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Muhammad Rizky Ardiansah

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Public Health / F303


1. Title of the Article: Emotional Intelligence

2. Author(s): Patricia Holt.
3. What is the article about? Explain in about 50 words.
The author of this article explains about Daniel Goleman idea in emotional
intelligence. He explains that emotional intelligence is more important than IQ
in determining an individuals success in life. At the beginning of this article
told us about his famous test called the Marshmallow Challenge. In this
test, each emotional is difference between the grab-the-marshmallow and
children who resisted eating the marshmallow. Someone who had resisted
was clearly more socially than someone who grabbed the marshmallow.
Finally, when IQ may cant be change or improve, the emotional intelligence
can be taught in school.
4. What do you like about this article? Why?
I like this article. I think his idea about emotional intelligence is right. Todays,
people not only need someone who gets high IQ, but also we need someone
who have moral, leadership, empathy, hope, and optimism to rebuild this
5. What do you not like or find confusing about the article? Why?
The lack of this article is the author use many too Goleman opinion. Maybe,
the author must give her opinion about emotional intelligence too. So, we can
know the author point of view about this article.
6. Do you Agree or disagree with the message/ the writers opinion(s) in
the article?
I agree with the message/ the writers opinion about he is experienced steady
but modest sales because we know he is a psychologist and science writer
and Goleman is one of the greatest writer that can hit the stores.