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‘Ortan Cassius You may not include Ortan Cassius and Chaplain Cassius sn the same army WARGEAR: + Bolt pistol + Crozius arcanum + Frag grenades (count a assault grenades) + Krak grenades + Rosarius + Special issue ammunition (page 2) SPECIAL RULES: ‘Independent Character + Zealot ORTAN CASSIUS THE TRUE BELIEVER ALd Sv UnitType 210 Infantry (Character) Range s AP ‘Type #8 Melee; Goncusive ROSARIUS ‘and shots that would smash a frocete bunker. A osarius confers a 4+ invulnerable save CROZIUS ARCANUM ‘The pcs weapon Kose a the cross arcanum is a Space Marine Chaplain’ rod of “fice It isthe symbol of his authority and hie weapon of righteous judgement A sovarius emits a protective energy field around the wearer capable of deflecting Blas Onan Casius is a wanton of impressive presence, even fora scion of Ulvamar. Tis gaze is (ald as the void ~ itis sid he could save down a pack of Donorian Clawed Finds with ‘he intensity of his contempt ‘theigh in bate the ine of is fry are hot enough to inspire ‘all who hear his stentorian tones, Cassius was put forward ‘as an exemplar of Imperial values by the Lard Macragee Iimself and righty 0, Since his induction into the Deathwatch, tis inspirational hatred ofthe senos has galvanised overy operative he has spoken to, In Mankind’s eternal crusade, such indomitable conviction i the retest weapon ofall Cassius canes the deadly crosius arcanum and the protective rsarius force field fof his office, and alsa bears the Tome of Ecloclades ~ a unique treatise upon the Ordo Xenos most hard-won secrets, Thee “rlfacts are in safe hands notably, Cassius rested psycho-domination simulations without 0 much at an devated Ieartbeat. The wll of the Enperor drives Cassius, and the Watch Commanders mark his progress well. ‘Unit Composition 1 (Unique) Jensus Natorian, WARGEAR: + Bolt pistol + Force sword PSYKER: Jensus Natorian generates hhis powers from the + Frag grenades jomancy discipline. + Krak grenades + Psychic hood + Special issue aramunition SPECIAL RULES: + And They Shall Know No Fear ‘Independent Character + Payker (Mastery Level 2) JENSUS NATORIAN ‘THE VENGEFUL SON Jensus Natorian’s potent ‘payehic powers enance his Innate strength and speed to unstoppable levels, He fst manifested this ability after the violent death of his parents to ‘the Orks of Waaagh! Gutspita = the resultant paychic rampage sau the young Natrian tar apa scores of wenos with his Dare hands, Its ailing spree ‘that continues to this day, ‘though its targets are nat merely grensins, but every xenos Feature that stands in his path Natorian war on the verge of ting taken by the Black Ship Psythanatos when he came to ‘the notice of Inquisitor Belicor of the Ordo Xenos. Belicor saw the potential within Natvian, and personally delivered the young ‘warvar lo the Blood Revens, He oversaw Natorian’s tenure in the Chapter, and later in his career instigated his induction into the Deathwatch, Natoran fights with lighting speed whenever dis te raised, perhaps seking {wash away his tormented past in a sea of senos blood, What i cota i that is psychic powers smansfet mone within him than without, making him a warior inytic of sumpacting deadiness at close quarters Unit Type Unit Composition, 1 (Unique) SPECIAL ISSUE AMMUNITION In exch of their Shooting phases, Jensus Natoréan and Ortan Cassius can use Gne of the profiles below instead of the normal profile for their bolt pistols, until the start of their next Shooting phase. All models in a unit with special issue ammunition mat fire the samme type, SAP Type 3 Pistol, Ignores Cover Hellfire round 12" Pistol, Poisoned (2+) Kraken bolt 15) Pistol Vengeance round 9° Pistol, Gets Hot When more than one battlefield mission proves vital atthe same time, Chaplain Cassius wil often give a curt order that ses his seconde command lead half his tam to war at Squad Donatus. A master marksman, Vael Donatus isan expert in the pinpoint application of foc, twhethr through the frpose of Brothers Giylt and Sorrtac, or the relentless asus of the vival Brothers RedBlade and Gydrael WARGEAR: + Vael Donatus has a boltgun and special issue atamaunition, + Drenn Redblade has a boltgun, special issue ammunition and two close combat