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Examples of Adaptations

Only 8 inches tall,

the Scops Owl is
almost invisible on
the bare branch
which is its home.
Its extraordinary
includes anatomy
and behavior -- its
feathers resemble
tree bark, and it
keeps its eyes
closed, so that it is
less likely to
become a tasty
morsel to Africa's
large birds of prey.

A katydid blends with the

tropical vegetation in the
lowland Amazon rain forest
of Peru. Her wings mimic
the mottling of the
surrounding leaves, and
she holds even her long
antennae still.

A Lonomia moth resembles a dead leaf on the forest floor.

This tasty nymph of an insect in the family Alydidae assumes

the fraudulent guise of an ant.

Independently mobile eyes of a captive panther

chameleon from Madagascar.