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Civil Rights Activists Project

Problem: Todays society is rapidly changing, yet with cases like Trayvon
Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, and others, the country is
still struggling with integration and racial acceptance. Therefore, the purpose
of this project is to inform you of the past civil rights leaders, i.e. their role in
the movement, their role in society, how their work affected society, etc., and
to figure out where society should move forward from here with that

Project: The Civil Rights Activists project will make you more prepared and
informed on traditional and influential members of the African American
community. Through reading books, magazines, and various internet pages,
you will gain new, or more, knowledge on your chosen figure, hopefully, filling
you with empathy and awareness of the current problems/concerns in the
African American community.

Requirements: Below you will find the following criteria, which is necessary,
for your project. Your project must be:

Typed! This is non-negotiable!

At least two pages, no more than four, in length, not
including the cover page or Works Cited page!
Creative and neat!
Not plagiarized!!! The paper must have citation and/or
direct quotes; giving credit to the author.
Must include cover page and Work Cited page
At least three sources, i.e. one or two book(s), one internet,
and/or one magazine, journal, or article.

Topic Requirements
In your paper you must include information on the following:
Subjects basic biographical information, i.e. date of birth,
location of birth, town of birth, parents, school information,

At least five things that they have done to

contribute/enhance the African American, or minority,
Explain, at least, five things/facts you learned. (Separate
from project). How the person connects, or inspires, YOUR
Where society should move forward from here using the
political stance of the person researched.

Civil Rights Activist Project

Presentation Guidelines


Present your project in one of the following formats (or another that
your teacher approves.)
1. Multi-media device, Video Recording/CD Recording A small video
recording, i.e. a movie the person is in, biographical video, music
video, or musical recording by your person. Your piece should be, no
longer than, two minutes.
2. Poster Board/Collage Using a standard poster board, found at any
Meijer, CVS, Walgreens, Staples, Office Max, etc., create a collage of
pictures, quotes, and attached should be a copy of your written
project. You can use crayons, markers, and any other decorative
materials to create a visually stimulating recap of your interview. You
will present your collage and summarize your project to the class.
3. Power Point/Google Slides/Prezi If you would like to use another
method of presenting your project, not listed, please see me to
discuss the method and whether or not the method is acceptable.
Prezis are allowed, www.prezi.com. DO NOT choose another method
without discussing it with me first! Thanks.
4. Newsletter For your presentation, you can create a newsletter
educating your audience about your person, i.e. their background,
contributions, accolades, and African American relevance.