuracy of this information, nor does it warrant the fitness of the information for any particular purpose. This summary of information from unpublished sources, books, research journals and articles is not intended to replace the advice or attention of health care professionals. It is not intended to direct their behavior or replace their independent professional judgment. If you have a problem with your health, or before you embark on any health, fitness or sports training programs, seek clearance from a qualified health care professional.


Copyright © 2014 The Diesel Crew, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents






Sandbag Cleans



Pull-up Grip Training



Thick Bar Rows



Farmer's Walk



Thick Bar Clean



Endless Wrist Roller



Block Weight Hand to Hand Toss



Plate Pinch Around the World



Sledge Strikes



Rope Pulling



Sled Drag Grip Work



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The Grip is extremely important for mixed martial artists. It can help you take down an opponent, keep him down, and help you get the victory.

A strong grip can help you avoid a loss.

It can help you apply vicious holds, and help you control your opponent while you take the next step in your strategy.

This ebook is going to help you build the kind of Grip strength that will be a true asset on the mat and in the ring.

As soon as you get a hold on someone, they are going to know that you are no joke.

From the beginning of the match to the end, the vise-like strength of your hands is going to be in the back of your opponent's mind. He'll be thinking, "How do I get away from this guy?"

And when the match is over, he'll be wondering how in the hell you got such brutally strong hands.

This product will show you the Top 10 Grip Training Drills for Mixed Martial Artists.

Let's not waste any time. Let's get started.

Exercise Index

1. Sandbag Cleans

Sandbag training is one of the best forms of training you can do to replicate conditions in the various MMA sports, especially along the lines of controlling an opponent and having to throw them. For example, the tight waste grip you would use when behind an opponent very closely resembles the kind of grip you would take on a large, unwieldy sandbag. Here are some Sandbag movements that are excellent for bridging the gap from the weight room to the fighting ring. When training with sandbags, remember that they and many other Odd Objects can be used to train the same movements barbells and dumbbells are used for, such as Curls and Cleans.

Sandbag Cleans involve getting a nice tight wrap around the bottom of the bag while it is on the floor. This grip is called a monkey grip, because the thumb and fingers are beside one another. From there, the objective is to lift the sandbag all the way to chest height, just like you would a barbell or dumbbells. The sandbag used in the image to the right is an Army duffel bag filled with sand and gravel. This is the best kind of home-made sandbag to use for grappling-style sports, because it requires the monkey grip.

to use for grappling-style sports, because it requires the monkey grip. Top 10 Grip Training Methods

2. Pull-up Grip Training

As noted earlier, a great way to employ Grip Integration training is by making the grip component of Pull-ups more intense by using a more challenging gripping implement. There are lots of ways to modify Pull-ups in order to make the hands work harder and make your grip stronger.

Keep in mind that when doing this, you will most likely lose a few repetitions in your Pull-ups. What you can do to gain them back is once you feel your grip beginning to slip, transition your grip to a regular sized Pull-up bar, or once you slide completely off, shake the hands free and jump back on the regular Pull-up bar for a few more repetitions.

Also, remember that if Pull-ups are proving too difficult to perform with these modifications, you can apply most of these methods to Pull-downs and Cable Rows.

Here are a few ways to modify Pull-ups to make them even more intense for the grip component of the exercise.

even more intense for the grip component of the exercise. Fat Gripz Pull-ups I am a

Fat Gripz Pull-ups

I am a firm believer that Fat Gripz should be in every gym in America and around the world. They go on and off quickly and are made by durable rubber material, making them a safe investment. They can be pricey, but their price pales in comparison to other thick bar solutions that are on

the market, unless you make the thick bar yourself. Regardless, the important thing is that you must add in some thick bar work from time to time in order to fully strengthen the hands and prepare them for the open hand positions found in combat. If you don't have Fat Gripz, get them here.

Axle Pull-ups

Another option for thick bar work is to perform Pull-ups on a thick barbell, also known as an axle. If you don't have an axle, just use a pipe.

as an axle. If you don't have an axle, just use a pipe. Gi/Towel/Duffel Bag Pull-ups

Gi/Towel/Duffel Bag Pull-ups

The Clench Grip, the kind of grip used when maintaining a hold on an opponent's gi, can be trained when performing Pull-ups as well. This can be done with an actual gi hung over the bar, towels, or as shown in the picture to the right, an empty army duffel bag. Training in this manner will make your fingers not only strong but very tough. Be forewarned, though. At first, clench grip training when doing Pull-ups can be very uncomfortable and even downright painful, depending on the material you train with. For that reason, it's a good idea

on the material you train with. For that reason, it's a good idea Top 10 Grip

to toughen the fingers by training Pull-downs for a time before moving on to Pull- ups.

