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General and Professional Education B


Use answer sheet no. 01 to be detached from the bottom of your examinee ID/Answer Sheet
Mark Set Box A if your Test Booklet is Set A; Set Box B if your set booklets are Set B.
After you have finished answering GENERAL EDUCATION, submit your ANSWER
SHEET No. 01 to your room watchers. Retain the test booklet with you.


Upon seeing water flowing and flooding, the mother exclaimed:

A. Who did that? What a tragedy.
B. Thank God we have water.


The mother remarked, I am used to the same tales.

A. This is very original.
B. There is nothing new in the story


The rebels wanted to surrender, do they?

The rebels surrender, did they?
C. The rebels wanted to surrender, didnt they?
What did the rebels want?

The best direction for treating bamboo shoots is _______________.

A. expose to windy heights
B. dry and brush with chemicals


C. dry by mulching
D. expose all to direct sunlight

A field commander gave his orders. He meant drop previous order. Which message was heard?
A. Repeat! Repeat!
B. Copy! Copy!


C. There is a miscommunication.
D. This is news.

How do you convert the statement to a question? Which is the most appropriate for
The rebels wanted to surrender.


C. What a waste! Lets conserve water.

D. Lets take a bath.

C. Negative! Delete!
D. Over! Over!

Which of these capitalized words do not rhyme?

A. Thats not easy to BEAR.
B. Lets give a CHEER

C. I know it CLEAR..
D. It shows, its SHEER truth.

What is the reaction of the shop teacher upon seeing the tools scattered?
A. Thats very kind of you. C. Its all right, you may go.
B. Leave your tools alone. D. Return your tools to the properly c


Which sentence uses a preposition improperly?



She came ON to attend the hearing

The accident happened ON his birthday.
The witness was barely IN time for the affair.
Tell her to be On time.

Students are assigned homework. How does the teacher manage to check all assignments?

Assign group to counter check students works.

Assign group leaders to check.
Disregard the assignment and proceed to a new lesson.
Collect assignments after class.

10. During the eruption of Mayon Volcano, what message was sent to the barangay folks?

Wait for the final order of the chief.

Get ready!
Everybody leave your carabaos.
Everybody call. Everybody evacuate the area.

11. Rallies staged against lewd films are reactions for _________________.
A. More censoring by authorities
B. More freedom of expression

C. Disapproval of questionable actors

D. Further control of media.

12. Farmers were advised about the occurrence of El Nio. This means ___________
A. there will be famine.
B. There will be draught

C. there will be abundance

D. there will be flood

13. How do people react to a boring lecture or even committee hearings? They usually
A. Normally jeer.
B. Walk out in disgust.

C. Keep quiet and listen.

D. Clap loud and clear.

14. A message was sent by the chief of office. What should be the subordinate answer?
A. Noted, Sir.
B. Sorry, Im busy Sir.

C. Sir, I got it right.

D. Ill verify Sir.

15. How should this slogan be printed?

A. Keep right
B. Classes are ongoing

C. At corridors
D. Maintain silence

Which is the best order?

A. 1,4,3,2
B. 4,3,1,2

C. 1,2,3,4
D. 3,4,2,1

16. Not all EDs in verbs sound alike. Which ED is different?


She failed to get the needed Answer.

She was not grant ED an audience
She wanted a chaperon.
She signed a contract.

17. Identify the present Filipino values and their influence on the Filipino Youth as stated.

Lack of discipline ____________ Humor

Extreme personalism ________________Individualism
Faith ______________ Attitudinal conflict
Lack of initiative _____________Passionism

18. The movie was fully booked. But the crowd sighed in disgust, what __________!
A. an exaggeration
C. a waste
B. an expensive one
D. a show
19. The manager told his workers, We have to reduce our workforce. What did he mean?

Workers are free to leave.

Workers have to double time on their jobs.
Workers are warned of a possible lay off.
Workers should submit themselves to a reducing gym.

20. The parent remarked, _________________ I come late, just lock the door.
A. in the event
B. in the interval

C. in the process
D. in the absence.

21. The copyreader found the news story boring. He found it full of ___________.
A. adjectives
B. verbs

C. pronouns
D. adverbs

22. There were three guests on stage. They were made up of a parent, the governor, and the principal.
Who should be acknowledged first by the valedictorian?
A. the classmates
B. verbs

C. the governor
D. the parent

23. Office hours are shortened by presidential proclamation when ____________.


there is danger to lives caused by flood, etc.

there is eminent famine
there is fire
there is an epidemic of flu

24. Terrorism has scared travelers. Travelers are warned by relatives through ______
A. advisory notes
C. text messages
B. telephone
D. telefax
26. After caring for a soldier for twenty years, he eventually turned traitor to the
flag _________________.
A. The case is impossible.
B. The case is paradoxical.