weapons. + Rodricus Grytt has a Deathwatch frag cannon, + Ennox Sorrlock has a combi-melta and special isaue ammunition. + Zameon Gydrael has a plasma pistol land a power sword. + All have frag and krak grenades. SPECIAL RULES: ‘+ And They Shall Know No Fear + Precision Shots (Donatus only) + Counter-attack (Redblade only) + Feel No Pain (64) (Sorrlock only) + Stubborn (Gydael only) DEATHWATCH FRAG CANNON “The rag cannon can fie a horde shredding bust ef shrapnel or dense slid shel Range 5S __AP_Type Frag round Template Solid shell 2 7 SPECIAL ISSUE AMMUNITION In each of their Shooting phases, models with special issue ammunition can use one ‘of the profiles below instead of the normal profile for ther boligun (or the ‘bolts pat ofa combimelta) until the stat of their next Shooting phase. All models in the sit with special iste ammunition mast fire the same type, Range SAP Type Dragonfive bolt 24 5 Rapid Fie, Ignores Gover Helle round Rapid Fite, Poisoned (24) Kraken bolt Rapid Fire Vengeance round Rapid Fie, Gets Hot EDRYC SETORAX ‘THE SILENT KILLER In terms of sheer lethality, there ‘are fos tn the Deathwatch Chapter that can match Barye Setoras. He take the Raven Guard's propensity to stike {from the shadows to an almost ‘supernatural lve. appearing from nave or hurting out of the clouds to spear hie victims ‘with Talon pater lightning laws, Like many of his Chapter, Serax isa withdrawn and Insular character, haunting (he edge of vison even during oficial briefings. In bale, Setoran’s actions speak loud and clear as to dis competence If there is no ‘cover from which to ambush is fos, Seovas will eee his ‘wn, activating the weaponived snake lounchors that adorn ‘is jump pack and shooting fiom a loud of choking mist into the enemy ranks, Setorax has used th terifying shack tactic to great effect against the pesfidious Eldar, whase spite and cowardice the Raven Guard know wel It ‘was Serax who brought the Emperor’ Justice to th Seer Council of Yme Loe, an act that cemented his reputation across the Deathwatch within a matter of days WSBS STW I ALd Sv — UnitType Unit Composition, Eadrye Setorax 44.44 1 4 2 9 3 — Jumpinfantry (Character) 1 (Unique) WARGEAR: Heroic Intervention: A unit Strike from the Shadows: + Two lightning claws that contains any models __Edrye Setorax has the + Frag grenades with this rale ignores Shrouded special rule until + Krak grenades penalties for disordered the start of the second charges and can re-roll ‘game turn, SPECIAL RULES: fone or both dice when + And They Shall Know determining its charge Winged Deliverance: Fase No Fear range. Furthermore, Setorax may use his jump + Bulky Ecdrye Setorax always pack in both the Movement + Deep Strike passes the Initiative test and Assault phases of the + Stealth if he wishes to make a same turn, Furthermore, Glorious Intervention. when he makes Hammer of Wrath attacks, he can re-toll failed To Wound rolls. Antor Delassio WARGEAR: + Hand flamer + Chainsword + rag grenades + Krak grenades SPECIAL RULI ‘+ And They Shall Know No Fear + Bulky + Deep Strike + Furious Charge ANTOR DELASSIO THE CURSED YOUNG PRINCE Heroic Intervention: A unit that contains any models with this vale ignores penalties for disordered charges and can re-roll ‘one or both dice when determining its charge range. Furthermore, Antor Delassio always passes the Initiative test if he wishes to make a Glorious Intervention. Unit Type Brother Delasia isan exceptional shock trooper whese ‘anal attacks have struck down senos monsters many times his sie, Is said by Delasio’s {folos that he elevates the ‘ole ofthe Assault Marine ‘an art form, though Delasio remains humble and claims he among the fast talented of his kin, The battle brother suas gifted the antivan-crajted hand flamer Ignatus during his tenure in Inquisitor va Golter’s personal reine, Since his vlease from that duty, the Blood Ange has perfected his squad breaking tate of burning savey the rank and file of the ‘enemy Before hurtling down to Aecapiate the unit leader wth his chainsword, Despite hi sil, Dlasio i under threat of ivigitus Explor bythe Ordo Xenos. His reeind was once without Blemish, brut since the boarding incident that scuppered the Black Legion sar bargeIncontrovertible Truth fe has exhibied a wong los