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Poziom podstawowy TEST 4

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1 Wpisz brakujce litery.

1.1. By law all children have to wear a h _ l _ _ t when skiing.
1.2. Ive got a splitting headache. Will you go to the shop and get me some _ _ i _ k _ _ l _ _ s?
1.3. Im afraid that the disease is _ n _ _ r _ b _ _ and you will have to learn to live with it.
1.4. The predictions he made seemed to refer to the d _ _ t _ _ t future, but I realised that he was talking about 2021.
1.5. After only 10 minutes the opponent took the l _ _ d and won without a major effort.
1.6. Its common for sportsmen to appear in commercials to e _ d _ _ s _ products such as sports clothes or shaving

1.7. Patients with d _ _b _ t _ s will have their sugar level checked every day.

2 Pocz wyrazy, by utworzy istniejce kolokacje.

2.1. preventive

A. astonishment

2.2. partially

B. prescriptions

2.3. back-up

C. disabled

2.4. mentally

D. measures

2.5. in equal



2.6. write



2.7. utter

G. files

2.8. futuristic

H. measure


EXAM TASK Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz waciw, tak aby otrzyma logiczny i gramatycznie
poprawny tekst. Zakrel liter A, B albo C.

It had always been Kevins dream to become a world-famous sportsman.

He knew that in order to fulfil his dream he couldnt afford any failures. Whichever
competition he took part in, he just couldnt stand being the 3.1. ________ -up
he just had to be number one. He would 3.2. _______ twice a day, even if the gym
was closed and he had to organise a training session elsewhere. He would spend
hours on the football 3.3. ______ visualising himself taking the penalty kick at the
world cup finals and then being bought by some European football club at a record
transfer 3.4. ________ . No one could imagine how disappointed he was when one
day all of his efforts 3.5. _________ to be useless.

A. keeper
B. second
C. runner

A. work out
B. go out
C. work on

A. course
B. rink
C. pitch

A. fine
B. charge
C. fee

A. looked out
B. turned out
C. turned up


Matura 2015. Repetytorium. TestnPractice, Test 4, Rozdziay 1012


Macmillan Polska 2014

Poziom podstawowy TEST 4

EXAM TASK W zdaniach spord podanych odpowiedzi wybierz t, ktra jest tumaczeniem fragmentu
podanego w nawiasie, poprawnie uzupeniajcym luk. Zakrel liter A, B albo C.

4.1. I had such a high fever that I (nie mogam przesta mie dreszczy) ______________________ .
A. couldnt shiver
B. couldnt stop shivering
C. could have shivered
4.2. (Czy to sprawi rnic) ______________________ for you if we change trains here?
A. Will it make a difference
B. Is it going to differ
C. Will it be any different
4.3. A friend of mine (jest wiolarzem od) ______________________ five years now.
A. is a canoeist for
B. has been a diver since
C. has been a rower for
4.4. It took him three months (eby doj do siebie po chorobie) ______________________ .
A. getting well with the disease
B. to get over the illness
C. to get out of the illness
4.5. I (wkrtce doszedem do wniosku) ______________________ that it made no sense to keep him up to date.
A. soon reached the conclusion
B. recently made a discovery
C. soon reached a decision


albo C.


W zadaniach wybierz wyraz, ktry poprawnie uzupenia luki w obu zdaniach. Zakrel liter A, B

5.1. Could you give me a ____________ with this suitcase, please?

You need to __________ in your notice at least three weeks in advance.
A. time
B. help
C. hand
5.2. Lets __________ down to work, shall we?
Its time to _________ rid of the old stuff.
A. sit
B. get
C. go
5.3. I just wanted to ___________ sure you knew exactly what to do.
Its not so easy to ________ progress with these negotiations.
A. be
B. have
C. make
5.4. To become a club member you need to pay an admission _____________ of 25.
__________ your phone before you go out so that the battery doesnt run flat.
A. fee
B. charge
C. pay
5.5. In the hospital nurses would _________ my blood every day.
She looked so stunning that I couldnt ___________ my eyes off her.
A. take
B. check
C. test


Matura 2015. Repetytorium. TestnPractice, Test 4, Rozdziay 1012


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Macmillan Polska 2014


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