C. The case is normal.

D. The case is tragic.

27. Barangay elections are set for July. Who will be deprived to vote?

Those who are underage.

Those attending classes in Manila.
Those who failed to registered
Those who are residents of other places.

28. An adopted girl eloped with a foreigner. Imagine the utterance of the mother as
A. Irresponsible indeed.
B. What a shame.

C. How did I fail?

D. Thank God, Im free.

29. What is implied about the place of our country in technology?

A. Filipinos have to learn more from Singapore.
B. Filipinos score behind in computers.
C. Filipinos are abreast in I.T. with India.
D. Filipinos are at par with any country in I.T.
30. Arrange these phrases to make good sentence.

into a dark street

who escorted her home
although a stranger
she followed the man

The best arrangement is:

A. 3,4,2,1
B. 1,4,2,3

C. 3,2,1,4
D. 1,2,3,3

31. A child screamed. I lost my pencil. Who _________?


is the thief among us

dared touch my things
stole it again
made a mistake and picked my pencil

32. Some media personalities are charged of corruption. They are charged as _________.
A. envelop mentalist
B. chargers

C. fixers
D. commissioners

33. Loss of qualified teachers going abroad is one type of ______________.

A. Employment
B. brain drain

C. unemployment
D. migration

34. New edifice in Intramuros are protested against as a _____________

A. desecration of national shrines
B. disgrace

C. desecration of national heroes

D. destruction of historical landmark

35. Every June, Manila has its festival of outstanding Filipino films. This was a project initiated by
A. Gat. Lacson.
B. Gat. Atienza

C. Gat. Villegas
D. Gat. Lim

36. A father refused revenge when he uttered


Dont take the law into your hands.

An eye for an eye.
Justice is always delayed.
Thats murder.

37. One who hires a PR man really wants _______________.


a correction of wrong perceptions

a damage control
a build-up of his people
a projection of his image

38. The teacher called the attention of the class on inflections in speech. Which gives the final low
A. a dash
C. a question
B. a semicolon
D. a comma
39. A fire alarm was rung. How many classes exit properly? What is heard from the principal?

keep cool. Get down quietly

Get in touch with your parents, fast.
Leave your things. March down the stair briskly.
Dismiss your classes.

40. During army conscription, the candidates should be

A. physically fit
B. a converted citizen

C. a citizen
D. mentally and physically fit

41. President Ramos Magsaysay was chanted a song _________

A. For Whom the Bell Tolls
B. For Democracy Will Die

C. To Whom It May Deserve

D. For All Must Die

42. During conferences one rule on cell phone holders is:

A. allow your cell phone to vibrate C. shut off your call phones
B. answer any call anytime
D. switch your cell unit to silent
43. When a leader is succeeded by another leader, the former is referred to
as the _________________.
A. replaced
B. elected

C. deposed
D. dethroned

44. Quemadas poem says

On the street of this position of Gods world I feel a neighbor to a rat, so brother to a worm;
Forever chasing rainbows at muddy margins.
A. Life can be so fruitful
B. Life is not worth living.

C. Life is empty and meaningless.

D. Life is full of challenges.

45. Young go to glitters and gold. This means the students are
A. selfish
B. thrifty

C. self-conscious
D. self-directed

46. Watch how Moby Dick is treated in:


Whaling is not truly structured.

Whales are ordinary creatures.
A whale is a wild mammal that haunts mariners.
Whaling is an old hobby.

47. Tiempo further says:

The modern heroes are understandable products of one literary heritage and the
present world. Heroes of the present are prototypes of the society in which they

Literature has heroes who represent the people, race and times.
Modern society affects the modern heroes of literature.
Modern heroes embody values of their society.
Modern and classical, heroes are alike.

48. Edith Tiempo tells of a hero;

In classical times the tragic hero was a good man nobly endowed by lineal heritage, and by
nature is ranked as well as in character, a flaw stands out in raw relief by the singleness and
which ultimately causes his downfall.

Classical heroes are never failures in life.

The heros eventually fall is caused by the heritage of stature.
The flaws of heroes start from his original goodness.
The hero consistently stands on top.

49. Jose Garcia Villa experimented on the use of form.


His poems followed a centipede or a bird.

His poem followed a structure.
His poems were of romantic tones.
His poems disregarded substance.

