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Geospatial Intelligence

GEOPROMPT is a niche company delivering

geospatial intelligence leveraging on satellite

+61 430 404 269

image technology, geographic information

systems and web map services to deliver
customised solutions.
Our approach focuses on the needs of our clients to
address their challenges in data acquisition,
management, delivery and monitoring.
We specialize in satellite image analyses to derive
empirical information to help various industries to
measure, observe, monitor and understand ground
surface and subsurface phenomena. We deliver the
data via the Internet securely and effectively to
relevant stakeholders with the capability to interact
with information real-time.
The data and services we provide for clients are valueadded using spatial and temporal analytics to help see
data in a different way and untangle multiple layers of
information for better, informed business decisions.
Your success is important to us we are positioned to
deliver geospatial intelligence.


Capability Statement
Rosalyn helps stakeholders in engineering, science and
technology industries to deliver earth monitoring and
geographic information system (GIS) work scopes.
Analyze data (Spatial modeling)

Manage dataset (Data management)

Interpret satellite image (Remote sensing)

Add value to data (Data analytics)

Deliver data through the Internet (Web GIS)

Engage with stakeholders (Business analysis)




Lead petroleum subsurface Data Management Project
for Wheatstone Subsurface Team.

Deployed web and mobile GIS to support mining


Derived urban heat islands from satellite imagery.

Lead GIS Analysis for marine habitat mapping.

Integrated SAS and GIS to deliver Online Data Mining

capability for health systems.

Delivered environmental needs on vegetation health

monitoring, fire scar detection, road widening and

Derived Digital Elevation Models (DEM) using LiDAR.

Rosalyn Pereira
M.Sc. Remote Sensing
Earth Monitoring & GIS
Rosalyn is the director and cofounder of GEOPROMPT. She is
very approachable and highly
She is a proven leader and
caters her clients satisfaction.
Call her today to discuss your
unique needs.

+61 430 404 269

PO Box 7583 Cloisters Square
Perth, WA 6850

geolocateTM is a product leveraging on web

technology to share your geospatial data to select
audience or to everyone.
We offer choices to suit your needs.
Geocode allows you to attach your information on a
spreadsheet to any location on a map in the Internet.
Web GIS allows you to showcase your work in the
Internet and extends your capability to manipulate
features and attribute information.
Mobile GIS allows your team members in the field to
collect and edit online and offline data on their mobile
devices and sync to a centralized database.

Deploying GIS on the

web increases team
sharing and
collaboration. It is costeffective and increases
response time among
users and decision


geosenseTM is a suite of products derived from

interpreting satellite images also known as remote
We offer choices to suit your needs.
NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) is
useful for knowing the presence of vegetation and soil
in an area. It is used to measure vegetation health.
Surface Temperature is useful for knowing the hotness
of the ground surface in urban areas relative to
suburban areas to detect presence of Urban Heat
Islands (UHI).
Land Cover is useful for classifying and extracting
different features on the ground to identify, measure
and discriminate man-made from natural occurring
Change Detection is useful for understanding the
changes that occurred over the same target at a
known date and time.
DEM (Digital Elevation Model) is useful for planning
projects that require contours, elevation profile and
spot height measurements.
Bathymetry is useful for knowing the shape and
contour of coastal and subsurface area.

The principal
advantages of satellite
image are the speed at
which data can be
acquired from large
areas of the earths
surface, and areas that
are not accessible can
be investigated.

geovisualTM is a suite of products delivered according

to your requirements and specifications.
We offer choices to satisfy your needs and get the
most out of your data.
Mapping is a location and graphic representation (aka
cartography) of your data helpful for visualizing
information that goes with your reports and
Spatial Modeling aka GIS analysis is the process of
understanding and establishing spatial relationships
between multiple datasets and predicting outcomes
from known variables.
Data Management is a workflow for maintaining a
system of records aka database for both spatial and
non-spatial datasets.
Data Processing aka ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is
the conditioning of the data necessary to derive
trusted and reliable information.

GIS-based visualization is
a new language that
communication across
different disciplines. It has
improved opportunities to
tell a story.