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Clinical Map of Family Therapy Models

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Student’s Name Date
Cognitive-Behavioral Family of Origin Structural Problem-Focused Solution- Narrative Collaborative
(REBT) (MRI) Focused (Language Systems)
Problem When an irrational belief Any unresolved The problem is formed Problems develop With every When a person Eliminating the
Formation becomes a demand the problems that an when the family as a when change or problem there is defines their life concept of family
problem is formed. The individual faces in whole does not transitional an exception by dominant system and particularly
client gives a negative his/her current family understand which roles circumstances are either actual or stories they recall the idea that the system
definition to a circumstance system that is being they should play and encountered by an potential. about their creates the problem
which affects their mood transferred from the how to interact. The individual. Focus on Helping the experiences. (biological & social
ultimately affecting their family system in which problem is in the root of the process client to These stories system) predetermined
reaction and interactions. they were raised. the structure of the surrounding the recognize the become the social system that
REBT is defined by the family system. problem and potential “rules” affirming creates the problem.
client’s thoughts and values. ineffective attempts to exceptions to their beliefs. If
change it. the negative these stories The language about the
rule or idea aids affirm a negative problem is what causes
the healing belief, then that the problem and the
process. The person’s outlook system of treatment is
problem is not on life will yield created. There is no
necessarily negative problem until someone
related to the interactions. The begins to talk about it.
solution or vice person sees self Therapist sees the
versa. as the problem. problem as an ongoing
The Inability to revolving language
recognize the system- when the
exceptions to a therapist participates in
Dominant Story the language you
cause issues in become a part of the
life development. system.
Change Replace irrational beliefs Clearly identify the The family must change Interrupting the pattern The change Replace the Language Systems
with more stable, hope individual’s problem to maintain stability. of the ineffective process is dominant story versus Social Systems.
inspiring Rational beliefs from family of origin. Also, change occurs at solution attempts. organized with a more Keeping the
offers the client the ability to Once identified, a simple the subsystem level and around helping preferred story by conversation going,
stop negative cycles. choice is made whether is a result of clients identify focusing on create space to be
to continue to perpetuate manipulations by the and amplify exceptions and entertained so there are
the problem or eradicate therapist of the existing exceptions to placing VALUE new possibilities,
it in the current family subsystems and the on positive alternative
system. maintained by its problem. “No stories over perspectives.
greater functionality and one loves me!” negative ones.
resulting changed the client may
frames of reference and say. “Can you
positive feedback. think of any
time where
anyone at all
showed you
love?” the
therapist would
Techniques Disputing your irrational Meeting with the entire Reconstructing Go slow trying to The Miracle Mapping the No Specific
ideas; gathering exceptions family to share their viewcommunication solve the problem. questions “If influences of the Techniques; The
or other information to of the problem. Accept channels; seating Rigidly trying to solve you woke up problem; Ask therapist should take a
reduce the “must” from the reality. Conscious arrangements; changing the problem is tomorrow and how the problem not knowing position.
client’s assumptions; choices to make different the way family ineffective and all of your has affected Keep an open mind
Balancing thoughts by decisions. member’s view of exacerbates the issue problems had various domains think of it as