50. The President ordered a four-day office in a week. Which schedule is followed?
A. 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM
B. 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

C. 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
D. 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM

51. History never cited a leaderless nation. This means _______________.


nation can survive leaderless

a leader can fade away but another comes up
a leader is always born
historical events are matched with leaders

52. The report from congress registered rejected on the proposed bill. This means___________
A. some changed parties
B. some favored leadership

C. some proved their lack of cooperation

D. the majority failed to get the group support
53. How is life portrayed in these lines?
Life is but a walking shadow, a pun player that struts and frets.And is heard no more.
A. Life is passing
B. Life goes by stages

C. There is eternity
D. Life has its end.

54. Ang kagawaran ng pang-ibang bansa ay gulong-gulo kapag may giyera sa ibang bansa. Ano ang
unang ginagampanan ng Ambassador sa Kuwait?

Alamin ang mga tirahan ng mga Pilipino sa baying iyon.

Ipunin ang mga maykaya at ipalipad pauwi.
Bayaang ,magsipag-uwian sa sariling sikap ang bawat isa.
Bilangin ang mga lalake.

55. Nang Pumutok ang Bulkang Mayon, ang mga taoy ___________ sa ibang bayan.
A. Nagsipaghanda
B. Nagsipagtago

C. nagsilikas
D. nagsipagtakbo

56. May naaksidenteng limang taong bata sa lansangan. Sino ang unang sisihin sa pangyayari

ang sasakyan na walang preno.

Ang pabayang magulang
Ang pulis na wala sa kanto
Ang tsuper na mabilis magpatakbo

57. Noong kaarawan ng Pangulong Arroyo, ano ang ginawa ng mga sasakyan?
A. nakipag-ugnay sa MMDA
B. nagsi-aklas

C. nagbara sa daan
D. nagbigay ng libreng sakay

58. Anong hukuman ang siyang _________ ng kasong kurapsyon.

A. Court of Appeals manglilitis
B. Ombudsman

C. Sandigang Bayan - naglilitis

D. Korte Suprema maglilitis

59. Ano ang ginawa sa Kuwait kung araw ng kalayaan?


Nagpupugay sa bandila at nag-aalay ng bulaklak sa mga bayani.

Nagsisipag-talatastasan ng kahulugan ng araw.
Nagsisipag-awit at sayaw.
Nagwawagayway ng bandila.

Akoy nangangakong matatapos sa isang karera. Siyay kasama sa _______


ospital sa panganganak ng asawa

gusting magsuot ng toga isang araw
isang rally sa EDSA
siyay hawak ang malamig na bakal

61. Nagulat ang mga Amerikano noong ___________ ang mga Hapon sa Pearl Harbor.
A. Dadating
B. Magsidating

C. nagsidating
D. dumating

62. Ano ang isang bagay na di dapat kasangkutan ng isang kagawad ng gobyerno?

Magtrabaho habang may sahod

Dapat mamahagi ng pera sa isang kandidato.
Di dapat mamulitika.
Dapat magsikap yumaman.

63. Kung minsan ang mga Asiano ay nagkakaintindihan. Alin ang mas malapit na wika sa
A. Japan
B. Malaysia

C. Latin
D. Intsik

64. Ang sarzuela noong panahon ng Kastila ay dinadaan sa


pamamagitan ng latin at Kastila

pamamagitan ng halong Tagalog at Kastila
pamamagitan ng Kastila
pamamagitan ng salita sa isang bayan

65. May isang professor sa chemistry ang ibig na matuto ang mag-aaral sa pamamagitan ng
pagtuturo sa Pilipino. Ano ang pinaka ang-kapuna-puna sa klase niya?

Ang salitang teknikal ay kanyang binago.

Ang salitang teknikal ay kanyang ginamit.
Lahat ay Pilipino.
Taglish ang pagtuturo niya.

66. Maraminguri ng Pilipino ang nakatanggap-tanggap ay ang __________________


ayon sa panitikan.
puno ng salitang hiram
ang tuwirang Pilipino sa kabuuang wika

67. . Alin ang ginawa kung Biyernes Santo?

A. Pitong pangunahing salita
B. Sampung utos ng Diyos

C. Sinakulo
D. pasyon sa bayan

68. Ang manggagawa ay di sang-ayon sa maliit na pagtaas ng sahod. Alin ang ginawa nilang
A. Nagsipag-aklas sa trabaho
B. Di pumasok

C. Sumulat ny open letter

D. Sinabotahe ang tanggapan

69. Ang laki sa layaw, karaniwang hubad. Ayon kay Balagtas kaya
A. ang mga bata nakapagtapos sa pag-aaral
B. ang mga bata ay lagging magagalang
C. ang babae ay di nag-aartista
D. ang maga bata di sumusunod sa magulang
70. Alam niya ang lahat ngunit di niya ginawa ang sabi niya
A. Padre Damaso
B. Paciano

C. Pilosopo Tasyo
D. Maria Clara

71. Sa isang kanto may babala:

Hiwalayin ang natutunaw at di natutunaw na basura. Alin ditto ang tama?
A. May pera sa basura.
B. Isang lalagyan para sa lahat.

