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1) Write How many/ How much into the blanks and answer the questions.

(5x2=10 Points)
- _______________ children do your parents have? (23) ______________________________________
- _______________ armchairs are there in your living-room? (4) _______________________________________
- _______________ sugar does Susan need for the cake? (a kilo of sugar) ________________________________________
- _______________ books are there in your beg? (6) ________________________________________
- _______________ honey is there in the fridge? (any) _________________________________________

2) Fill in the blanks about family members using given chart. (10x1=10 Points)
Hi! My name is Kaan. My ____________
name is Ercan.
My ____________ name is Tolga. Melda is
my _____________.
rem is my____________ and she is
my grandmothers ____________.
rem and Melih have got one ____________.
Her name is Gnce and
she is my ____________. Ercan is rems
____________. Ece is my
____________. Ece is Meldas ____________. This is my family

3) Write sentences using the chart (6x2=12 Points)

driving car










- aziye __________________________ cooking.

- Mary ___________________________ ayran.

- Burhan __________________________ hamburger.

- Gary ____________________________ skiing.

- I _______________________________ driving car.

- Suzan ___________________________ ice-cream.

4) Answer the questions about telling the time and date. (5x2=10 Points)
- 18.06.2009: ___________________________

- 27.11.1998: _______________________________

- 18.00: ________________________________

- 23.43: ___________________________________

- 09.10: ________________________________

5) Write in on at into the blanks. (5x2=10 Points)

- The Conquer of stanbul is _____ May, 29 _____ 1453.
- The Invention of printing press is _____ 1455.
- My favourite TV program is _____ 20.30 _____ Friday.
- The New Year party is _____ 19.00 _____ Saturday.
- My best friends birthday is _____ March, 12.

6) Write the Turkish meanings of these adjectives. (10x1=10 Points)

- narrow:

- public:

- sociable:

- imaginative:

- fast:

- deep:

- high:

- cheerful:

- well-behaved:

- huge:

7) Write sentences according to the pictures. Use can cant. (5x2=10 Points)
kran __________________________.
Mert _________________________.

A baby ________________________.
Driye _________________________.

Hsn _________________________.
8) Write the appropriate prepositions into the blanks. (5x2=10 Points)
The ball is ____________ the box.
The table is ____________ room.

Murat is ____________ the car.

The ball is __________ the box.
The ball is __________ the box.

9) Answer these

questions according to the text. (9x2=18 Points)

Hi! My names Elisha. Im a hairdresser. Im tall and thin with long, straight, blond hair. I have
got one brother and one sister. My father is a doctor and my mother doesnt work. I live in a small
house near the city center. I get up at 7:00. I take a shower. Then, I have my breakfast at 7:15. I dont
have a very big breakfast. I never drink coffee. After I make up, I get dressed and leave home at 7:30. I
go to my hairdressing salon by bus. It is a bit far from my home. I arrive there at 8:00. I start working
at 8:30. I have my lunch at a restaurant near my salon. I usually eat fried chicken for lunch and drink
mineral water. I close my salon at 20:00. I always have a very busy day. But, Im free on Sundays. I
meet with my friends. We generally go to cafe and talk about our routines. My friend Sally and I
frequently go shopping. She is crazy about shopping. She likes buying new things. I rarely watch TV
at home. I usually go to the cinema with my friends. I love romantic movies but I dont like horror
movies. I like reading book in the evenings. I generally go to bed at 23:00. This is my day...

a) What does Elisha do?


b) What is Elisha like?


c) What time does Elisha go to bed?


d) How does Elisha go to her salon?


e) How often does Elisha go to the cinema?


f) When does Elisha like reading book?


g) How often do Elisha and Sally go shopping?


h) Where does Elisha have her lunch?


i) Does Elisha like horror movies?