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[2\ Twonhundred years ago, the evil Dife Wraiths threatened the peace-loving planet, Galador. homeworld's darkest hour, a thousand brave, young Galadorians sacr Warriors, a last desperate line of detense. Though hopelessly outnun and pi Tn thelr humanity itself to become Cyborg fed, these Spaceknights triumphed, .d the remnants of the Wraith horde across the universe. Now, alone in the Enemy's mightiest stronghold, on a backward planet called Earth, one Galadorian Warrior faces his most awesome challenge. Slam Lee 7 GREATEST OF THE SPACE KNIGHTS~ f BILL MANTLO, SAL BUSCEMA, MICHAEL HIGGINS, G.ROUSSOS JO DUFFY, Jit SHOOTER WRITER acTisT LETTERERs” COLOR EDITOR © EDITORIN-CHIEF ae s Se ; ALATICE TERED STRETON OF HiGwiVsly. GRE DUE SOUTH OF CLAMRTON: ViRGINIA.. FAN OUT AND J scaron tHe wooos ALONG goTH Sibes OF THE ROAD, Z, Don't KNOW IF WANT. TD FINO WHATEVER Ir Was THAT TORE UP THE ROAD. T Never HEARD OF NO METEORITE LEAVIN’ FOOT SPRINTS? OMT No 5 "Wad by BARE OF THE BARTHLINGS WHO SEARCH REALLY Be Aly SWORN rALTAIS:? Is ALC RIGHT, BRANCY! BoM WON'T 1 SS (Ou, STEVE’ THANK iCAVEN. Yon) BRNALLY, Sor ROM Ast BO, i age oF Beandy Cages FAITH WO Hits ROM, THEY SAY you Were tie Wo MY, DARLING’ EVEN IF THIS Wad UaSts rom THOUSANDS OF Lee cs THe Ne WRAITH! Tee Hag MRUNes Cave THEM TS MY Presence. Avone 2 WoLL® TURN ANC. Flent THEM, Rom? Win, Wve HUMANS 1 ie ALIEN Twat ATTACKED NG, Seq Ting Avs) 8-gur OF WeAPONS Age YOU a cyaintone WHAT KING, FRING AT WIM 7 Sr Eclat GOVERNMENT BSUEY Ray GUNS THE Game! PONT, Pouce wete us? HY See What's uarpenng> (Wear ye Paice $66 84 PAR Coe SEEN. FOR PETES 6aKe, TEL S2hel ney 70 SEP FIRING Berohe Hey HIP THeSE THaT_RogoT Te % 10.0 you seroge Eaptaiy- Tels 18 4 FOR THE covennmenT's ecyairy Fraprcies 70 HaNDLe "BEAL LAW ENFORCEMENT Has NO Gein Ow to Cent WITH ROM, BECAUSE MANIPULATING SPecies, CONTINUED AFTER 2ND PAGE FOLLOWING TAKE THAT PITIFUL BeeeunEN THERE \ AREuie stay Ker USNORNG Tre Paste POLCEIEN, TE PRAY CENT Coleen abenrs Dente? THOSE GOVERN Paerry Rance i TELLING, war SS Ur ALTONGH Herne Ail HAE Ble Ve Sto Pee ee PO SORE EA AND Z FEEL Like 4 Wa ye TEN TATE y Wis Doc gee | ARMs. Sate! Secuee Tour Peet nes Aaa Fuaoen tien OvEe Wes? STRONG, AND’ HE SOUNDS BAKE IN ROM EnIONONS| Uained wees? 30 Nosue ? os GBS Ho in Cutie’ nae Fue LoNs CEN ToRieS” Rom carries Us as ie we wet “TivO CHILDREN.” Se! OOF HE RESIS) (THE HOUSE!) Wis seannna. SENSOR 25) ave aieeaer Seen, Z pont cane, as LONS Ag TTS, DEY! N PE tSO9 AB Take See Fe Suc, PeESt WINE Wn Tidse Woops! Vy SAL SES uy? FS Atmost as WNbawe AS Me caries” Wye IES SAN, Oe xe MOSSE... THe pooR’s cugseD? SHOULD FiRnock Te ata SURE | PLACE be TE. WINDOWS: SUNNY, THERE'S OLIN THE LAMP BUT on Tue _bU al @ Sev aks? Air BEEN Used in Veal ES Hava ectietes vb Sn Pee aaes Bey fer ah ee \e8os Tae enc F-HOW MUCH GREATER 18 THE PERIL PACING MY HUMAN COMPANIONS 19 ‘CONTINUED AFTER 2ND PAGE FOLLOWING THE DISEMBODIED HANDS WITHDRAW INTO THE WALL’ YET DESPITE THE AGONIZEP SCREAM CAUSED BY The NEUTRALIZER'S RAY, THE HUMANS OREAM ON? = must wake) THEM, BEAR waipar ys raver | | yes, BRancy, BUT IT Was NO NaTURAL Reiner ano Sree | | SLUMBER THIS HOUSE IS ALIVE, IMBUED Bivige? GUTH AN EVIL ALIEN. INTELLIGENCE. daa JET NOTHING. HAT Lives, CAN HIDE From tay ENERGY, ANALYZER’ / FEEL so. STRANGE: Z WOULD COMMUNICATE AND THUS: 5 : Ba nee ae T SHALL NEVER WiLuingty --You woul FOOL! Te SORCEROR WHO BANISHED ME BetuaN 15 thar cote ALB eNeP Piece! \Wiskber "Eaear Ayerical Bowsnss BIN UNITE) | AOMANe 2 Wave Hi ee Ee Seale ae x ‘s a Wapows THE ORE WAR rs IAS You? BercRn? TEN Ue Sa) SPONSE ety: Rateays ESPeCiALLy Wien £ AN ut THe eupees oF Le ie ee Aveta one Aes, MMU & WEA ron Wedion he Neureauen? Alls (Wooo CONTINUED AFTER 2ND PAGE FOLLOWING 7.7 18 No House, BRANDY. ONLY AN ALIEN BEING IN THE SHARE OF 2. A BEING THAT'S Cog@let ano BYIL; WITH NO JSo06NESS with-| NO! spage THUS T CALL Me, £6 you! WHat FORTH THE Bees THe HUMAN RACE mar INEDTRALIZER MY |TER To SUCH AS We JOIN SNCEAGAIN. @N [WiTH' Me SPACEKNIGHT” Joie] IE GONE, CREATURE SE Soot Sue ruler NANISH AS THE RAYS OF My NEUTRALIZER BANISH YOu To WHATEVER REALM OF SHADOWS ' SPAWNED YOUR KIND.” Ae wey Pat Scecanine ses >) Mane MACE VOLENT A ene Hee MANKINO. y Greats WTI we ben, Be