Tube Pull-ups & Grapple Grips

When grappling and holding onto an opponent's forearm or ankle, it is a hybrid grip position combining supporting, pinching, and open hand. It is considered supporting because the grip is static in nature. It is pinching because your thumb often ends up on the opposite side of the wrist or forearm from the fingers, and it is open hand because the fingers and thumb generally do not overlap. In addition, the wrist often ends up deviated, which can make it even more difficult to maintain a firm grip.

Luckily, we can train this hybrid grip quite accurately with tube grips, which are pipes hung from a pull-up bar. These are simple enough to make out of steel pipes, but they can also be purchased on-line.

to make out of steel pipes, but they can also be purchased on-line. Top 10 Grip

Rogue Fitness makes a nice set of tube grips they call Grandfather Clocks. Also, there is an excellent top-of-the-line product out there called Grapple Grips that serves the same purpose if you don't mind the investment.

the same purpose if you don't mind the investment. Grapple Grips are designed specifically for mixed

Grapple Grips are designed specifically for mixed martial artists to train with and come with a high quality rubber coating on the gripping surface, as well as ingenius hooks that loop over a Pull-up bar or even a barbell, kettlebell, or hook up to a cable machine in an instant and come off just as fast when you are ready to remove them.


Thick Bar Rows

Thick bar training is a form of Open Hand Training, which is any form of training where the implement is large enough that the fingers and thumb can not touch. In most cases, something about the size of a soda can is perfect for thick bar training of this nature. If you have smaller hands, feel free to use something smaller.

Thick bar training is a must for MMA athletes because when getting a hold of an opponent's arm or leg, in most cases you will not be able to totally engulf their limb. Thick bar training prepares you for this imperfect grip.

For Thick Bar Rows, hold a thick barbell or thick-handled dumbbell and perform rows as you normally would. They can be done one-handed with a dumbbell or two-handed with an axle or pipe. Feel free to take rest-pause breaks during the set if you need to.

In the picture to the right, I'm using a specially designed thick handled dumbbell, but really, Fat Gripz added to a dumbbell will work perfectly for most people. These really are outstanding tools for adding grip training into your routine, and I recommend any athlete who needs serious hand strength get these.

and I recommend any athlete who needs serious hand strength get these. Top 10 Grip Training


Farmer's Walk

4. Farmer's Walk Farmer's Walks can be done with specialized Farmer's Handles, or dumbbells. They're a

Farmer's Walks can be done with specialized Farmer's Handles, or dumbbells. They're a great form of training because they load the legs, lower back, upper back and the grip all at the same time. You can also make the Farmer's Walk even tougher on the Grip by increasing the size of the implement such as with Fat Gripz Handles. If you don't have a lot of space to train Farmer's Carries, there is value in just picking the handles up and holding them for time. You can also load the implements up very heavy and perform sets of low-volume repetitions for even more of a limit strength model of training, as opposed to endurance.

5. Thick Bar Clean and Press

as opposed to endurance. 5. Thick Bar Clean and Press the floor with two hands. Grip

the floor with two hands.

Grip a thick-handled dumbbell or a thick barbell and pull it to shoulder height in one motion for the clean. Once to the shoulders, perform the press, then return to the floor for the next repetition. In the case of dumbbells, it is a good idea to alternate between the left and right hands each rep or two so that the hands don't tire out too quickly. Also, for a safety measure, you can return the dumbbell to

6. Endless Wrist Roller

This is by far the best form of Wrist Roller I have ever done.

is by far the best form of Wrist Roller I have ever done. AWESOME. To assemble,


To assemble, place a PVC pipe over the pins in the squat cage. Place a strap over top of the PVC pipe, and hang a weighted loading pin from the strap.

The weight of the loading pin pulls the strap down, which presses the pipe against the squat cage pin, creating friction. The more weight hung, the more friction produced, and the harder the wrist roller is to turn.

Turn the Wrist Roller in forward and reverse directions as quickly as possible over the course of your desired time limit. Bursts of 30 seconds work perfectly to blow up the grip and forearms. Place these last in your workout, because your hands won't be capable of much more after hitting the Endless Wrist Roller hard.

7. Block Weight Hand-to-Hand Toss

A block weight is any block-shaped

implement. Most commonly used are broken heads off dumbbells, but chunks of iron and even stones will work just fine. Pinch grip the block weight with one hand and then lift it up with speed. Release it in the air and then catch it in the opposite hand. Repeat for multiple repetitions.

it in the opposite hand. Repeat for multiple repetitions. This drill requires you to be able

This drill requires you to be able to activate your power grip with SPEED. If you can't turn it on in a hurry, you won't be able to hold onto the catch! When you get good at this, you'll be able to apply a Danny Hodge grip on your opponent in an instant.

