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Zahra Mobasher

5133 E Flagstone St Long Beach, California 90808 714-261-0374

Motivated, experienced and focused educator with solid credentials and a background of
demonstrated achievements, including over five years of teaching experience (as a teaching
assistant, teachers aide and as a tutor), seeking a career as an Instructional Specialist that
utilizes my skills in my area of competence, and my passion in teaching and gives me the
opportunity to be a positive, active and diligent instructor to facilitate developing the minds
of my students.

California Teaching Credentials in Health Sciences, California State University, Long
Beach, CA
M.Sc., (Molecular Epidemiology), University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Thesis title: Associations between ambient air pollution and Hypertensive Disorders of
B.Sc., (Biology/Chemistry), University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Dec 2014-present
Substitute Teacher, Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD), Long
Beach, CA
Started substitute teaching at LBUSD in December 2014. I have been
teaching mainly the subjects of Math, Biological Sciences, and Health
Sciences at middle and high school levels.

Volunteer Teachers Aide, Minnie Gant Elementary School, Long Beach, CA

Currently helping in a second grade PALS (advanced) classroom with an
activity named Writers workshop, which aims to give individual
attention to students to improve their writing skills.


Volunteer Teachers Aide, Minnie Gant Elementary School, Long Beach, CA

Assisted the teacher in the PALS first grade classroom, with various group
activities, individual assessments, group projects, critical thinking
activities, and art activities.


Volunteer Teachers Aide, Minnie Gant Elementary School, Long Beach, CA

Aided in a kindergarten classroom, by reading to students, working with
them in separate groups, and teaching math to the ones who needed extra
help with the subject.

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TEACHING ASSISTANT, University of Southern California, Dept. of Preventive

Beach, CA

Volunteer Teachers Aide, Isabel Paterson Child Development Center, Long

Los Angeles, CA
Provided educational and instructional support within the classroom for
these following courses: Introduction to Epidemiology- Culture, Lifestyle and Health,
Cultural Competence in Medicine at both graduate and undergraduate levels


Provided assistance in a preschool (ages 3.5-5), during story time, lunch

time and snack time, as well as various other activities directed by


Able to communicate clearly and effectively with students from diverse backgrounds
Passionate about students and learning, and connecting with students instantly
Strong leadership and organizational skills
Strong attention to details
Ability to effectively work in a team, and as an individual
Able to encourage students and having a positive outlook
Comfortable working in a rapidly changing environment
Interested in students needs and their learning abilities
Confident and frequent user of Microsoft Word, Power point, Excel, Access
Fluent (speaking, reading, writing) in Farsi (Persian language)


Have observed sixty hours of classroom teaching in different middle schools and high
schools in Long Beach Unified School District
Have taken coursework in Introduction to Teaching, child development and
psychology, Curriculum and Methods in Teaching, and Curriculum, Instruction,
Assessment and Classroom Management at California State University Long Beach
(Cal State Long Beach)


RESEARCH ASSISTANT, Dr. Joseph Millers laboratory, University of Southern

California, Dept. of Cell & Neurology, Los Angeles, CA
Conducted cluster and logistic regression analyses on circadian rhythm
and Alzheimers disease dataset
Was involved in result interpretation and writing the manuscript on
circadian rhythm and Alzheimer.


RESEARCH ASSISTANT, Dr. Melissa Wilsons and Dr. Sue Ingles laboratory,
University of Southern California, Dept. of Preventive Medicine, Los Angeles,

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2005-2006 STAFF RESEARCH ASSOCIATE II, Dr. Ralph Delfinos Laboratory, University
of California, Irvine, CA
2003-2005 RESEARCH SPECIALIST, Dr. Michael F. Hammers Laboratory University of
Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Served as an instrumental member in a research project to address
questions regarding the human genome and the human species evolution
2001-2003 RESEARCH TECHNICIAN, Dr. Michael F. Hammers Laboratory University of
Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Refined the molecular techniques which were covered during
undergraduate research programs
1998-2000 LABORATORY ASSISTANT, Dr. Vicki Chandlers Laboratory University of
Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Conducted Maize genetics research to identify the

evidence of paramutation in maize
Performed PCR reactions, DNA extraction from maize leaves, restriction
enzyme, and digestion of PCR

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