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Pauls School for Girls Summary

2nd Recertification 2015-2016
We were first certified as a Green school in 2007 and had our second
recertification in 2011. SPSGs environmental mission statement underlies the schools
emphasis on environmental stewardship: St. Pauls School for Girls acknowledges the
innate affinity humans have with the natural environment. We honor that affinity by
preparing our students through curriculum and program to become active environmental
citizens of the world they will inherit. We also honor our responsibility to operate the
school in a manner that is consistent with our mission and with our obligations to the
local and global environment, as stewards of Gods earth.
In 2015, we introduced our Portrait of a Graduate. One of the seven components
of a graduate of St. Pauls School for Girls articulates the importance of stewardship of
our natural resources in our curriculum and co-curricular programs: A conscientious
community member who demonstrates empathy and integrity, respects every individual
as a child of God, and acts as a steward of the earths resources.
The inclusion of environmental issues in the curriculum is a traceable element in
our mapping. This reapplication documents student work in Science, Art, English,
Foreign Language, and Mathematics. For example, middle school students continue the
use of our greenhouse. The world language department has created a cross-cultural
project and blog to support the exchange of perspectives on sustainability among our
students and those at our sister school, College et lycee Marseilleveyre in Marseille,
France. Our Scholars program has produced young women who have taken on the large
task of investigating new ways of generating energy, the removal of invasive vines on
campus and how plants are affected by particulates in the air.
In our buildings, we continue to use and expand our best management practices
put into place in 2011, movement to paperless administrative and educational learning
management systems, the replacement of the HVAC system in the Ward Center with a
more efficient system, the addition of water fountains that fill reusable water bottles and
display how many plastic water bottles have not ended up in landfills. We have
expanded the visibility and impact of our recycling program with the addition of new and
highly visible recycling bins located in high-traffic areas around the school. In 2015, we
celebrated Earth day by staging a school wide host of activities in which each student
was able to directly participate in an activity that instructed, encouraged or inspired some
sort of green awareness and appreciation. We continue to have a student lead Green
Council and Eco Club.
Our 2nd recertification includes a website documenting our green practices and
which hopefully satisfies the requirements put forth by the MAEOE. If you have any
questions please email or call.
Joanna R Wise