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Hell Week

During this week we will have days where we will have discussion questions being asked. During
Discussion days, we working on what is at task for that day, but majority will be spent talking to
each other. During this whole entire week my expectations for everyone is that you all will make
an attempt to struggle in speaking Spanish. It is not from success that we learn; it is from failure
that we rise and learn best from in order to further our education as student and teacher. Yes, I
will not be able to go around and check if you are using your phones to use the translator to
make up phrases, but I hope you choose to make the right decision and choose to work on your
Spanish even if you are not continuing on with Spanish next year.
You will be able to use your phone to look up words (NOT PHRASES) in order to form your
phrases in your head. I want you to take a look at the world that the ESL students have to deal
with EVERYDAY, not for a week, but a whole year. So, we will only get two strikes, each per
day, to mess up; which means I heard you use English, or you gave up trying to figure out how to
make a sentence. I will tell you if you have a strike.
Remember, this is pass or fail. 20 points a day. 100 points total.

I will be able to construct sentences with past vocabulary, new vocabulary, pas
current grammar use
My speaking was understood by my peers and Mr. Ortiz.
I responded to questions with more than a one-word answer and elaborated wh
I will attempt to speak Spanish even when Im not called on.
I will attempt to hold a conversation with one of my friends to talk about my da
Each day I will:
Speak more than the day before.
Try to make more complex sentences
Use my brain more each day over using my notes, writing the Spanish down be
using a friend for help.
Struggle each day to master my Spanish speaking abilities.
Used up both my strikes that I have for each day
Gave excuses as to why no Spanish was spoken that day (Results, NOT Excu
I do not attempt to try and speak Spanish
I tried to avoid answering questions.
I overused NO S.

Possible Discussion Topics

A question will be asked each day and you will have the opportunity to discuss your answers with
your classmates:
1. What did you do with your friends, yesterday? / Qu hiciste con tus amigos, ayer?
2. What is the most memorable thing from this year? Last year? / Qu es lo ms memorable
de este ao? El ao pasado?
3. What is your favourite hobby? / Qu es tu favorito pasatiempo?
4. What is your favourite song? / Cul es tu cancin favorite?

5. What is your favourite subject in school? / Cul es tu materia favorita?

6. What did you get last Christmas? / Qu recibiste en la Navidad anterior?
7. What was the last thing you bought? Why did you buy it? / Qu es la ltima cosa que has
comprador? Por qu lo compraste?
8. What is the hardest thing about high school? / Qu es lo ms dificl de la secundaria?
Useful phrases during this week.
Can I go to the bathroom? Get a drink of water? To my locker?
How do you say.in spanish?
Repeat the question/Word/phrase please
Hows your day going?
Can you help me, please?

Time for you to ask me certain things you want translated

Puedo ir al bao? Puedo tomar un tra

mi armario?
Cmo se dice.en espaol?
Repita la pregunta/palabra/frase por fav
Cmo te va?
Me puedes ayudar, por favor?