C. hatinggabi
D. madaling araw

72. Laging naaalala aang wika ni Rizal na mamamatay siya sa ________________

A. bukang-liwayway
B. takip-silim

C. hatinggabi
D. madaling araw

73. Darating ka ba? Talaga ba? tanong ng isang kasintahan. Alin kaya ang wastong sagot?
A. Bakit makulit ka?
B. Oo, mag-antay ka lang.

C. Oo naman.
D. Di ka ba naniniwala? Basata.

74. Ang hiling ng namatay na artista ay siyay ilibing sa takip-silim. Anong oras iyon?

madaling araw
sa pagitan ng alas-singko at ala-sais ng hapon
ika-anim ng umaga
ika-walo ng gabi

75. Nabigo siya sa kanyang pangarap, ngayon siyay

A. Palikaw
B. di nakikinig sa lahat

C. nasa lansangan
D. basing sisiw

76. Bago ako sumunod, ikaw na muna, ang tugon ng isang kagawad. Itoy
A. pagbabala ng isang welga
C. pagkutya sa lider
B. tugon ng walang tiwala
D. isang halimbawa ng tamad
77. Ang karapatan mo, ipaglaban mo. Ano ang ibig sabihin nito?
A. Ipagtanggol ka ng abogado
B. Alamin mo ang mga karapatang pantao.
C. Alamin mo ang karapatan ng Amerikano
D. Tawagin mo ang pulis.

Si. M. H. del Pilar ay tagasunod ni Rizal sa larangan ng ______________.

A. Panggagamot
B. Baril

C. simbahan
D. pagsusulat

79. Sa ika-30 ng Agosto ay isang piyesta opisyal at walang pasok sa lahat ng antas
kaya _______________.

ang papasok ay babayaran ng matino

ang papasok tataas ang suweldo
ang papasok ay itataas ang ranggo
ang di pumasok kakaltasan ng suweldo

80. Si Ninoy Aquino ay bumalik sa Pilipinas. Ayon sa kanya.


di dapat buhayin ang mga Pilipino

ang kamatayan ko para sa pamilya lang
dapat bang magpakamatay dahil lang sa Pilipino
ang lahing Pilipino higit sa lahat ay dapat ipaglaban hanggang kamatayan

80.Itoy bunga ng aking pawis, sabi ni Gina. Ano ang mensahe niya?

Nagtiyaga siya makapagpundar ng gamit

Nagpakabait siya.
Nagsarili siya ng hanapbuhay
Pinapawisan siya sa Gawain.

81. Give the value of N in 26 2/8 + 22 = N


-48 2\3

B. 49 4\6

C. 48 1/3

D. 48 2/18

82. A playground occupied 1/5 of an empty field for basketball and baseball areas.
The whole land is 1.5 hectares. How many square meters were left?


B. 11,000

C. 12,000

D. 13,000

83. A farmer owned 302 hectares. He planted 1/3 of the area to coconuts. The rest
were converted to mango and other fruits. Give the numbers of hectare used for
mango and other fruit trees.
K. 203.3 ha
L. 202 ha

C. 204 ha
D. 201.33 ha

84. There are two pieces of cloth with 84/10 and 25 2/5 meters in length. Give the
total length of the cloth.
M. 32 4/5 meters
N. 32 3/5 meters

C. 32 7/10 meters
D. 32 1/5 meters

85. What is the LCM of this set of numbers (4,5,10)?

O. 4

B. 20

C. 10

D. 8

C. 510

D. 51

86. Give the product of 102 multiplied y 0.05.



B. 5.1

87. Give the LCM of this set of numbers (24,12,16)?

Q. 96

B. 384

C. 98

D. 192

88. There were 500 houses sold by a subdivision owner. Each recipient occupied 80
square meters each. How big was the whole area?
R. 4 ha
S. 14 ha

C. 10 ha
D. 5 ha.

89. Which of these numbers is divisible by 8?

T. 300
U. 900

C. 400

90. Mr. Rich has a total asset of P 3.1 billion. He gave Jay P 240 million, and Rico
P 1.2 billion. How much will the only daughter receive?
V. P17 billion
W. P 1.660 billion

C. P 80 million
D. P 1.7 billion

91. A father died leaving 56 hectares. He had five children. What is the mothers
share when divided by court?
X. 4.6 ha
Y. 5.6 ha

