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Quantitative Research
Qualitative Research
Secondary Research
Primary Research
Data Gathering
Audience Research
Market Research

Production Research

Quantitative Research
Quantitative research is research gathered with statistics,
researchers will often create surveys/questionnaires with yes/no
answers so the answers given are easily defined to gather an
understanding on a topic.

This is an example of quantitative research for statistics; this is

giving researchers a basic understanding of what kind of age ranges
they are targeting.
An example of quantitative research in order to gage an opinion is.

Another way of getting an opinion is writing a statement and asking

if the person agrees or disagrees with the statement.

Qualitative research.
Qualitative research is based on off facts however isnt always 100%

The concept of Qualitative research is derived from the idea of have

good quality responses even if it isnt as many as if you were to use
quantitative research.
By receiving a few thoroughly thought through answers it may be
more beneficial to the researcher rather than having a lot of yes/no

Some quantitative researchers do attempt to gage and opinion

however opinion is mainly wanted in qualitative research.
So this graph is also an example of qualitative research. However
qualitative researchers will usually give an option to elaborate on
your answers, so there is usually a why? involved in the questions.

Secondary research
is form of research used to gather information on a certain topic,
secondary research is collected by going to distributors of primary
research. Secondary research is found in is books, newspapers and the
internet from primary researchers.

Primary research
Primary research is research gathered to gain information on a subject, primary
researchers will put together questionaries and gather focus groups in order to
get peoples opinions.
Once this information is made public secondary researchers will use the
information from the primary research.

Data Gathering Agencies :

Data gathering agencies are used to measure audiences within tv and
radio an example of a data gathering agencies
Is RAJAR, RAJAR measures radio audiences and it is owned by the BBC and
the Radio Centre.
RAJAR is responsible for setting the research specification.

Self-generated research is researched that is gathered together by
yourself getting facts and figures from the target audiences of whatever it
is youre presenting.
When doing this gives you the opportunity to get an understanding of
what your target audience wants. This is helpful to the producers of the
music video as it gives them an idea as to what their target audiences
wants to see.
The only bad thing about self-generated research is that it is easy to be
biased about what it is youre researching as it based of your own opinion.

Audience Research .
Audience research is type of research that is used to estimate how big an
audience is and find out what the audience is interested in.
To find out what the audience is interested by conducting surveys and
questionnaires to find out the viewers preference.
Audience research helps in the music industry as it gives the producers an
idea as to who the artists target audience is.

Market Audiences .

Market research used when you gather information on facts and figures
on the target audience of whatever you may be researching.
This is a great way of gaging what the target audience for your subject
wants. This will be beneficial to the artist as once they know what their
audience wants they will know what to produce making the bond with their
audience stronger.
It also gives the producers an idea of how the artist should present them
self-regarding their clothing and general appearance etc
This kind of research is good because it is coming straight from the artists
target audience having an immediate response means they can act quickly
if they are made aware of anything that the target audience generally
doesnt like.

Production Research:
Is research that is used to look into the work that would be in the
This involves getting an opinion from your audience on the finished
product to gage the overall opinion on the video. This helps to work
on the future of the company and their future products.

General Research source:

Example 1: https://www.google.co.uk/search?

Example 2:

Example 3: