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Jasmine Hughes

ELED 3226
IMB Science Observation

Instructional Lesson
Classroom: Ms. Bea
Grade: 2nd
Curriculum Area: Science
What I notice

All of the students worked on

projects throughout the week
that dealt with weather disasters:
hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes,
The students worked on these
projects at home and did the
research for the projects in class
The teacher walked around and
helped students complete the
When I observed, the students
brought all of their completed
posters and presented them to
their classmates

Observer: Jasmine Hughes

Date: 03/18/16
Time: 2:00pm
Thoughts, Questions, Connections to
Methods Classes
The teacher praised every
student that shared their projects
All of the students listened to one
another and clapped after they
The teacher made the students
feel as if they were in the
authors chair when sharing
All of the projects turned out so
well, I was very impressed! They
were all so creative
The projects were hung around
the hallways for everyone to see
It was great to see the pride each
student had in their projects
I had to complete the
observation in another teachers
classroom other than my IMB CT
because my CT didnt teach

Jasmine Hughes
ELED 3226
IMB Science Observation

The science lesson that I observed, was more of the students presenting their
two week long projects. The students were assigned projects that consisted of
different types of damaging weather such as hurricanes, tsunamis, typhoons, and
tornadoes. The students worked on these projects and did the research during
school hours in the computer lab but then went home and created the projects on a
poster board at home with their parents.
The time that I observed this lesson, in another teachers classroom, was
when the students were presenting their final projects. Because my CT didnt teach
science, I had to go to another classroom to observe a science lesson. The students
would, one by one, come up to the front of the classroom and present their proudly
made projects. The teacher invited the students to come up to the front of the
classroom and share, as if they were in the authors chair. The students loved this
because they were so excited to share their projects that they worked so hard on. I
saw projects with many different materials such as cotton balls, online photos,
glitter, and piping. It made me miss being in elementary school because I loved
creating projects and using different types of materials, which I could tell the
students loved as well. It was such a fulfilling sight to see, even though this was not
my class, students being excited about researching and using that information they
found and turning it into a project. It was their finished work that they worked hard
on, and you could tell how accomplished they felt.
I wish that I had observed my IMB CT teach a science lesson in my classroom.
Im sure my students would have loved it. I remember one student telling me how
sad she was that she never got to learn science in her class. This is why I was
excited to teach my science lesson to my class that never got to see a science
lesson in second grade.