of control in the heat of bate, His bathers ‘maintain this ferocity iam ‘sie, but the inquisition would likly disagree ~ tothe point of exerucation Garran Branatar WARGEAR: “Terminator armour + Heavy flamer + Master-crafted meltagun + Master-crafted power fist SPECIAL RULI + And They Shall Know No Fear + Bulky + Deep Strike + Fearless + Relentless GARRAN BRANATAR ‘THE WALKER IN FIRE Flamecraft: Garran Branatar has the Feel No Pain (44) special rule against Wounds caused by Flamer weapons (ae defined in Warhammer 40,000: The Rule). Furthermore, he ‘can re-oll all failed To Wound rolls and armour penetration rolls that do not result in glancing or penetrating hits when using hhis heavy Flamer: Branatar is the anvil upon untess monstrous fee have boon broken. Reliable, stoic and heaops, he makes for an obvious target, but is almost Inperious to injury. When Aespatched upon a mission he teil stride through the fires of war until his duty complete and a trail of smouldering eno corpses stretches oul lehind him. Brunatarcerries a selfimposed burden ~ during the Gharuda Cleansing, he lft his bale brother Athondar to die in onder to fulfil the mission's Aull evteia, The Chaplainey Delieves he still hawnted by hie comrade's death, but thus fr, the guilt he caries lke an anil ‘upon his back has not impacted Iie effcacy, Clad in an erate suit of Terminator armous Ihe has litle bus eontemps for ‘the voles of fnrpooer sent to stop him, His loyalty and smpasion twa the battle brothers in hi Kill Tea 6 inspiring, and his mastery of ‘the heasy flamer is unmatched He wield fie with the sil of 4 master ativan, teiporting Tight into the midst of the enemy before burning their squads cauay from the inside out. Unit Type Infanty (Character) Unit Composition, 1 (Unique) TERMINATOR ARMOUR Terminator armour, also known as Tactical Dreadnought Armour, is the toughest personal armour in the Imperium. ‘Massioly buy, it contains not only sophisticated sensors and Uelpont integrators Bu a full exoskeleton arrangement of fibre Bundles and adamant vods to support the heavy gauge {Plaster and cram plates that for the ote carapace. ‘Terminator armour confers a 2+ Armour Save and a 5+ invulnerable save. Furthermore, models in Terminator armour have the Bulky, Deep Stike and Relentless special rales, and may not make Sweeping Advances. JETEK SUBEREI THE LIVING HURRICANE “Though ecentricin manner, Bother Suber i a force of unbridled destruction wha takes great ey in wreaking utter havoc upton the enemies of the Imperium. He speaks more often to hs cyberengl, Vengla, than ta his squad mates, finds eaty mirth in things that other operatives fod disturbing, and refuses fight with sanctioned Deathwatch wargear. However, he has aceeled a speiaiet upgrade tothe vin Snked Bolters af his bike, making the storm of ammunition he lays down with each charge all the more deadly. Suber considers it a mater of honour always to be atthe frefiont ofthe fray, and claims to take offence if any wet thei blades before he does. WARGEAR: SPECIAL RUL +“ Twin-linked boltgun + And They Shall Know TELEPORT HOMER + Power sword No Fear Teleport homers emit poserful signal enabling orbiting strike + Frag grenades + Hammer of Wrath ruses to lack ont them ath their teleportation equipment. By + Krak grenades + Hit & Run matching the exact cordinates of this signal thevshof missing + Special issue Fink ‘the intended mark is greatly reduced. ammunition (pg 3) + Relentless + Teleport homer + Split Fire Friendly units composed entirely of models in + Skilled Rider ‘Terminator armour do not scatter when they Deep + Very Bulky Strike, so long as the first model is placed within 6° of, Jetek Suberei, For this to work, Jetek Suberei must have Born in the Saddle: Jetek bbeen on the battlefield atthe start of the turn. Suberei adds 1 to hie Strength when resolving hits ‘caused by the Hammer of Wrath special rule [No squad embodies the combined arms approach ofthe Aquila pattern more completely than Kill Team Cassis. Led by an inspirational leader ‘and mentor in the form of Cassns, tf nsabers so many talented specialise that no enemy i bayond ste seach, The gun lines ofthe xenos find theses under lightning ast assault from the pyker Natovian, the jump pack team of Setovax and