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Haley Voumard

ISM 6th period

"The Fundamentals of Tennis - Learning the Basics of Tennis." Optimum Tennis. N.p.,
03 Mar. 2015.Web. 23 Mar. 2016.

This website discusses the basic shots and describes them on how to swing for them as
well as the grips used.
Tennis can be divided into multiple subcategories such as shots, footwork, fitness and
There are multiple shots, forehand, backhand, serves, volleys, overheads, and specialty
With the serve you toss the ball behind your body in order to get the proper spin to allow
the ball to spin funky when it lands and throws off your opponent while they are trying to
play the return back.
The serve, the volley and the overhead all are held with the same exact grip, the
continental grip.
This allows for an easy transition to the players forehand or backhand grips so the point
can continue to be played.
There are a lot of Specialty shots one of the major ones that Roger Federer uses in his
major tournaments is the tweener where the ball is hit in between the legs while the
player is running from the net to the baseline with his or her back still facing the net, not
many people can do this shot.

While reading this website it really helped me remember the right naming for most of these shots
which is very important when talking with someone about the sport.

Haley Voumard
ISM 6th period
"Wimbledon 2014: Everything You've Ever Needed to Know about Tennis in One
Amazing Infographic." Mirror. N.p., 03 July 2014. Web. 27 Mar. 2016.

This website shows you the history of the racquet as well as the years they were
Also describes the evolution of the ball and the different court surfaces that you
play on.
In the major tour professional tournaments, they track the ball while it is in play,
and they also have a radar gun on it to be able to show the speed of the serve
and other shots.
These ball trackers are 10 different sensors placed around the court but these
allow the players to question the line judges calls and challenge, if they argue
back and the video corrects the line judge the player gets the point.
In major tournaments they also have net sensor technology which allows the
chair umpire to call a let or fault.
These tournaments are evolving since recently they have come up with a virtual
experience in a headset that the tournaments organization tried out on spectators
attending the major tournament.
This website also showed how the computers are able to see where the players
hit the ball to at the highest and lowest percentages.

Looking at this website I was able to learn how the major tournaments work and all of
the electronics that are used to make the experience so much better.

Haley Voumard
ISM 6th period
Lorge, Barry Steven. "Tennis." Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica, n.d.
Web. 27 Mar. 2016.

This website discusses the history of tennis and how it all started as well as some
information on the sport.
Lawn tennis is the first name given to tennis, they also used their hands as the racquets
since they had not been made yet.
International Tennis Federation or ITF is what the players have to follow because of rules
and regulations made by the federation.
They state that the origins of the game can be traced to a 12th 13th century French
handball game called jeu de paume(game of the palm), from which was derived a
complex indoor racket and ball game.
The 1970s is when tennis began to be broadcasted on the television for everyone to be
able to enjoy the competition.
Tennis spread to the United States in the 1870s and a new set of rules were established in
This website names multiple outstanding players that made good impression over the
One of the women they name played in the early 20th century is Dorothea Douglas who is
very memorable.

This has helped me be able to talk and have a better understanding of the sport I play, before
reading this website I just played and did not know anything about the history of tennis.

Haley Voumard
ISM 6th period
"Health Benefits of Tennis: Why Play Tennis? | USTA." Health Benefits of Tennis: Why Play
Tennis? | USTA. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Mar. 2016.

This website has facts said by doctors and physicians about the benefits to playing this
sport such as
Physician Ralph Paffenbarger said that people who participate in tennis 3 hours a week
(at moderately vigorous intensity) cut their risk of death in half from any cause, he
studied over 10,000 people within 20 years.
Dr. Joan Finn and her colleagues at Southern Connecticut State University say that
tennis players scored higher in vigor, optimism and self esteem and lower in
depression, anger, confusion, anxiety and tension than other athletes.
Tennis helps players with their immune health because when they condition on a regular
basis they build up their immune system
The website states that tennis helps with eye hand coordination because you constantly
judge the timing between the on coming ball and the proper contact point to hit the
The players also learn to have better sportsmanship, responsibility, discipline and most
importantly how to have fun.
Another thing great about this sport is that you can start at such a young age and still
continue to play once you get older or even if you are in a wheelchair.

This website helped me gather a lot of information to insert into my final PowerPoint so my
audience will not be lost when I am discussing all of the terminology.

Haley Voumard
ISM 6th period
"Tennis Tips - Maximize Your Tennis Game Potential, Gain A Competitive
Edge." Http://www.tennistips.org/. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Mar. 2016.

This website explains the basic knowledge and rules of tennis.

Most players either spin their racquets or in some cases the ref will flip a coin to
determine who wants to serve or what side they want.
Has a picture explaining the different spots on the court, where to hit the ball and what
each line and area is called
You are also shown how each point can be won or lost, hitting the ball out of bounds, into
the net, or double faulting.
The goal to get the point started is the serve the ball into the opposite side of the court in
the little square box closest to the net.
Matches can either be played with two out of three 6 game set formats, two out of three
2-2 game set format or 8 game format.
These are won when one of the players either gets to 6 games twice in a row or if one of
them gets to 8 games first.
Officials or line judges are there walking around the courts to settle court disagreements
or bad calls.
Points are won to win games and games are won to win sets.

This website is very helpful, it discusses the basic scoring and placements on the court so that
people can get a better understanding and not be confused while playing.