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Cooperation between China and Russia: The Process and Prospects

March 25, Friday

08: 40-09: 10 Opening Ceremony

09: 10-10: 00 Opening Remarks
10: 00-10: 30 Collective photographing

10: 30-12: 30 Session 1. Current status and problems of the bilateral Sino-Russian cooperation
1) Cooperation in the political sphere (strategic planning and the current state, problems of bilateral
arrangements launching)
2) Trade and economic cooperation (energy, finance, high technologies and manufacturing
infrastructure, cooperation in border areas, development of the Far East and Siberia)
3) Social and cultural cooperation (education, culture, media, tourism, youth exchanges)

13: 40-15:40 Session 2. Russia and China in opposition to global and regional security challenges:
Assessment and response
1) Estimates of the global and regional terrorist threats and other security challenges
2) International and regional security control mechanisms and prospects of cooperation between China
and Russia

16: 00-18: 00 Session 3. Position and cooperation between China and Russia on issues of global and
regional governance
1) China and Russia's position regarding the old and new international economic governance institutions
2) Potential and prospects of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as a common heritage of China and
March 26, Saturday
09: 00-11: 20 Session 4. The Silk Road economic belt and cooperation in the framework of the Eurasian
Economic Union
1) Specific issues related to the EAEU and the Economic Belt of the Silk Road and the possible directions
of development
2) Potential and prospects for deepening cooperation in the Eurasian region for Russia and China
11: 40-12: 10 Closing Ceremony

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