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Module 3:


A. Specific Module Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:
1. Share their personal understanding of themselves as sexual beings.
2. Appreciate each other as a sexual being by pointing out their similarities, differences
and complementariness.
3. Share their personal insights/opinions on when or how to enter into a commitment in a
4. Write their reflections/reactions on how effectively communicate in times of conflicts.
5. Present creative synthesis on relevant concepts and lessons learned.
B. Time allotment:

3 weeks: 9 meetings for MWF class and 6 meetings for TTH class

C. Materials:

1st week: Communicating wholly as a Sexual Being

2nd week: Committing to Relational Well-Being
3rd Week: Healing Hurts and Nourishing Blessings

Acetates, OHP, TV, DVD/VHS players and tapes

D. Students initial ideas on the topic:

E. Key Concepts:
F. Procedure/Activities/and Discussion Questions:
Meeting 1:


Trigger Question:
1. How do you know if its really love that you feel for a person?
b. If you did what was really in your heart, whom would you come into conflict? Why
would you think so?
c. As an alternative: Let the students construct the questions themselves.
2. As the students give their answers, write their answers on the board. With their
different answers, introduce the topic by saying that You are doing all these things
because you are in search for meaning and this search will eventually lead you to
understand yourself. This will be the topic of our exploration today and in the next

sessions this week. We will understand ourselves better so that we can better reach selffulfillment.
3. Make an activity in relation to this.