Delasio andthe savage vider Subere ‘The central mas of the for is torn aay by heaey facpocr from Branatar and Gry, whilt ts eades face the exacting markimanship of Donatus and Sonitack, Any counterattack is met by the charge o the headstrong RedBlade and the evervigilant Gydiadl. FORMATION: + Ontan Cassive + Jensus Natorian + Squad Donatus + Garran Branatar + Antor Delassio + Edrye Setorax: + Jetek Suberei RESTRICTIONS: Kill Team: All of the units in thie Formation form a single unit called a Kill ‘Team, This isa single wnit for all game purposes; it must be deployed as one ‘unit and cannot split apart during the battle, even if model within it has the Independent Character special rule, Aquila Doctrine: Models from this Formation can re-toll any To Wound rolis and armour penetration rolls of 1 oot F ee Q TRIARCH GHOSAR @ Tar CHASTE AEH In powerful leaps and bursts of speed, Patriasth Ghosarhurtes Loward ts prey. Though more massive than an Opry this reature is possested of whiplash speed. Worsipped as a living god by tho in it hall, the Patviavch is the nexus of @ blasphemous new oder, and ‘the vector ofa deadly mutation that has spread, previously sundetced, Beneath the crust of ts host planetei, Ghovar Quins, New ite ile rood is baling out to claim planetary domino. Though the Patiasch is thay fast and strong, ity most unseling weapon i Sts abity to tae ever lesser minds seth but a glance. The Petriareh’shatefel yellow eyes fs on its prs, Iypasisng them ‘and binding thom ts will. In ‘the years shen Patriarch Ghosar twas stil in hiding it planted it ovipositor nto the lsh of such victims, mingling ss alen biology with ther um in order to erate a new bred of horvr. With ite cul now revealed, ‘he erature’ intent is only to lh ripping ts prey oar with ‘zoned claws, or stabbing ite chitsnous tail through armour ‘and cething to plunge into the swarm flesh Beneath WSBS ST WI ALd Sv UnitType ‘Unit Composition Patriarch Ghosar 70 5 5 8 7 4 104+ Infantry (Character) 1 (Unique) WARGEAR: PSYKER: re Se + Patriarch’ claws Patriarch Ghosar generates PATRIARCH’S CLAWS + Genestealer familiar its powers from the Patriarch Ghovar' claws ar so smpossby sharp that they (page 2) ‘Telepathy discipline. can tear efetesly through see and coramite, aswell a lsh ‘and bone SPECIAL RULES: + Bulky Range s ‘Type + Fear Tier Melee, Rending, + Fearless Shred +Fleet + Hit and Run “Independent Character “Tnfiltrate + Move Through Cover + Peyker (Mastery Level 2) + Stealth omen 3} eee MAGUS ORTHAN TRYSST PROPHET OF THE GREAT PATRIARCH ‘Magus Orthan Tryst rues ever the Great Pit of Ghosar Quintus swith asl of ro, though in truth his roodkin ave so devoted to the Cult ofthe Four-ared Enyperorthat they gladly obry his ‘ever command. He answers oy to the Patriarch itu, attending the looming monstrosity he calls smastr every day. The Patriarch’s agenda is communicated to hi notin words, but though ‘thoughts and impulee ent {fiom the great beas's mind ‘The Magus himself so potent asker, and his sills have been instrumental in the ie of the ‘ull and its dominance ever Ghosar’s population. Those caught in ie chilling ga find themselves hopelesly entvaled, totaly ebivius tthe camage being sought around them, coreven convinced they are transforming into mutants ‘themselves, Such ave the strange abilities the Patriarch has sifted to Orthan Tryst tha the Magus can manifest cil-sized faaliars that huy todo his Bidding. Theve lash and Bite ‘at these who would harm their ‘master, whit the Magu shouts [praise to the Patriarch and rushes the minds of his foes, WSBS'S T WI ALdSv — UnitType Unit Composition Magus Orthan Tryst 4 4-3 8 2 4 2 9 5+ Infantry (Characte 1 (Unique) WARGEAR: PSYKER: et SER ET + Autopistol ‘Orthan Tryst generates GENESTEALER FAMILIAR + Force stave his powers from the These impish creatures ae fre prolecive and les deadly + Genestealer familiar ‘Telepathy discipline. ‘than the Genesteaers they resemble ‘A model with a Genestealer Familiar makes two additional ‘SAAP- attacks with the Rending special rule in close combat. A Genestealer Familiar is represented by a separate ‘miniature tha wll always remain as lose as possible to its master. The model ite is decorative, and is always ignored for game purposes - just move it to one