C. .28 ha
D. 9.33 ha

92. Which is not a leap year in set ?

Z. 2002


C. 2004

D. 2008

93. In Australia each flock has 40 heads. There are a total of 2,800heads. How many
flocks will the farm have?
AA. 70

B. 100

C. 40

D. 60

94. Give the ratio of the 18 officers to the 12 insurgents.

AB. 2:5

B. 3:5

C. 2:3

D. 3:2

95. Which of these are parts of equivalent ratios?

A. 16:28 and 36:63
B. 16:24 and 10:15

C. 27:45 and 48:72

D. 4:10 and 16:45

96. If women were grouped by decades and ages, where will Mrs. Go of 87 years
A. 7

B. 8

C. 6

D. 9

97. Pedro spent P48,000 for 3 sides of his fence. How much will the remaining fence
A. P16,000 B. P22,000

C. 20,000

D. 15,000

98. Give the final percentage rate of commission gained by Johnny. He sold an engine
for P258,000. His commission was P37,520 minus P5,300 for transportation
A. 14.13% B. 12.48%

C. 14.54%

D. 12.05%

99. The price of glassware was P160.00 a set. After a day the price was raised
by 10%. What was the final cost of the glassware?
A. P176.00 B. 196.00

C. 166.00

D. 276.00

100. If 47.5% of the 1,000 freshmen are girls, then the number of boys
A. 50% greater than the girls C. not ascertained from the given
B. 875 all together
D. 25% greater than the girls
101. Write the ratio to the lowest term for 4 hours to 30 minutes.
A. 30:40
B. 4:2

C. 2:30
D. 4:30

102. The youth is considered 55% of the voting population. Marikina has 1.360
million voters. How many voters are the youth?
A. 768,000
B. 750,000

C. 788,000
D. 748,000

103. Cementing of roads are being done in some areas. One barangay has 2 lanes
with 7 by 200 meters long. What is the total area to be cemented?
A. 9,000 sq.m.
B. 14,000 sq.m.

C. 1,500 sq.m.
D. 1,800 sq.m.

104. Pastor irrigated 2 hectares of his rice field. But this only 1/5 of the whole area
Give the whole area of Pastors land.
A. 10 ha

B. 20 ha C. 24 ha D. 11 ha

105. What prize will each receive from a first prize of 45,000,000? There were 15
recipients of the jackpot.
A. 2,500,000.00
B. 3,000,000.00

C. 3,100,000.00
D. 45,000.00

106. Ms. Yan tiled her new kitchen. Area is 3.5 meters by 2.8 meters. How many
square meters will be tiled?
A. 10.8 sq.m.
C. 98 sq.m.
B. 108 sq.m.
D. 9.8 sq.m.
107. What is the area of the wall that covered the family in Marikia? After the
recovery the men found the height of the wall at 6 meters with a width of
of 12 meters. Determine the area of the fallen wall.
A. 102 sq.m.
B. 72 sq.m.

C. 720 sq.m.
D. 92 sq.m.

108. How many feet of continuous paper will you print an 81-paged report in
duplicate? One page is 8 inches in length. How many feet would you need of the
continuous paper?
A. 142 ft.

B. 172 ft.

C. 152 ft.

D. 162 ft.

109. Ana is packing her things bought in Singapore. She needs a box good for
75 cu.in. Which could answer her need?
A. 4x4x4 inches
B. 3x6x7 inches

C. 3x6x5 inches
D. 3x5x5 inches

110. How many cubic meters of sand will be required to fill a reclamation area
of 6 hectares with 1.5 meters depth?
A. 90,900 cubic meter
B. 90,000 cubic meter

C. 110,000 cubic meter

D. 100,000 cubic meter

111. A patient weighs 160 lbs. He needs medicine of 0.03 cc a day. How many
ccs are required for 6 days?
A. 26.8 cc

B. 25 cc C. 26.4cc

D. 28.8 cc

112. Cecil weighs 84 kilos. How will she weigh in pounds?

A. 184.4 lbs
B. 188.4 lbs

C. 189.5 lbs
D. 180.4 lbs

113. Rain fell on Sunday and the reading was 2.4 cm. On Monday it read 5.2 cm.
How much rain fell on Monday night?
A. 3.8 cm

B. 4.5 cm

C. 2.8 cm

D. 4.8 cm

114. There are 3 layers of eggs sold at 2.28 each. If a whole seller gets 5% discount,
how much will be paid for all?
A. P 78.22

B. P77.98

C. 92.00 D. 82.08

115. Write in simple form (3ab)2

A. 3a3b3 B. 9a2b2 C. 3a2b

D. 27a2b

116. Gloria deposited P600 at 8% compounded annual interest for 4 years. What is
the total amount?
A. P2,162.93
B. P7,558.27

C. P1,558.27
D. P8,162.93

The Volume of a larger rectangular box is 3 times the volume of a smaller

rectangular box. What is the volume of X?
A. 2

B. 5

C. 3

D. 4

118. Divide (x2-9)-(2x+6)

A. 4(x-3)

B. 4(x+9)

C. 4(x-9)

D. 4(x+3)

119. Simplify x2 (3y2)

xy 2y
B. 3 2

B. Y

C. Y

D. 3x

120. Solve for x=6x-1 = 2x

A. 1/10


C. -1/10

D. -1/2

121. Rivers in Metro Manila are the identified causes if heavy flood. Authorities
account this to
A. waste burning in home yards
B. waste dumping on river banks

C. waste classification
D. waste incineration

122. Piggery farms affected by FMD are prohibited from


castrating their piglets

isolating their piglets
butchering their pigs in the market
mating their sows when in heat.

