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March 23, 2015


Week at a Glance


No Reading Log, math facts, Word Power, Word Hunt

Reading : Read the mission info for about 30 minutes /
get a signature (Replaces your regular reading.)
Language: In class you wrote your greens and yellows
with your partner. Tonight you need to find and read the
information that supports your yellows and take notes
using Power Up. You must be prepared with lots of
notes on Tuesday. This worksheet is due tomorrow.
the details have to be specific, not vague.
Math: none - spend your time on the Power Up


Reading Log and Math Facts

Math: Lesson 9.1
Spelling: Write your spelling words 2 times in ABC


Reading Log and Math Facts

Reading: Make sure youre ready for the 1st book club
meeting tomorrow. You redid your Before We Met
Thinking. Review your chunk and make sure you are
ready to have an under the ocean group discussion at
school tomorrow. Check your 3 post-its to make sure
your thinking is deep and not just about the plot.
Math: Lesson 9.2

Mrs. Eller

Research Paper

The assignment for this week is to write a rough

draft paragraph about Life at the Mission.
Remember that your topic sentence must pick a
focus for the paragraph. You cant cover
everything there is to say about life at the mission
so you need to decide on a point you are making,
and then stick to it. You need to decide your green
idea and your yellow subtopics with your mission
partner. Your choices for a topic focus are:
life at the mission was busy
everyone had to work hard
life involved a strict daily schedule
1. Dont forget this is FORMAL writing.
2. You must write in PAST TENSE!
3. Organization is the key. Your reds must
support the yellows. They must also clearly
show you researched!
4. Make sure your transitions make sense and help
connect back to the main point.
5. Due Friday. (rough draft, Power Up, Power Planner)

We have had a few weeks as a

break from thinking about the

Showcase Project. But now its
time to get back to work!
It is time to take your artifacts and
to display them. Your display
can be as simple as finding a box and cutting out
Reading Log and Math Facts
the top and one side. Or, there are many other
Math: Lesson 9.3
ideas that work. Try a simple tray or box top. If
Spelling: Get quizzed on your spelling words. Make
you choose a deep frame/shadow box, it can be
sure to get a parent signature and practice any words
hung on a wall at home for those of you who like
you misspelled.
to keep some school mementos. Check out the
display ideas posted on our class website. There
Reading Log and Math Facts
are also examples on display in the classroom.
Reading Log and Wiki Goals will be checked.
You are welcome to drop by any time. Dont
forget that each artifact must have its typed
sentence posted right next to the artifact. All the
sentences are edited and ready to type. The
all ready already whole hole display is due in 2 weeks! (4-5)
cell sell familiar divide
double expect kitchen northern
southern television therefore season
represent ancient column particular
Book Clubs were delayed last
week. It is a new challenge to read
a book on your own and think under the ocean
about it. But remember, no one is an expert at
Please sign and return the envelope.
their first try! Success comes with perseverance
and I know you can do it!! The meeting will be
Thursday morning. Make sure you show up
with your Before We Met thinking and your
Keep reading your first book for the
book. Its okay to check in with me earlier if you
final Reading Lotto.
would like some feedback.

No Excuse Words

Book Clubs

Report Cards


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