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Reflection of Chapter 2- Why Shouldnt Christians

Accept Millions of Years?

It is a common belief in todays world that the universe is billions of years old and the
Earth is millions of years old. Atheistic scientists will state that in order for evolution from
simple celled organisms to highly complex, multicellular organisms, there needs to have been
millions and millions of years of time and millions of genetic mutations. They claim that
carbon dating and looking at the fossil records provide evidence of these millions of years.
Chapter 2 talks about nine reason that Christians should not accept this view of the universe
and how this belief is not only unscientific, but also does not fit with the Christian faith.
1. The Bible teaches that God created in six literal, 24-hour days a few thousand years

The Hebrew word for day is yom which is used in Genesis.

2. The context of Genesis 1 clearly shows that the days of creation were literal days.

Yom refers to morning and evening

3. The genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11 make it clear that the creation days happened
only about 6,000 years ago.

When looking at these genealogies, it shows that when Adam and Eve created
at the beginning, it wasnt millions of years, but only thousands.

4. Exodus 20:9-11 blocks all attempts to fit millions of years into Genesis 1.

God describes how men are to work six days and rest on the seventh, just as
He did.

5. Noahs flood washes away millions of years.

The great flood in Genesis provides in detail how we have a complex

geological record today. Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes would all play
a part in creating layers of sediment with billions of fossils.

6. Jesus was a young-earth creationist.

In Mark 10, Jesus talks about Adam and Eve being made in the beginning of

7. Belief in millions of years undermines the Bibles teaching on death and on the
character of God.

If life evolved over millions of years, that means that there was death before
the fall of man described in Genesis. This contradicts what the Bible teaches
which is that sin is a result of the fall and death is a result of sin.

8. The idea of millions of years did not come from the scientific facts.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, atheistic geologists studied geology through the
lens of their worldview, which contradicted previous scientific discoveries and
misinterpreted geological observations.

9. Radiometric dating methods do not prove millions of years.

Creationist scientists have dated materials to be thousands of years old that

atheist scientists have claimed to be millions of years old.

I have learned from reading this chapter that we cannot just accept what the media
says is science. Science needs to come from reason and evidence, and I believe that the Bible
provides more than enough of both. When the evidence points one way and the Bible points
in the same direction, there is no need to try to disconnect the two, which is exactly what
many atheist scientists do. They will say the Bible needs to be believed using faith alone,
whereas science deals with the facts. It is my opinion that science helps to support the Bible,
but also the Bible supports scientific discoveries.
If the Earth were millions of years old, we would millions of different types of
creatures in the fossil records and millions of failed mutations. We do not find any failed
mutated species. There is no evidence of millions of years of life and evolution, but there is
evidence of a flood that covered the Earth, which is what the Bible states. Instead of trying to
make the Bible fit into illogical and unreliable scientific research or completely ignoring the
Bible altogether, I suggest we look at science using logic and reason and continue to use the
Bible to confirm our findings.