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Increased Recognition of


UNESCO World Poetry Day, held on the 21st March every year thus helping to support linguistic
Childrens Laureate currently Chris Riddell.
Elster and Hanauer (2002) there are many poets and literacy educators who advocate the use
of poetry in schools.
Ofsted (2007) poetry provision is at least satisfactory. Primary teachers are not English
specialists, they tend not to be keen/regular readers of poetry and so may rely on poems/poets
they know from their own childhood/those presented in publishers resources. Poems for
instructional purposes/models to imitate is a common feature of primary practice.
WHSmiths writers in schools
The poetry places scheme
National poetry day
DfES Poetry class encourages teachers to use poetry in the classroom to develop creative
writing and extend childrens literary experience at all key stages (Blunkett, 2000)
I firmly believe in the importance of igniting a passion for reading in the next generation
(Duchess of Cornwall, 2013)
National Literacy Trust (2013) search for Literacy Heroes
Poetry Society promote a more general recognition and appreciation of poetry. The society
champions poetry for all ages: Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award; National Poetry
Competition; Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry