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Paula Smith

Ethical Conduct to Students

Treat all students fairly
Do not share confidential information unless required
Maintain a safe learning environment in classroom
Do not bring any type of bias or prejudices into classroom setting

Ethical Conduct toward Practices and Performance

Respect and obey the law
Continue professional growth
Comply with local rules and regulations

Ethical Conduct toward Professional Colleagues

Do not reveal confidential information concerning colleagues nor willfully make false
statements about a colleague or the school system
Ethical Conduct toward Parents and Community
Make serious efforts to communicate to parents all information that should be
revealed in the interest of the student
Understand and respect the values and traditions of the diverse cultures
represented in the community and in my classroom
Demonstrate a positive and active role in school/community relations

Business Leader
Treat colleagues and clients fairly and with respect
Value all employees and their opinions
Encourage professional development
Articulate and embody the purpose and values of the government agency
Focus on organizational success rather than on personal success
Find the best people and develop them
Value all stakeholders

School Leader
Do not bring any prejudice or bias into decision making
Follow guidelines, rules, and regulations
Be proactive, not reactive
Be respectful
Be honest and fair
Enforce policies and regulations consistently and fairly