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Exam structure and tasks

Useful phrases
How to prepare it
Sample answers
Exam day tips
Assessment scale

Exam day tips: Cambridge English Speaking tests

(not including Cambridge English: Young Learners)

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Before the test

What to bring to the test

On the test day

At the end of the test

Check the date, time and address. Your

centre will send you this information. If
you have any questions, contact your
centre before the day of the test.
Remember to check how long it will
take you to travel to the venue.
Get to the venue early. Follow the
directions to find the waiting area or go
to the reception of the building and ask
for directions.

Bring your identification (ID), for

example a passport or national ID card.
It must be an original (not a copy) with
a photo of you.

Turn off anything electronic (for

example, your mobile phone) when you
arrive at the venue.
The centre may take your photo for
identification after the test.
The supervisor will:
check your ID
give you your mark sheet. Please do
not fold it
tell you where to wait, and take you
to the test room.
Follow the instructions and wait quietly
for your test.
While waiting for your test you can
practise your English by talking to
the other candidates quietly in the
Your supervisor will tell you where to
put your bag during the test.
If you have any questions or problems,
tell the supervisor immediately.

UCLES 2013 CE/2129/3Y11

Please leave quietly.

You must not speak to other
candidates waiting to do their test.

Good luck with

your test!