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Bacon's essay "of truth"- a review

"Of Truth" is an ssay by Bacon. In this essay bacon reaches out to his readers by
telling us what is the significance of truth. What i have understood from this
stratling essay is that we all are aware of the vitality of truth, but the application is
sometimes tacky and ironic. For instance, in the case of complementing one
another, if we are blatant and truthful it might hurt the person. So sometimes even
if we talk too much about being truthful we cannot adhere to it all the time. Traders
cannot be truthful in their business at times. So we take it for granted that not being
truthful to others sometimes is excusable.
Sometimes what we humans do is inexcusable. Even without listening to the entire
Truth we start giving our opinions and judgements. This sometimes, rather most of
the times proves fatal. Like Bacon mentionn in his essay about justice pilate, who
without even listening to the truth passed his judgement on Jesus Christ. This
example is a perfect one to understand the vivacity of the word truth. We humans
forget to understand the depth of the word truth. It's rightly said that one truth is
better than a hundred lies put together. But still we fail to make animpression of this
statement on our minds. We invariably fall into the pit of sham, pretense, lies.
It's understandable that sometimes we have to avoid being truthful, in the case of
complementing one another, because here the question arises, are we hurting
someone's feelings here? this can be brutal so to avoid this emotional scene we
have to make the person happy by praising him fallaciously. We have to take help of
lies to make people happy. This can also be for a selfish reason. It's natural for us
humans to be in the good books of one and sundry, therefore we often hold on to
lies to make people happy and give a better opinion of our selves.These are the true
facts of life.