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Multimedia Project : Prezi/ GeoGebra

Teacher Name: Sarah Fredrick

Student Name: ________________________________________

Covers probability indepth with details and
examples. Knowledge
about probability is
excellent. Talks about
the weather impact on
the fair throughout the

Graphs 20%

Meets and exceeds the Prezi only has 3 graphs Prezi has 1 - 2 graphs from
number of graphs (4) from GeoGebra. None GeoGebra. 2 -3 three of the
from GeoGebra
of the graphs are
graphs are inaccurate.
required in the Prezi. inaccurate.
Graphs are accurate.

Prezi has no graphs OR

the graphs are not from
GeoGebra. Graphs are
not accurate.

Group Work 20%

Worked together with Each student

partner to create the contributed almost as
Prezi. There is no clear much as their partner.
separation of work. I.E. There is no clear
the prezi looks the
separation of work.
same throughout.
Partners contributed
the same amount to
the Prezi.

Did not contribute as much

as partner. There was a
clear divide in the Prezi
where the teacher could
tell what part was worked
on by each student.

Did not contribute to

the product. Piece was
missing from the Prezi.
There was no clear
separation of work in
the Prezi because one
partner didn't

Creativity/ Originality

Product shows a large

amount of original
thought. Ideas are
creative and inventive.
The final product is
unique, powerful,
effective, and
maintains the
audience's attention.

Product shows some

original thought. Work
shows new ideas and
insights. Presentation
is balanced, attractive,
and easy-to follow.
Audience attention is
maintained for most of
the Prezi.

Uses other people's ideas

(giving them credit), but
there is no evidence of
original thinking. There is a
focus that is maintained
throughout the piece, but it
does not present
information in a way that
consistently keeps
audience's attention.

Uses other people's

ideas, but does not
properly give them
credit. Prezi is hard to
follow and does not
grab an audiences'

Graphics, Sounds,
Animations 10%

Uses graphics, sounds,

and animations
throughout the Prezi.
Graphics, sounds, or
animations are
relevant and not

Uses graphics, sounds, Uses graphics, sounds, and

and animations
animations throughout half
throughout most of the of the Prezi. Some
Prezi. All elements are elements are distracting
not distracting.
and take away from the
overall quality of the Prezi.

Doesn't use any

graphics, sounds, or
animations. OR
Elements used are
distracting and take
away from the overall
quality of the Prezi.

Spelling/ Grammar

No misspellings or
grammatical errors.

Two or fewer
misspellings and/or
mechanical errors.

4 or more errors in
spelling or grammar.

Created by Sarah Fredrick using RubiStar.

Includes essential
knowledge about
probability. Knowledge
about probability
appears to be good.
Talks about weather
impact on the fair but
goes off the topic of
the fair 1-2 times.

Getting Actuarial
Beginning Statistician
Includes essential
Content is minimal OR
information about
there are more than 2
probability but there are 1- factual errors. Doesn't
2 factual errors. Talks about talk at all about the
the weather impact on the impact of weather on
fair half the time but goes the fair OR doesn't talk
off the topic of the fair a
about weather or the

Content 25%

Three misspellings and/or

grammatical errors.