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Tips for Second Year Medicine!

I made this for a friend in Section C, and decided since I spent a bit of time on it, that Id
share it with everyone na lang. I hope this will help you this coming school year. It's a bit
long, but not super comprehensive like the first year tips that someone posted a little
while ago. Sorry.
If in 1st year PTs outshined everyone in Anatomy, in 2nd year Med Tech and Nursing
grads will have it easier than the others.
You have 4 yearly subjects: Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathology, Medicine I and

I think this subject was hard for everyone, no matter what pre-med you came from you
are going to struggle. of course Pharma grads had it easier and some nurses knew some
of the drugs already, so yay for pharma and nursing grads!! Psych grads like me beware.
Befriend Pharma classmates! It helps if you have 1 or 2 in your group especially when
you have lab reports. The facis are merciless and usually your Pharma ka-subsec are
better equipped to save your group from low grades if they ask hard questions.
Do I need the book? Handouts? Smartnotes/supersubsec???? SAMPLEX?
I didn't use the book most of the time, since they give you handouts which followed the
lecture. This is where they got 90% of their questions. I've only used the book to
understand some topics, I think 5-7? I didn't even read the whole thing. I only read the
book because the handout didn't make sense and I fell asleep during the lecture. And to
be honest, I didn't have enough time to read it. But I suggest you read anyway, my
Pharma seatmate would read the book and shed get the highest grade in my subsec
may kasamang alay/tulog pa yun minsan. Samplex, 50%? It's a hit or miss, sometimes
they copy paste the same question (or a variation), sometimes bago siya. But study
samplexes because you want to see if youre prepared for the test and if youre studying
the right things. They should never replace your books/handouts. Unless nakatulog ka na
and may 4-5 tests ka pa mamaya and inalay mo na yung Pharma. :))
For post-lecture quizzes (50 points), they're going to give you 5-15 questions. MEANING if
you get 0/5 questions, you're going to get 0/50 and sometimes the facis grading these
papers want you to answer verbatim (like copy paste from their handout), be careful.
They don't like long answers either, brevity is the soul of wit, in Pharmacology. 100%
from handout and lecture yung questions for short quizzes.
For long quizzes (60 points, coming from 4-6 topics) and shiftings (100 points coming
from 8-12 topics). They get 90-95% from handout and lectures and 5-10% from the book.
To be honest you won't have time to cram reading the book at this point, so if you're
going to study the book, make sure you did that for the lecture beforehand. At the end of
each quiz, there is a prescription problem (it's fun!! 5 point siya) of course, the drug, the

dosage, the instructions (important parts) will comprise around 4 points, so parang all or
nothing din if you get it wrong from the start. Be careful. Pharmacology is hard, and is no
joke. Even if you study everything you might be surprised to get a low score. Studying for
it will be hard, sometimes the drug sound too weird and it's going to be hard to
remember their names/spelling, their indications, side effects, contraindications, etc. But
it's not impossible. What I did was make my own silly mnemonic. (Example: Busulfan, 1
side effect gynecomastia, BOOBSULFAN lalaki boobs, haha) Just study beforehand and
listen to your lecturers!

Ooops! Tama na muna basa boobear. :p I love you! :*

Because of my pre-med this was one of my banes during the start of the year. So I spent
more time on this subject compared to the other yearly subjects in my first sem. I did not
know what cocco meant (like what shape that would be), medyo fail. If you don't have
any background on this, I suggest you study to heart some basics.
Do I need the book? Handouts? Smartnotes/supersubsec???? SAMPLEX?
Book, yes! I think it helped me a lot. Walang handouts, the department has ppts for every
lecture, luckily SMARTNOTES has these ppts in word format, BUT sometimes (1) bago na
yung ppt lecture, (2) iba lecturer, (3) may bagong slides. So make sure to get a copy of
the ppts from your lecturers. Samplex, helpful! Especially during long exams. They're
going to ask the same kinds of questions, minsan may verbatim na tanong.
Multiple choice, true or false, for both longs and shiftings. (We didn't have post-lec
quizzes, I'm not sure if they'll do that for you guys!) It's do-able once you get a hang of it.
Lamunin mo yung supersubsec ok ka na. Finals FOR MY BATCH, case based, sobrang
mahirap may kasamang drugs yung test. Some of the questions we're impossible to
answer haha.
Practicals? There are some helpful reviewers out there, study those and you'll be fine.
MAKE SURE to ask the department what the coverage is of the practicals. Because my
section thought it was 5 topics, yun pala cover to cover (in other words we were having
surprise grand pracs 10 topics!). Sometimes they'll have projection pracs so the photos
might look different (galing google images?), or from your book. As long as you study,
you're ok. You only have 2 long exams, 1 shiftings, 1 practicals and some 10%? on lab
sheets, faci grade, attendance (alay wisely). Also, be nice to the lab technician and she'll
be nice to you. :))))

