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EDAD 693 Practicum/Internship Artifact

Standard 5.0 A building-level education leader applies knowledge

that promotes the success of every student
Element 5.2 Understand principles of self-awareness, reflective
practice, transparency, and ethical behavior as related to their roles
within the school.
Artifact 5.2.2
Activity: Formulate a school-level leadership platform grounded in
self-awareness and reflective practice
Time: 40 hours
Artifact: List of Self-Awareness Skills
Description: As the developer and coordinator of the Tutoring for Success
program, I have been more self-aware and reflective of my body language and
verbal responses to students and staff members involved in the program.

Being the person responsible for the success of this program, I am

frequently self-assessing. Leaders who foster self-awareness develop tools for

maximizing their strengths and acknowledging their weaknesses. I am more aware
of how I relate to others and not to come across as judgmental or aggressive. I am
able to earn credibility and encourage relationships based on trust and respect. And
this will allow me to remain open to new ideas, inquiry, and constructive criticism.
In addition, I have been focusing on communicating better with others. I have
always struggled with interrupting others who are speaking. I now am learning
how to make eye contact and nod without saying a word. Sometimes I repeat
something someone has share to validate their words and feelings.
I have come to realize that strong teams are composed of different personality
types with different skill sets. By creating a team of people with diverse and

complementary skills all working to achieve the same goals, I am encouraging staff
members to better understand themselves and others. By creating diverse teams, I
will be helping create an organization that is flexible, open to change, innovated,
and self-aware which will ultimately promote success for every student.