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Edwin Gou
Mrs.Hannah, Ms Peggy, Pak Agung
4 March 2016

Field Trip Reflective Essay

Cerebral Palsy is a neural condition that cause impaired muscle coordination and it
cause by the brain damage before birth and theres no cure for it. People with cerebral palsy
never can go to normal school because of their disabilities, 41.9% of the people cannot walk
and the rest can walk, we should treat them and care for them, but people more likely to deny
them. But this is not what we should do, everyone is the same according to the bible and
human rights. To understand more about what have we learned in IS, English, and Bibs, SPH
grade 10 went to the the city of culture, Yogyakarta. We went to 3 NGO to learn about
Human rights, Fairness, and Development. What information did i get from the NGO> what
is the connection between the topic of the field trip with the information that i got from the
NGO? How does it increase the awareness of the topic?
We went to 3 different NGO, the first one is the Yakkum rehabilitation center, its for
disable people. The speakers let us meet the students that have a cerebral palsy, a neural
damage that affect the patients muscle, 41.9% of the cerebral palsy patient cannot use their
legs to walk and the rest of them can walk, but they still have a problem to control their hands
and some of them have a trouble to talk. They let us met, talk and handshake with the patient
in their school to show that even when they are different from us because of the cerebral
palsy, they are still the same with us,Its not their choice to be like that, they are people who
suffer and people and we should help them to feel normal and make them to not feel that they
are a burden to everyone but some people choose to avoid them instead. The speakers told us
that we should help disabled people but we must know what is the disabilities because if the

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disabilities caused by their backbone and we carry them, we will only make their condition
even worse than before. The Second NGO is Interfidei, Interfidei is a religious organization
that believe that every faith in the world is correct. what happened in the world right now is
that people believe that the religions they have is the best religion, that is what people
think.But Interfidei want to make people believe that every faith is same, its what people
believe and no one can persuade or intimidate peoples to believe in their faith. They said that
Atheist is also a faith, Just because they doesnt believe in God doesnt mean that they are
punks or a satan disciples, they are just people who doesnt believe in what God teach and
they doesnt believe in God. What actually happened in the real life is that atheist is just a
normal people with normal job, theres no differences between atheism and religious. But
theres so many conflict happened between Interfidei and Islam in Indonesia, if they want to
talk, they will explain what they believe, but if they attack the physically, they will fight
back.The third NGO work in taking care of people with HIV/AIDS, Bethesda hospital. They
gives explanation about what is HIV and AIDS, what is the differences between HIV and
Aids, how should we treat people with HIV, what should we do to prevent HIV to spread.
There is no cure for HIV yet, but theres a medicine called the ARV(Antiretroviral) that can
maximally suppress HIV so people wont reach AIDS stage. even when people in AIDS
stage, the medicine will suppress the virus and they will go back to HIV stage. With this
medicine, people with HIV can live for 25 years, without this medicine, they can only live for
10 years maximum. They told us that their organization were offended when a magazine post
a picture of someone very thin in a poverty place. What the publisher did is scares people,
they made healthy people scared of HIV people, they want to tell to the world that people
with the HIV can also live with the healthy. With the ARV, we can lowered the risk of getting
HIV and adults spouse can use protector for sex intercourse to lower the risk of HIV. We also
went to sukunan village, a village that maintain their own garbage, they use trash to make so

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many thing, like backpack, wallet, handbag, etc. They use biogas, they use shower because it
use less water than a bathtub.
The first NGO talks about the disable people that struggles to do many thing that we
as a normal human can do. They do need help but when people keep helping them, they just
feel different and a burden. People with disabilities want to be like everyone, they just want
to be normal. This talks about the Human rights, the first human rights is equality and they
want to be equal as the others too. Blending into societies also what they want to have, its
human nature to blending to societies, but people with disabilities will never be able to
completely blending into any societies because they are different from the normal humans,
they only societies that the can blend in is the the disable people societies. They always want
to be normal. The second NGO talks about the inter faith. They believe that all faith is the
same, its connected with the first and the third topics. because we all have a freedom of faith,
we can choose any religion and believe. In other way, we should respect others religion too,
every believe is correct. Its connected to development because people in the developed
country never have any religious conflict, most of the religious conflict mostly happened in
developing countries, people in developing country keep thinking that they are the best. This
is the reason why developing countries is harder to developing, because people that live in it
cannot even unite and work together as a country. The third NGO is the HIV/Aids treatment.
They want to tell the world that every peoples is the same, God made us equal, following
Gods image. its also connected to the first human rights ever created, we are born free and
equal. Theres a rumor where people with hiv spread HIV on purpose, they put a needle with
their blood on the tip of the needle and put it in a cinema seat so that people who seat on that
cinema seat will get HIV. This is caused because there are so many people that reject people
with HIV because they afraid that they will got a HIV when they contact with them. The
reason people that reject people with HIV causes the patient to feel offended. This is wrong,

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we should never reject HIV people. This is connected to fairness. Most of people with HIV
never choose to be one, they got the HIV accidentally, but some of the got HIV because of
sexual intercourse. We cannot judge that people with HIV is prostitute. HIV will not spread
through physical contact, it will only spread through blood, breast feeding, and sexual
intercourse. What we should do is stop this discrimination to treat people with HIV the same
as normal people. In the Sukunan village, i can see the development is so slow, most of the
people lives in poverty, but they live in better level of poverty, they still have home, they have
food, access to education and theres a puskesmas there. But its still poverty, the percentage
of child labour still high, people there only study in the primary school because its free and
only some of them can access the high school.
All of the information above increase my awareness that in this modern world,
poverty still happening and if we dont solve the poverty problem, the poverty will not stop
and the number of poverty will keep increasing. Religions are also a major problem that
happened in Indonesia, people keep thinking that their religion is the best and if anyone claim
that other religion is better, they would come to them to argue about it and sometimes they
are being rude and racist just like in Ahok being rejected by islamic organization as a
governor of jakarta because he is a christian, they thought that christian should not be a
governor. only islam can be a governor. They are discriminating religion because of that
belief. They are using religion to discriminate other religion. The discrimination that
happening hinders the development of the developing country, they cannot unite to reach one
goal, people in Indonesia have their own group and they have their own goal, and because of
that, the development of the country will slowed down.

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