8. Plate Pinch Around the World

your opponent in an instant. 8. Plate Pinch Around the World Place two or more iron

Place two or more iron plates together smooth-sides-out and put both hands on them

in an overhand pinch grip. Lift them off the

floor and then begin turning them clockwise. Once you get back to the starting position, make a trip around the plates in the opposite direction. There are plenty of combinations for this lift ranging from 3- or 4- tens, to 2- 25's, 35's or 45's. Repeat for your goal number of trips around the plates.

9. Sledge Strikes

9. Sledge Strikes Sledgehammer Strikes are a perfect example of Grip Co-operation, where multiple facets of

Sledgehammer Strikes are a perfect example of Grip Co-operation, where multiple facets of hand strength must work together in order to perform the exercise correctly. The fingers are constantly crushing into the handle of the sledgehammer throughout the entire set. The wrists are engaged to direct the sledgehammer head where it needs to go, and the thumb is actively applying pressure to aid in all of this. For variety, sledge strikes can be done in different directions, including overhead and downward onto the tire, and at various angles against the side of the tire. They can also be done with just one hand or with two.

10. Rope Pulling

be done with just one hand or with two. 10. Rope Pulling Rope Pulling is a

Rope Pulling is a great drill for Grip Strength because the shoulders, back and arms plus the grip are all working hard to perform the work. This type of training is one of the best types of Integration training. Just hook your rope to a sled and start pulling.

11. Sled Drag Grip Work

I know this is the Top 10 Grip Training Methods for MMA Athletes, but I just

wouldn't feel right if I didn't include this one. Sled Dragging is excellent for building the lower body and for improving your conditioning. However, many athletes miss out on the huge opportunity of working the grip in tandem with sled dragging. When you replace the standard pulling straps that are generally used with sleds with implements that intensify the grip component, it truly changes the game. If your grip

is weak, sled drag grip work will correct it.

single part of the grip must be up to par for this type of training. That is why it is a Grip Co- operation type of training.

That is why it is a Grip Co- operation type of training. Every Here are some


Here are some great ways to build your grip strength using the sled.

Thick Grips are so important for building Grip Strength, it would be a mistake to not include them here. Shown above is a 2.5-inch PVC pipe that is just passed through the strap. These cost about $5 from a hardware store.

Another super cheap method is with a nice thick towel. This allows you to work with an open hand, plus you get the clenching factor, and your wrist is

with an open hand, plus you get the clenching factor, and your wrist is Top 10

aligned similarly to when you are pulling on an opponent's arm or leg.

And finally, I give you one of the absolute most evil ways to train the grip through sled dragging. Below, a 24-kg kettlebell has been attached to the sled strap with a large carabiner. Now in order to pull the sled, you'll be pulling with a monkey grip. This is going to hit your fingers, thumbs, wrists and forearms hard. Plus, you'll feel it in the upper arms and torso as well, because there is an appreciable load placed on the biceps, shoulders and chest - BRUTAL!

load placed on the biceps, shoulders and chest - BRUTAL! And with that, my friends, I

And with that, my friends, I will leave you to take your hand and wrist strength to new levels. Soon, your grip strength will rival Danny Hodge's, and you'll be breaking pliers with your grip.

All the best in your training.

-Jedd Johnson- DieselCrew.com

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This program will hit the market soon, but because you picked up the Top 10 today, you get the first shot at it.

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All the best in your training!

About the Author

When injuries ended his college baseball career, Jedd Johnson needed something to fill the time, so he turned to bodybuilding, with the goal of becoming a professional wrestler. However, after years of playing sports competitively, packing on muscle just wasn't cutting it. He got certified as a Strength Coach through the National Strength and Conditioning Association out of college, but still Jedd longed for more. Then, in 2003, he found Strongman competitions and Grip Sport, and he's never looked back.

competitions and Grip Sport, and he's never looked back. Now, Jedd is considered one the foremost

Now, Jedd is considered one the foremost experts in Grip Training. He has competed in over 2 dozen Grip Contests and held several world records. He has performed feats of strength in front of thousands and he's coached athletes from Grip, Strongman, Golf, Baseball, Softball and Wrestling in improving all-around strength as well as their Grip.

Jedd runs DieselCrew.com, a site dedicated to all forms of strength training and muscle building, and TheGripAuthority.com, a members only portal for developing a world class Grip and performing feats of strength. His products on Gripper Training, Steel Bending Card and Phone Book Tearing, and many other feats of strength grip disciplines are considered go-to products for the subjects they explore.

For more information on Grip Strength and Feats of Strength, or to schedule a seminar or Strength Show, contact Jedd at jedd.diesel@gmail.com.

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