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Harmony Lesson Plan

Teacher Katelyn Odierna

Class Year 2 Violin

Gr Grade 4

Date 3/30

Time 3:30-5:30

Learning Central Focus

Central Focus

Students will be able to identify and play notes on the G string and use their 4 th
fingers consistently throughout the lesson

NYS Learning

NY- New York State Standards

Subject: Arts (1996)
Learning Standard 1 : Creating, Performing, and Participating in the Arts
Learning Standard 2 : Knowing and Using Arts Materials and Resources
Learning Standard 3 : Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art


- Students will be able to perform a scale using the correct technique and posture
while the Student Teacher checks for correct technique and posture
- Students will be able to perform and identify G string notes by playing Essential
Elements p. 26-27.
-Students will be able to review how to play with their 4th fingers on any string.
-Students will be able to perform parts of Perpetual Motion using their 4 th fingers,
correct articulations, and correct notes.
-Students will be able to sight read and compose during the Composing Game
-Students will be able to learn a few measures of the new orchestra piece, Dragon


-Students will arrive, put their belongings on a table, set up their chairs and stands,
and line up at the door. After the class uses the bathroom, the students will re-enter
the room, unpack carefully, put their instruments on their chairs, and sit down to
quietly have snack. Once I am done tuning the students will return to their seats
ready to start class.
-Pick Students name from flashcards to determine who is the Student Teacher
-Student Teacher picks a scale and a rhythm. While class plays the scale the
Student Teacher must walk around the room and check everyones posture and
technique. If they see someone playing incorrectly they must tap them on their
shoulder. At the end of the scale the teacher will then state what they saw wrong.
Students will have another chance at playing the scale with the correct posture
-3-4 Warm Up - Have students play 3-4 on which every string I call out. I will call on
random students to play the 3-4 patterns in groups.

Instructional Strategies and Learning Tasks

bathroom and
snack time


- Take out Essential Elements P.26-27

-Look at 93. Have students identify the rhythm, then have them air bow the exercise
while saying the note names.
-Play exercise 93
-Do the same for exercises 94-96. Have students identify the notes and the fingers
used to play, air bow rhythms while singing note names, then play with bows. For
exercise 95, scaffold and just have them mention the note names and fingers
without having to air bow and sing. If students can complete 95 without difficulty do
the same for 96. If they are still having trouble, go back to singing the notes out loud
before playing.

Bathroom break

5:20 start packing


-After they play, occasionally ask the students if they know what mistakes they
made and how to fix them. Also ask them what parts they think they did well on.
-After they complete 94-96, ask each student to choose one and play it by
themselves. Before they play let them know that I will be asking them to evaluate
their playing.
-Look at 99 on p. 27. Ask students what does this pattern look like? (G scale) Have
them play only the first line using their 4th fingers instead of open D.
-Perpetual Motion We started this on Monday but many of the students were
absent. Ask for a student who was present on Monday to explain to the class what
the letters (A, B, C, A) mean (the different sections). I will play 4 notes, and the
students will repeat the 4 notes back to me until we finish the A section. I will
increase this number to 8, 16, etc. until the students can play the section without
difficulty. For students that are having trouble, since the note names or fingers out
loud, have students air bow and say the note names or fingerings, etc.
-Composing Game have students sit on the floor in front of the white board. I will
write the rhythm Quarter, Quarter, Half, Dotted Quarter, Eighth, Half. I will ask for
one student to perform this rhythm correctly on an open string. The class will then
practice the rhythm. Students will come up to the board one by one and place a
flashcard with a note name on it underneath whichever rhythm they choose. The
class will then have 2 minutes to air bow and finger the composition silently to
themselves. We will play the composition as a class standing up.
-Continue playing the composing game for a few more rounds changing up the
rhythm every so often and challenging students to use their 4 th finger instead of their
open strings.
-Dragon Slayer Introduce the new piece. Play one of the recordings on YouTube
and have students follow along with their music. Ask for students to give
observations at the end of the piece. (For the students that listened to it already
have them talk about the differences between the recording on Monday and todays)
Why do you think the piece is called Dragon Slayer?
-Have students air bow the rhythm of the first 3 measures, speaking the notes out
loud. Once they get the rhythm down, have them play the first 3 measures just on
their open strings, making sure no one plays on the rests. Then add the notes in.
Continue doing this until measure 11. Repeat the same technique for 11-19 except
focusing on the notes instead of the rhythm.
-Allegro We will play through Allegro as a class reviewing the musical terms we
spoke about (staccato legato ritardando, fermata, etc.) Ask for students to give
feedback on something that went well and something that they can improve on for
next class. The students know this piece well.
-Have students quietly and carefully pack their instruments away, clean up, and line
up by the door.
Students need: Essential elements 2000 book 1, Perpetual Motion, Allegro, and
their Note Dictionary
Teacher needs: Essential elements 2000 book 1, Perpetual Motion, Allegro, Dragon
Slayer, extra music, Name Cards, and Note Cards.
To be written on board before class:
- Student Teacher Scales
- Essential Elements p. 26-27
- Perpetual Motion
- Composition Game
- Dragon Slayer
- Allegro Review