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4 tas can’t the Why iw Eng-lish Why can't the , + een “ # eS e Be = teggion ores | Fiat m ee fee, Ss = i = SONG — (Eliza & Male Chorus) “WOULDN'T IT BE LOVERLY” Cue: HIGGINS: Ah. The church, A reminder. (Throwing some coins info Eliza's basket) Sodian disieets have always fascinated me. Ihave records of over fifey. PICKERING: Have BLita You, now? Did you kaow there are aver two hundred? Aosow! = sono Aovovow! a te a = Et == v a = ELIZA: Avvow! Ste ae lore Moderato 1st COCKNEY: Shouldn't you stand up, gentlemen? We've got a bi a a n a a ~ gy Ee 44169 Chappel d J d 4 4 4 J 4 J J J J i 4 a a a a a a a a g a a a a a a a a zeae aoe asic arse aa co: 2nd COCKNEY: Would you be & in for a good butler, Eliza? BLIZA: You won't do 15 2nd Cockney (Bass) rd Cockney (Baritone) rath ser dull in town, 1 think Ill take me to Pa ree. Mmm h ist Cockney (Tenor) Ee = a - Ne te . ja * py 9 ———————— Ie == =: = ins sus wants too = pea ap thease im G8 = ah Mam g = = a= =e S55 & = 7 Joc + tor ee = fom ments a gui et gum mer bythe sem SS LSE ten.) Moderato pp leggiero aat69 Chappell 16 20 Eliza e+ nor-movsebair;ab, would = ee ara ne it be lov-er- Drier ere Bue PRP P AAPA APPA HAAR he ee Ue ee Ce Ue ee ee eC Ge ee Ge 7 44 eu E = = = o-ver me win- der-sill. Some-one'shead rest-in’ on my knee; warmand ten-der Ss Hp Str. FI.Clar. ob. Whotakes good care of me; ch, would overly? : Loveer-ly! Lov-er=ly! _ . Aa joss: = Taw. > rall. 58 Tent cuo Bass Al 1 want is a room some - wheres Far a= way fromthe cold sight air a tempo NX Chappent sar69 +s would = nt it be With one © - nor-mous chair; With one ¢ = nor-mous chair; 2 2 A heat, Lots of coalmak-in' tots of eats— — Lotsof comlmake lots heat. — J ? = eat; Letsefcoalimake ot Lots of choclate for Lots of choclate Lots of choc~late — 2 thands,warm feet; Ob, hands, warm fect, hands, warm feet, EP irri —J would - nt it be x . 2 7S loy-er-ly sit-tie’ ab = so-bloom=in’- = Sa Ab Chappell EST SRR stint! 1 would nev-erbudge ‘il Spring erept over me win-deesi cute = ly O-veeme wineder, a "FRR ERT FA FE KR? Who tates good Ab, Who takes good cHo Some-onesheadrest-in’ on my knee, Warmandtensder as she can be, Who tater good \f euz . Lov-er-ly! Lower-ly! cuo care of me, sat69 Chappell 20 94 The mex whistle os the secepers dance onappel sare MARR RRR RRR RAR RRR he mh mh mh hh ehhh hh i | Oh, would = = be Bov-er-ly? te dice di pe Lov-er-ly! Lov-er- ly! Ten. an, Ten.l Lov-er-ly! Barit. Bass An, Tee “dim. poco a v aus60 Chappett weve enna