123. Mining in Mt. Dumalwal was stopped by DENR and the court. What was
the reason?

water was found polluted by mercury

water is reduced by mining
permits were not issued to miners
some miners were rich

124. Earth day is celebrated on April 22 every year. Historically, this day took off in
the Philippines in the
A. 1960s
B. 1950s

C. 1940s
D. 1970s

125. The man could not be convinced by the findings on the fallen bridge. To be
sure he advised verification through
A. objectively
B. critical analysis

C. curiosity
D. rationally

126. Waste from the kitchen is considered useful if properly separated. How are
these classified?
A. non-biodegradable
B. biodegradable

C. metallic recesses
D. muscular system

127. Beef from Europe was banned for some time. The disease caused by these
contaminated meat is reported to affect.
A. brain function
B. eyesight

C. blood circulation
D. muscular system

128. The professionals who handle animal diseases are known as

A. veterinarians
B. doctors of cattle

C. animal husbandry
D. doctors of medicine

129. The Philippine Air Force took off to scatter salt to the existing clouds. This
was an attempt to

encourage earthquake occurrences

produce rain over dry fields
drive the clouds further to the sea
avoid water evaporation

130. Dengue affected patients are easily identified through


high fever with rashes in 2-3 days

presence of mucous in the nostrils
presence of red spots in the arms and other body parts
presence of black spots around the eyes

131. The Bureau of Fisheries has discovered ways to control the sex of different fish
varieties. They succeeded best in
A. tilapia
B. carp

C. talakitok
D. milkfish or bangus

132. Agriculturists advise farmers during the presence of El Nio to raise

A. more roots crops
B. more corn crops

C. more rice crops

D. more leafy vegetables

133. There were people considered scientifically conscious and advanced.

They were
A. Greeks and Chinese
B. Egyptians and Greeks

C. Babylonians and Egyptians

D. Babylonians and Greeks

134. Dengue fever has caused death to many children and adults. All these are
traced to
A. poor disposal of waste
B. poor hoarding of water in tanks
C. poor maintenance of home compost pits
D. poor ventilation
135. Very lately the WHO gave warning on the recurrence of _______________.
A. TB in Malaysia
B. Cholera in Asia

C. Malaria in the Philippines

D. Anthrax in Mindanao

136. The public school children upon entering grade one were found suffering
greatly of
A. kidney trouble
B. tuberculosis

C. eye disease
D. dental cavities

137. During the bombing of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the
word saw the events at once. This is accountable to
A. light waves
C. technological communication
B. digital exposure
D. radio waves
138. Ms. Cruz has a rare collection of orchids. She applied jelly on her orchids
leaves. Soon the orchid slowly witted because
A. the leaves were shiny because of jelly
B. the stomata in the leaves were covered
C. the jelly consumed the heat.
D. The leaves were made hot by the jelly
139. The DENR are strict on giving permits to miners and other land users. What is
secured to be able to establish a factory?
A. Electrogram
B. license to operate

C. license to cut trees

D. environmental control compliance

140. Flood has devastated Mindanao and many other provinces. This root cause is
traced to
A. wanton destruction of gold mines
B. conversion of agricultural land to subdivisions
C. wanton cutting of forest trees
D. using wood for fuel
141. The menace of AIDS does not exclude children. How are mothers infected with
AIDS handled by the Department of Health? They are __________
A. given fertility pills
B. monitored closely in clinic

C. made to marry young

D. ligated early

142. The Philippines has lost its fish breeding places. The destruction is found
most in
A.. shellfish destruction
C. mountain side shores
B. mangrove destruction
D. deep sea areas
143. Fertilizers are encouraged in farming, however what is the best step before
applying any fertilizer? That is through _______________.
A. soil analysis
B. mineral analysis

C. water content analysis

D. soil thickness measurement

144. The health Department went on a zero campaign among babies and children
from 3 months to 10 years. This was done to
A. stop the spread of polio
B. reduce typhoid fever

C. reduce occurrence of cancer

D. counteract tuberculosis

145. There was a recent epidemic among cows in Europe. The Philippines took
preventive measures against mad cows through
A. vaccination of cows
B. banned importation cows

