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Hugh X de Lusignan, Hugh V of La Marche or Hugh I of Angoulme or Hugues X & V & I

de Lusignan (c. 1183 or c. 1195

c. 5 June 1249, Angoulme) succeeded his father H
ugh IX as Seigneur de Lusignan and Count of La Marche in November 1219 and was C
ount of Angoulme by marriage.
His father, Hugh IX de Lusignan was betrothed to marry 12-year-old Isabel of Ang
oulme in 1200,[2] when King John of England took her for his Queen, an action whi
ch resulted in the entire de Lusignan family rebelling against the English king.
Following John's death, Queen Isabella returned to her native France, where she
married Hugh X de Lusignan on 10 May 1220 [3]
By Hugh's marriage to Isabella, he became Count of Angoulme until her death in 12
46. Together they founded the abbey of Valence. They had nine children:
Hugues XI & III & II de Lusignan, seigneur of Lusignan, Count of La Marche and C
ount of Angoulme (1221 1250)
Aymer de Lusignan, Bishop of Winchester c. 1250 (c. 1222
Paris, 5 December 1260
and buried there)
Agathe de Lusignan (c. 1223
aft. 7 April 1269), married Guillaume II de Chauvign
y, seigneur of Chteauroux (1224 Palermo, 3 January 1271)
Alice de Lusignan (1224
9 February 1256), married 1247 John de Warenne, 6th Earl
of Surrey
Guy de Lusignan (d. 1264), seigneur of Couhe, Cognac, and Archiac in 1249, kille
d at the Battle of Lewes.[citation needed] (Prestwich states he fled after the B
attle of Lewes)[4]
Geoffroi de Lusignan (d. 1274), seigneur of Jarnac, married in 1259 Jeanne de Cht
ellerault, Vicomtess of Chtellerault (d. 16 May 1315) and had issue:
Eustachie de Lusignan (d. Carthage, Tunisia, 1270), married 1257 Dreux III de Me
llo (d. 1310)
William (or Guillaume) de Valence (d. 1296)
Marguerite de Lusignan (c. 1226/1228 1288), married (1st) 1240/1241 Raymond VII of
Toulouse (1197 1249), married (2nd) c. 1246 Aimery IX de Thouars, Viscount of Tho
uars (d. 1256), and married (3rd) Geoffrey V de Chateaubriant, seigneur of Chate
Isabella of Lusignan (1224
14 January 1299), lady of Beauvoir-sur-Mer et de Merc
illac, married (1st) Maurice IV de Craon (1224/1239
soon before 27 May 1250/1277
) (2nd) Geoffrey de Rancon, seigneur of Taillebourg.
Hugh X was succeeded by his eldest son, Hugh XI of Lusignan.
According to explanations in the manuscripts of Gaucelm Faidit's poems, this tro
ubadour was a rival of Hugh X of Lusignan for the love of Marguerite d'Aubusson.
He was buried at Angoulme.