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the questions in English without using the dictionary guess first/confirm later!

Match the type of sushi (English/Japanese) no dictionaries! You can use the pictures!

Salmon Roe, Octopus, Sea Urchin, Shrimp, Octopus, Squid, Arch Shell, Salt Water Eel,
Tuna, Scallop, Bream

Based upon the picture instructions (and not using a dictionary at first) what do the
following mean?

The type of original sushi described is not like todays sushi how is it different?
(prepared differently?)

When was the Edo period?

What did the Japanese add to the sushi mix?

Based on the pictures what is a

Where/when did the come about?

What does mean how does the Kanji fit the meaning?

What does mean?

How would we say gram, cc and cup in Katakana?

What do you put in sushi rice?

According to the text, what are the common ingredients of Temaki and Norimaki sushi??



With your partner construct a 10 question quiz about sushi using the sections that you read
today. You will be asking/answering in Japanese.

You will challenge other teams but you will read your questions so they should not be
long/complicated. Answers must be easily found in the text and not based on the fine print
or knowledge of kanji. Your questions must not require dictionaries to understand they are
to be understood by your classmates.

You will hand in your questions/answers after the exercise so they should be constructed
carefully and checked for spelling and correct answers.

Not Meeting
Minimally Meets
Fully Meets
Words Used/How It Contains
May contain
is Put together
words/concepts not
vocabulary/structures understandable by
accessible by all
others dont

Difficult to find fine
May be difficult to
Answers are
print or kanji not read find or rely on kanji
accessible in the
by all. Not taken from not read by all. May
text read.
sections read
not be from sections
Incorrect answers
Answers may not all
Correct answers
be correct

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