This subject is supposed to be "histology" but abnormal. It's not just that actually. It's
hard and it requires more thinking compared to Histology. To be honest at the end of the
year I still didnt have a hang of how they test you on this subject.
Do I need the book? Handouts? Smartnotes/supersubsec???? SAMPLEX?
You have two options for your book. Daddy Robbins (sobrang kapal, 1 chapter 30-50
pages, maliit yung font), Baby Robbins (this is a tiny book, imagine baby Netter-sized,
kulang, 1 chapter, 20 pages). My ka-subsec was the only one who exempted Patho finals
in my section, he read Daddy Robbins to heart, summarized it, made reviewers. You'll be
using a combination of smartnotes and supersubsec, during the lecture. There were
around 5? lectures that weren't in those two, so take photos/record. Samplex, uhhh 20%?
There are no post-lec quizzes like in Histo. You have 2 long quizzes, 1 shiftings, 1
practical (both microscope and projection). Quizzes and shiftings will come from lecture,
ppt, AND the book. Microscope pracs are do-able, if you were ok in Histo, may clues sa
side-questions. Read those first and sometimes you can answer what specimen that is
without looking at the microscope. Projection questions will be hard, they'll get photos
from wedpath, the book or the lecture, and the questions will be like those in your
longs/shiftings. As always, alay wisely.
Special exams: If you miss a quiz/shifting/practicals, theyre going to give you a cover to
cover 120 point exam after 5th shift. Soooo thats like double 5th shift. Try not to be
absent for your tests. Pathology for me was equally hard as Pharmacology, it was always
a struggle to get a good score despite studying hard. (Probably because I only read
Daddy Robbins 4-5 times.)

Medicine I
I think this is the most important subject of the year, and I think it has the most units
too? This is where you'll learn about specific diseases, their signs and symptoms, and
how your patient will explain how s/he experiences them. Medicine I will use your
knowledge in other subjects to understand topics for that day! It's fun. You'll get to have
history taking and physical exams with patients. Youll use the ultrasound machine more.
You get to study xrays. Your Nursing grad friends will be your bestfriends here.
Do I need the book? Handouts? Smartnotes/supersubsec???? SAMPLEX?
You need the book (Mosbys). The lecture will be in those Hello Kitty ones, so get a copy
of those. Sometimes the lecturer and ppt presentation will be new though. Samplex,
30%? As long as you study, youll be able to answer the questions.
Youre going to have 2 long exams and 1 shiftings. Theyll get questions from the
lecture/ppts, and the book. Practicals/OSCE are nerve wracking! Make sure you get
enough practice during Decury time with your facis so that you wont panic during your
OSCE. Just a heads up, Pulmo OSCE, Cardio OSCE and Grand OSCE (cover to cover pracs)

were one of the hardest. Each OSCE is around 50 points? There are 5-6 stations where
youll perform a part of the physical exam for an organ system (GI OSCE for example).

MPPRC stands for Medical-Pathological-Pharmacological-Radiological

Its like SCOFYL, but you have 4 panel facis, one for each subject and theyre going to
question everything youre saying. Pray that you get nice facis, that wont pull your grade
down. This is your first taste of Radio!
Do I need the book? Handouts? Smartnotes/supersubsec???? SAMPLEX?
No book, the class will be divided into 10 groups, and youll have 1 case per group for
each semester. In the first sem it will be a case given to you by your faci (theyll give you
the patient history and physical exam and you have to critique it [may kulang sa history,
which is important for the diagnosis], theyll ask you some hard questions, critique your
presentation, etc.), and in the second sem youll have a real patient for that case. Youll
be taking the patient history and physical exam (all of it). Good luck! Usually the first 3
groups will be clueless on how to approach this and make many mistakes and the facis
will use that as an example of what not to do for the next 7 groups.
You have 10-point post lec quizzes per case, every week. So listen to your classmates
when they present, and 1 shifting per sem, based on those cases. To be honest MPPRC
was one of my alay subjects during the 1st sem.
Now for Semestrals. For Section C and D, youll experience hell sem first, and section A
and B will have the more stress-free semester. Advise for C and D, do well on the first
sem, since your semestral subjects are harder and youll get information overload. For A
and B, dont be complacent, mag-ipon na kayo, so that when hell sem comes you wont
be too stressed. I posted a sample week in 1st sem vs 2nd sem here so that you know
what youre getting into.
First Semester (C and D): Behavioral Medicine I, Clinical Pathology, Neuroscience II,
Obstetrics I, Pediatrics I, Preventive Medicine II (Community Health II/Stat II/Occupational
Medicine II)
Second Semester (C and D): Clinical Epidemiology II (ew), Parasitology, Anesthesiology,
Surgery I, Ethics II