side fit gets in the SPECIAL RULES: ‘Independent Character + Payker (Mastery Level 2) Primus Vorgan Tryst WARGEAR: + Needle pistol + Bone sword ing charges (assault grenades) SPECIAL RULI ‘Independent Character + Rending + Zealot PRIMUS VORGAN TRYSST RIGHT HAND OF THE PATRIARCH Primus Vorgan Tryst isan exemplar ofthe cul’ strange ‘ied and an inspirational ‘Speaker ofits enigmati truths, Despite being of second generation stock, he quickly ‘nade o name for himself by leading the aggresive conquests of several minor Ghasar dynatties. An exillent war leader, his innate understanding of strategy has seen him launch ‘runtie strikes on his home ‘world and off plane. By marshaling a force of hybrids ‘and commandecring fills of mining vecsls and machinery, Ie has introduced new infestations of his prestrain fin fo many other words. Those swho oppose him are rendered comatose with a shot from Vorgan's needle pstl~ its vale fal of toxins retro enginered ‘om the Pris earn blood. ‘orcut down with a bonesword capable of dicharging a deadly pulbeofboeetriiy, When Vergan Tiyst strides to war, he does not so much as flinch asthe Dulles fy, for he kes that he is performing holy wrk ~ and that thousands of soldi slink behind him, each willing to die «this command. ws BS ALd Sv Unit Type ‘Unit Composition 44 s s 4 10 5+ Infantry (Character) 1 (Unique) NEEDLE PISTOL, [Needle pistols fre projectiles filed with deadly neurotxins and acidic poisons Range s AP Type 12 x © Pistol, Poisoned (2) BONESWORD Boneswords are living monomolecular Blades that can dain the fe fore oftheir victims. s AP Type 3 User 3‘ Melee, Life Drain Life Drain: Any To Wound roll of 6 made with this weapon has the Instant Death special rule, er rt ge eh THE FAVOURED DISCIPLES (.) ACOLYTE HYBRIDS OF THE FIRST AND SECOND CIRCLES erty inhuman, driven bythe violent impes ofthe Patvianch, the Aclyes of the Cult of the Four-armed Emperor ave dangerous foes indeed. Basking inthe glory ofthe patron that infected them, they crvan and hiss in the subtorancan davkness until the moment fo strike trrves, When the time comes fo throw of the lr robes thy wee to disguise their fulness, the Disciples eral the surface, the grotexque faces tisted in alien gle. Their anatomies are riotous, displaying a chimeric Wend ofthe species fom which they hail ~ the vicious speed ‘of the Genestalr twinned withthe cunning of mankind i a potent combination. Serraming shrly, they change pel mell inte the enemy, slashing. thvotlng and Blasting atay with the autopctle and customiced demolition charges they plunder from the Great Pit Ws3s s T WoT ALd Sy Unittype alt Composition Acct tgbrid Cirrerener chr iar 2 Te Acoe lybrds ath WARGEAR: + Autopistol RENDING CLAWS. «Glove combat weapon The diameter ips fhe et tor fet ig arr, kn ah bene, srdaing toe {ending claws feples cin tod ens “sting charges (assault grenades) Range Ss AP Type - Tier «5 Melee, Rending SPECIAL RULES: ‘Fearless The third and fourth generation hybrids ofthe Tryst Dynasty number inthe thousands, Bach amongat them has become spry and tough over 12 lifetime of had labour, his physical strength bolstered bythe alien genes lurking within, Thee Neophyte Hybrids do not bear the outward hallmarks of the Four armed Embers touch in the same manner asthe Disciple, but ther allegiance is every bi ax devoted. Though the a easily as for human and sil use the tools and weapons of ther former lives, when the ell goes on the attack, the Faithful show ther true colours. Surging from sewers, gasworks and catacombs, they swarm thecal’ enemies in such number they can seize control ofa plane's Aefences thin the fst hour of ther insurection WSBS ST WI ALd Sv UnitType ‘Unit Composition Neophyte Hybrid 3333.14.18 & Infantry 16 Neophyte Hybrids nyo th rn WARGEAR: + 12 Neophyte Hybrids have autoguns + 2 Neophyte Hybrids have grenade launchers + 2 Neophyte Hybrids have ining lasers + All models have close ‘combat weapons ‘and blasting charges (assault grenades) GRENADE LAUNCHER Grenade launchers can fre a range of deadly rounds Range SAP Type: Frag grenade 20 3 6 Assault I, Blast Krak grenade 2 6 4 Assault 1 MINING LASER, ‘These modified mining tol can Blast hole through a metres-thick Bulkhead ina single shot sn sage Rea vanes er rere SEsewn