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LifeLong Programs

Candice Rodgers
May 11, 2015
Elizabeth Franklin

Semester At Sea
Semester At Sea is an abroad program with a
variety of coursework with fields of study up to a
dozen countries, allowing the experiences truly
global. There are a variety of coursework from
20-25 disciplines (Semester At Sea, 2015). The
programs emphasizes in hands-on field
experiences, meaningful engagement in the
global community, and academic examinations.
The academic sponsor for the aboard program is
the University of Virginia. Each term 250-300
United States colleges and world participate in
the aboard program. The credits are
transferable to institutions.


Experimental Learning
Travel to many parts of the world
by sea
Rare Opportunity

Target Market
The target market for Semester At
Diverse Living Community of
International Students
Lifelong Learners

Meet the Needs of the Target


At Sea is a global
comparative study.
The aboard program brings
together students all over the
world to learn, study and explore
a group of sites.
Students are able to compare,
connect, and study the links and
gaps among the worlds most
thrilling places.

The Council of International

Educational Exchange
The CIEE is a nonprofit and nongovernmental
organization that offers exchange and
international education. For than 65 years, the
organization has helped people acquire
understanding, gain knowledge, and develop
skills to be culturally diverse (CIEE, 2015). The
organization creates opportunities to bring
students together. The aboard study programs
promote the exchanging of ides and experiences
between nations and communities. Enrolling in
the CIEE programs will give students, young
professionals and teachers, skills to be
responsible global citizens.


comprehensive lineup of
services and exchange programs.
Offer the greatest resources and
most experienced staff in the
Students have access to
opportunities and experiences.

The Target Market


and International High

School Students
U.S. and International High
School Graduates
U.S. and International Teachers
Professional Career Participants

Meet the Needs of the Target

Programs that are offered at CIEE to
meet the target market needs are:
High School Study
Study Abroad
Travel Exchanges
Professional Training Programs
Volunteer Opportunities


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