Behavioral Medicine I
Rote Memorization. For Psych grads, you have a little edge here.
Do I need the book? Handouts? Smartnotes/supersubsec???? SAMPLEX?
I didnt use the book, they get everything from the lecture. Smartnotes will have most of
the lectures. Samplex, a hit or miss, maybe 10-40%?
You have 2 long exams and 1 shifting exam per shift. Multiple choice, true or false, and
that A if #1 true, B if #1 is true question, minsan may identification! :)) Sometimes

because of class suspensions, you wont be able to take a quiz and when you have quiz
#2 for example kasabay yung quiz #1. Make-up exams will have identification-type
questions. Dont be absent, alay wisely!

Clinical Pathology
Basically Med Tech stuff. Urinalysis, Fecalysis, Bleeding time, etc. Usually, your Med Tech
ka-subsec will explain things better to you. This subject isnt very non-medtech friendly.
They expect you to understand everything as if youre an RMT. Rote Memorization,
madaming normal values. I found this subject very hard, I think my fellow psych grads
and even some of the nursing grads found it hard.
Do I need the book? Handouts? Smartnotes/supersubsec???? SAMPLEX?
I didnt buy a book. Smartnotes will have most of the lectures. But get a copy
nonetheless, its kulang din e. If youre medtech friends are willing, they could give you a
copy of this table of normal values which they used for boards. It helped me a lot. You
can also make your own table. Samplex, is helpful sometimes.
2 long exams, 1 shifting exam, 1 practical exam per shift, There are also lab sheets that
you have to submit at the end of the period. Be nice to the lab technicians. :)) Finals was
very hard, it was case based.

Neuroscience II
A bit harder than Neuroscience I. Sad to say that my section had to take an extra quiz
because our scores were all low in long quiz #2 (for the first sem), I think most of the
class didnt pass that quiz).
Do I need the book? Handouts? Smartnotes/supersubsec???? SAMPLEX?
Haines, is very hard to understand. But if you read it enough times, youll understand the
lecture better. I suggest you draw the pathways while reading the book. I guess this is
more for visual learners. You can survive with just the lecture notes and recordings of the
prof though. Some people from my section made some really good Neuroscience II
reviewers, you should study those too. Samplex was a bit helpful during the long exams,
but for shiftings and finals(!!) no.
2 long exams, 1 shiftings per shift. I dont think we had pracs?? If Neuroscience I was
hard for you, I think you should focus on this subject this year. Make sure to study
Neuroscience I beforehand, it helped me a lot. Especially for those who took
Neuroscience I in 1st sem in 1st year.

Obstetirics II
Information overload!!!!!!! There are a lot of things to memorize here, measurements,
dates, computations, drugs, infections, etc.
Do I need the book? Handouts? Smartnotes/supersubsec???? SAMPLEX?
You have two books to choose from, Williams or APMC. I bought Williams, it covered most
of the topics. For some specific information about OB in the Philippines I had to
photocopy a few pages from my friends APMC. I think around 2 topics lang. You have to
use smartnotes (70%) and supersubsec (30%) for lectures. There is so much information
to study and it will keep on repeating that same info. Samplex is helpful 40-70% of the
time for short quizzes.

Youre going to have 5-6 short quizzes (20-30 points), 2 long quizzes, and 1 shifting exam
per shift. Alay wisely!!! There is no curve for OB. Shiftings and finals (cover to cover) are
super hard. I dont think anyone was exempted in my batch?

Pediatrics I
Information Overload!!!!! Just like OB, Pediatrics required a bit of memorization especially
for those milestones, measurements, etc. The facis here are really considerate and
helpful. Must be a Pediatrician thing. You can ask/beg them to move a quiz if you have 56 that day. Do I need the book? Handouts? Smartnotes/supersubsec???? SAMPLEX?
I didnt buy the book, it was so bulky and I doubt I would have time to read it. You can
survive on lectures, copies of the ppt and smartnotes. I suggest you download the
book/photocopy the book for some chapters and tables.
Like OB youre going to have 5-6 short quizzes (20-30 points), 2 long quizzes and 1
shifting exam per shift. Alay wisely! Usually, youll end up choosing between a peds quiz
or an OB quiz, when you have 3-5 other tests that day.

Preventive Medicine II
This is divided into 3 subjects Stat II, Occupational Health II and Community Health II.
Do I need the book? Handouts? Smartnotes/supersubsec???? SAMPLEX?
You need a copy of the ppt lectures. Stat II is in supersubsec. Occupational Health II,
there are some ppt files on eleap, just get a copy. Community Health II, take photos of
the ppt, the lecturer wont give them to us. Stat II 50/50 chance that youre going to get
copy-paste of the samplex. Occupational Health II, some samplex, a bit hard if you didnt
study since the questions are going to ask for specific values. Community Health II, there
is no samplex. The latest one is 2009 I think?