Type 2/0 Ca AVOUT 2 a 2 Heayl Worshipped asthe sainted brothers ofthe Patriarch, the Puresvain Pincelings are in truth the Tyranid vanguard enganisms knew as Genesteals. These xenos creatures ae teniyingly agile and suf, abe to squeee through smal spaces and track their fy aross miles of turban deeay. Thi lass ave diamond hard and wickedly curved, natural weapons developed by the bi flet of the Tyranids to lice dough the thickest armour or hide, Even the Disciples of the Pi treat the Princlings ith ance and no litle feay, for they ecko the true form ofthe Four-armed Emperor. They are the holy stavlord that accompanied the Patiaych om hie lng journey acres the void, and the enlightenment ‘hey ring to those that wrong him is savage in the xtreme TW ALaSY — Unittype ‘Unit Composition 4162 s Purestrain Genestealer 6 0 4 10 5+ Infantry 2 Purestrain Genestealers here tl RENDING CLAWS ‘The diamond hard tips of these as tear ffortiesy through armour, skin and bone, shredding the hapless victim to bloody ribbons WARGEAR: + Rending claws SPECIAL RULES: + Fleet + Hitand Run sInfiltrate + Move Through Cover + Stealth Range s AP Type Tier «5 ‘Melee, Rending at 4} eee THE BROTHERS ABERRANT Lumpen, muscular and possessed ofa betial vigour, the abenvant hybrids that lumber through the eternal darkness ofthe Great Pit ave used ty the cult as enforcers and thugs. Thee bruter have many times the strength of 2 mortal man, and wield heavy power hammers and mining picks with ease, So mighty are the Brothers Abervant that when the cult vse up agains it surface dling enemies hry are used as shock Inoops ~ some are even given the duty of tearing apart enemy fortifications and war machines. Unshackled, pumped ful of stialants, and tuith ther rage stripped away to show thei truly Blessed anatomies, the Aberrant wade into the fight with hammer ewinging to crush, maim and destroy the enemies oftheir xenos masters WSBS ST WI ALd Sv UnitType ‘Unit Composition Aberrant 415 4.22.28 5 Infantry 4 Aberranis or a WARGEAR: + 2 Aberrants have POWER TOOLS power hammers I the hands of comrmuscled brutes like Aborants, Weve powered mining tol are rude but + 2Aberrants have incredibly destructive improvised weapons. power picks + All models have Range SAP Type. vending claws Power pick G23 Melee, Unwieldy Povser hammer 432 Melee, Specialist Weapon, Two-handed, SPECIAL RULES: Concussive, Unwieldy ‘Stubborn + Feel No Pain RENDING CLAWS The diamond-hard tips of these clans can tar through armour, SAP type i Tier 5 Melee, Rending From labyrinthine mine tunnels, the Cult of the Fourarmed Emperor surges forth, an uprising four generations inthe making. That time has tot been spent idly: over th dacades the cult has imosgled ts tendrils of influence ite very institution, military force and gubernatorial body (hat may oppose te goals. The great work, simmering under the surface for lang yeas, has reached boiling point, ad the Ghosar Quintus Broodkin have finaly abandoned thei longcherished secrecy and attached, The enemy ix aleady at the brink of defeat, for misdirection, sabotage, treachery and hypnotic influence has ensured the planet i ie for conquest. The final irony is that eventhough the Broadkin stand om the cusp of ultimate victory, they ave unwittingly paving the way foram even rele conquest to come, rr th SPECIAL RULES: FORMATION: sTnfiltrate + Patriarch Ghosar + Stealth “+ Magus Orhan Trysst + Primus Vorgan Trysst ‘Ambush the Unkallowed: All Ghosar Quintus Broodkin +The Purestrain Princelings tite that deploy using the Infiltate special rule have +The Favoured Disciples the Shrouded special rule until the start ofthe second +The Faithful Throng same turn, and can attempt to charge on their frst turn, +The Brothers Aberrant In addition, when Patriarch Ghosar and the Purestrain Princelings deploy using their Infiltate special rule, they NO EEY | can be st up anywhere on the table that i more than I” RESTRICTIONS: from any enemy unit, whether deployed units ean draw a None line of sight to them or not (Patriarch Ghosar cannot do this if joined to a unit, unless that unit isthe Purestrain Princelinge) Broodmind Telepathy: Whilst Patriarch Ghosar is alive, all, Ghorar Quintus Broodkin models have the Fearless and Adamantium Will special rules,