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To: Ms.

Gallardo, and RWS 1301 peers

From: Ricardo M Dominguez
Date: 2/21/2016
Dear RWS 1301 class:
The purpose of this memo is to inform you about the NCAC. Now what is
the, NCAC, (or the National Coalition Against Censorship) is an organization
put together by people and other nonprofit organizations since 1973 in order
to encourage the use of the first amendment to express freely. The main
issue they fight is the way people think about rock and rap music as an
encouragement for violence substance abuse and anti-religion. This
organization covers many other issues, but this are the ones that I would be
focusing on more. The NCACs mission statement stated here NCAC's
mission is to promote freedom of thought, inquiry and expression and
oppose censorship in all its forms. The Coalition formed in response to the
1973 Supreme Court decision in Miller v. California, which narrowed First
Amendment protections for sexual expression and opened the door to
obscenity prosecutions.
Over 40 years, as an alliance of more than 50 national non-profits, including
literary, artistic, religious, educational, professional, labor, and civil liberties
groups, we have engaged in direct advocacy and education to support First
Amendment principles. NCAC is unique in that we are national in scope, but
often local in our approach. We work with community members to resolve
censorship controversies without the need for litigation. tells you a lot of the
organization and what issues they cover. The NCAC has many tools for the
people such as guides to help you fight censorship to be able to express and
also to be able get access to that material that is censored because of how
people with closed minds think that it will affect you in a psychological way,
encouraging violent behaviors. The NCAC usually works by people reporting
censorships and then the NCAC makes it public and advocates for the
freedom of expression in various ways. They also are present with different
nonprofit organizations together forming what is called the Free Expression
Network where they unite promoting the first amendment. They also do
things such as a video competition about censorship. The main reason of this
organization is to inform us. They work hard to show us that free expression
is good and not an excuse or a reason to commit violent acts, use words to
offend others, or even engage in illegal activities.
I hope that this brief description of the NCAC attracted you into looking
deeper into it.
Ricardo M Dominguez
Freshman ME student
423 words

University Of Texas-El Paso

423 words