Stat II multiple choice, true or false, problem solving, show your solutions.
Occu II multiple choice, true or false, identification.
Comm II multiple choice, true or false, matching type(?).

Clinical Epidemiology II
This year is more on how to assess how good an article is and what kind of study it is and
if you can use it to help your patient in choosing what drug/treatment is for them.
Do I need the book? Handouts? Smartnotes/supersubsec???? SAMPLEX?
You just need a copy of the lecture ppts. Supersubsec has most of them. Samplex if
youre having this subject 2nd sem since they copy-paste the same questions from Sec A
and Bs tests in 1st sem, some are samplex from other batches. But someone complained
to the department about that so our finals was hard. Haha.

Youre going to have 2 online quizzes, and 1 shifting exam per shift. You also have online
homework to pass as a group. Around 3-5 per semester. Its a hassle. Make sure youre
uploading it in the right place, if you dont want to be surprised that the faci didnt
receive anything at the end of the year. Then surprise youre taking remeds or worse.

Med Techs are your bestfriends, a lot of them were exempted from taking the finals for
Para in my batch. smile emoticon Despite having no background whatsoever on Para, it
was pretty fun and the organisms easier to visualize compared to ones that youll be
discussing in Microbiology.
Do I need the book? Handouts? Smartnotes/supersubsec???? SAMPLEX?
Yes, you need the book! Its really cheap anyway. Get it, read that and the lectures and
youll get a high grade in Para. smile emoticon Lectures were in smartnotes. Samplexes
are helpful! They get some questions verbatim and the others are variations of that
2 long exams, 1 shifting exam and 1 practical exam per shift. Since you have a lot of
time, I suggest you study hard and get some high grades on this subject. Finals is very
Actually all the Lab Med subjects (Microbiology, Clinical Pathology and Parasitology)
Finals were all hard. Case based and asked about drugs to take- no one anticipated that).

Kayang kaya! There a lot of people exempted from Final exams on this subject.
Do I need the book? Handouts? Smartnotes/supersubsec???? SAMPLEX?
The department provides handouts, which are all you need. But make sure to get a copy
of the lecture slides too, if its different from the lecture. Samplex, helps 60-70% of the
time. They choose the same kind of question if its not copy-paste so you have an idea of
what to study for.
You have 1 long quiz (30 points) and 1 shifting exam per shift. Alay wisely!!! This subject
isnt that hard so try to do your best, especially since you have the time to study for it.

Surgery II
It has two parts, lec and pracs minor. Its really fun. You get to visit the OR, learn
scrubbing and gowning, suture cloth or chicken together in your faci is generous. Nursing
grads do pretty well here.
Do I need the book? Handouts? Smartnotes/supersubsec???? SAMPLEX?
I used the book for around 5/10 topics. So I suggest you get a copy somehow. Most of
the lectures are in supersubsec (70%), and smartnotes (20%). The rest youll have to get
a copy of from your facis. :) SAMPLEX!!!! This is where youre going to samplex from
2009 to 2015. Im kidding. But really they copy 30-70% of the questions from old exams,
so I suggest that since you have the time to really study those samplexes after reviewing.
:) Someone complained to the department that it wasnt fair that were just samplex-ing
so our finals was hard. Haha.
You have 2 online quizzes and 1 shifting exam per shift. All do-able since you have time
to study everything right now. Samplex!!! :) :) :)

Ethics II
Depending on your faci on how easy its going to be. We had Dr. Moral so our exam was
more of recall of 1st year ethics + whatever you learn for 2nd year ethics. It was harder
than we expect for an ethics exam, but his class was a lot of fun and we ended up
watching some med-related series that wasnt House or Greys Anatomy.
Do I need the book? Handouts? Smartnotes/supersubsec???? SAMPLEX?
For people under Dr. Moral hell give you a copy of his ppts and youre good to go. Try to
remember what the principle of double effect, justice, autonomy, etc is and youll pass.

We had 1 shifting exam per shift I think? Everybody passes :))
I guess as a final general final tip. Were all human and sometimes when you have 5-6
exams in one day, youre going to alay, just alay wisely and know which subjects you
should prioritize now (possibly your weak ones). Samplexes will never replace reading
your books, reviewing your notes, transcribing the lecture. Use it to check whether youre
studying the right things, and if youre prepared for that test. Of course, studying hard
isnt the same as studying wisely. :)
Anyway, good luck batch 2018! :) I hope this helps you somehow. Im sorry if there are
some grammatical/spelling errors.
I added a sample 1st sem (November 2014) vs 2nd sem (February 2015) hell week
photos so you wont die from stress when youre there. At least you were warned