C. meat inspection
D. exporting beef to Europe

146. Very recently several monkey farms were closed and their pets destroyed. The
monkeys were found infected with
A. blood disease
B. tetanus
D. rabies
147. Fish farmers abound for live fish brought to market. Which of these varieties
demand oxygen care?
A. crabs
B. bangus
C. sapsap
148. People are discouraged in burning their garbage. This has been destructive to
A. neighbors health
B. plants around

C. birds in the area

D. the ozone layer

149. Several hog farms were affected by the foot and mouth disease. Visitors who
entered the piggery sites are
A. made of use gowns and caps
B. pork are given free

C. vaccinated without AMF

D. made to step and disinfectants

150. Children are discouraged to play in floodwater since


feces of cockroaches are floating

feces and urine of animals abound
urine of rats are contagious
urine of people are around

151. During wars, what is most dreaded by nations?

A. biological war
B. Anthrax

C. atomic bomb
D. hydrogen bomb

152. Mothers sick with diabetes are usually found to be fond of

A. candies

B. crabs

C. tamarind

153. The Philippines and other nations health are well ministered by an
organization.Which is mentioned for this?
B. World Health Organization

C. United Arabs
D. United Nations

D. meat

D. lapulapu

154. The Supreme Court approved a bidding to dispose of waste legally. The
opposition was against it because of ______________.
A. burying waste
B. biodegradable segregation

C. incineration of waste
D. separating plastic and paper

155. Chicken pox usually occurs in August. At what stage is it very contagious?
A. when wounds are peeling off? C. when all wounds have disappeared
B. When wounds have swollen D. during the first week
156. The school physician diagnosed children in inner towns suffering from night
blindness. He prescribes the taking in of.
A. vitamin C
C. potassium
B. iron sulfate
D. vitamin B12
157. Cleaning of school premises is part of school cleanliness. What is the best time
to conduct ground improvement?
A. 7:15 AM
B. 3:30 PM
C. 5:10 PM
C. 9:20 AM
158. Julias mother has German measles when she was carrying Julia in her womb.
Which of these physical appearances shows the effect on the child?
A. Blindness
C. retardation in speech
B. defective sight
D. defective hearing
159. In order not lose the mothers teeth what is included in their diet
A. iron
C. carbohydrates
B. fat
D. vitamins
160. During class in gardening one boy was bitten by a snake. What is the best first
A. tie a band around the wound
B. wash the wound with soap and water
C. pound garlic and spread it over the wound
D. tie band above the bite
161. A child saw an incident of killing in school. The authorities could not compel
the child to go to court What should be present to allow the child to testify?

Consent of the trying judge

Consent of the school principal
Consent of the classroom teacher
Consent of the parent to testify and participate

162. The government wants a piece of private land for a government project. The
owner resisted the governments demand. How may a government own the
A. right of eminent domain
C. right of habeas corpus
B. right of government ownership D. right of sovereign over the governed
163. A radio station was padlocked after a midnight broadcast. The operator accused
the authorities of

suppression of the right to express ones views

suppression of the freedom of religion
suppression of rights to justice
suppression of the freedom of speech

164. A man served his sentence for 8 years, although he was sentenced 20 years
imprisonment. What did the man enjoy?
A. a commutation of years
B. a pardon

C. total freedom
D. a parole

165. A family built is house in an inner piece of land. He was not allowed to go
through a neighbors yard. He was accused of trespassing private property. The
law allow such passage.
166. A child after birth has a right to a name
A. a right for just treatment
B. a right for survival
C. a right to suffrage
D. a right to his identity
167. Mr. Son was born as a Chinese national. He wants to run as a congressman. He
was naturalized at age 18. Can he run for a congressman
a. Yes, because he was a naturalized citizen.
b. Yes, because he is a citizen.
c. No, because a naturalized citizen cant run for congress.
d. No, because his parents are already citizens.
168. A child was born before the marriage of one. Now, he demands for a share of
his inheritance. How will he be classified?
A. natural born
B. adopted child

C. illegitimate child
D. Legitimate child

169. There are military confrontations in some parts of the Philippines. How does
the government address the situations?

declare cease fire

declare amnesty for all
negotiate with representatives of both panels
declare war zones

170. The Philippines prides itself as the first presiding officers of the United Nations.Who was
the personality?
A. General Romulo
B. Ambassador Elizalde

C. Ambassador Maceda
D. General Yan

171. In order to avoid conflict with China what does the Philippines involve in terms of Pratley
A. Laws on territorial boundaries
B. Laws on sea limits

C. Territorial Supremacy
D. Laws on immigration

172. Under what conditions are American forces admitted to the Philippines conflictareas?
A. visiting training force
B. economic support forces

C. advance force
D. recovery teams

173. Why are barangay chairman assigned to settles barangay cases?

A. They know all the residents.
B. They are competent judges.

C. They have training.

D. They have biases.

174. Who registered gladness and peace because of the access to education in
the Afghanistan War?
A. children
B. widows

C. women
D. war heroes

175. A fish dealer received a truckload of fish. He found some not marketable. What do you
think was his decision?

cook the spoiled fish and distribute it to neighbors

choose the good ones and eliminate the spoiled ones
sell the whole load
color the fish and display once again

176. A maid is continuously molested by the son of a rich landlord. What must the
landlord do to protect the maid?
A. terminate the services of the maid C. report the case to the policeman
B. warn the son of his acts
D. lock the maid in her room
177. The son of a principal wants to be the valedictorian of a class. What should the
the principal do to avoid criticism?

Assist the son in his class preparation and participation in school activities.
Transfer the brighter student to a lower section.
Call the rivals and give a stern warning.
Confront the teachers on the sons grade.

178. Jose Rizal faced the firing squad in Bagumbayan. This is a true practice of
A. Cowardice
B. Espionage

C. patriotism
D. treachery

179. A subordinate could not take the insults his superior does on him daily. What does this
relationship indicate?

subordinates feelings are valueless

subordinates should be taken as slaves
the value of respect for another is prevailing
superiors are superior

180. A cabinet secretary has a child to another woman. He appoints this child as an office clerk.
What does he violate by such act?
A. Favoritism

B. bigamy

C. nepotism

D. careerism

181. Cooperatives are very helpful to farmers especially in irrigation of rice fields. This is
evident when

members are accountable for their fellow members credit lines

members pay their dues after three harvests
members take turn in getting water ration
non-members are deprived of water

182. When the good bought are less than the usual volume from a certain amount. There is a
A. Inflation
B. economic crisis

C. artificial money hoarding

D. recession

183. The world market has enjoyed entrance of goods in all countries. As far as meat is

farmers meat are not saleable

farmers are competitive
farmers setback is so great to recover
farmers thrive because of cooperatives

184. Very lately, Philippine mangroves are exported to Australia, but a new country has
produced more quality mangoes and mango products. This is in
A. Singapore
B. Indonesia

C. Korea
D. Thailand

185. New techniques in food production are learned through

A. television modules
B. barangay forum

C. editorial and cartoons

D. radio comments

186. Free trade means ___________.


level of taxing is mutual between countries

goods are all imported
goods come in untaxed
government restricts entry of identified goods

187. Observation has been made that big loans that are hardly paid come from
A. World Banks
B. Union Banks

C. Central Banks
D. Japanese banks

188. The governments approach to avoid low prices of products during harvest is through

organizing cooperatives among farmers

putting up bonded warehouse
giving business capital to farmers
exchange of products

189. Chinese traders taught early Filipinos the value of honesty. They did ________.

they allowed traders to issue postdated check

through lending money at a high percentage
they left goods for barter and required receipts
they demanded deposits for good purchased

190. Many observe that ________________.


rich countries abuse their power

countries that are economically stable are greedy
countries with no economic problems become world leaders
countries with poor economy are subservient to the rich

191. Democracy recognizes the equality of men and women. Name a country where
women are not afforded higher education.
A. Argentina
B. Pakistan

C. United States
D. Palestine

192. Squatters according to law cannot be ejected for their present places of
residence unless

there is livelihood in the relocation place

they are paid for their old houses
they are assured a place to go
they are given disturbance fees

193. What has made world business fast?

A. radio network
B. news print

C. modern technology
D. computers

194. What is the nearest Asian language to Filipino?

A. British English
B. Chinese, Mandarin

C. Malaysia, Bahasa
D. Japanese, Nipongo

195. Philippine economy is measured through ____________________

A. borrowing rates
B. the rise and fall of dollar exchange rates
C. inflation rates
D. lending rates

196. Trade is fast when the _________________.


figure explain products

translation of labels are done well
language used is well understood
illustration are used in the labels

197. Which group is identified with common aspirations? They are

A. ethnic groups
B. alien forces

C. natives
D. foreign investors

198. The housing program for all these years did not succeed because

squatters are spoiled by politicians

squatters sell their allotted houses to merchants
squatters return to the squatters
squatting is a form of livelihood

199. What has solved the caste and social strata system in the Philippines society?
A. schools in every barangay
B. barangay empowerment

C. schools for handicapped

D. barangay high schools opened

200. Arabian dignitaries have a way of greeting friends. This is through _________.
A. Hand grip
B. Embrace

C. polar to palm
D. handshake